The millennial influence on parenting Essay

Living in a world that’s controlled heavily by entertainment and the internet can be so confusing. Many artists and entertainers of today are the future generations role models. Does how they behave and carry themselves affect children, how they are brought up and challenge great parenting? Find out for yourself

The new crop of the new generation better known as Generation Z is quite glaring. The world of entertainment shapes the direction which the young ones take. In particular, younger people seem to have a fuss about trends and fashion. Clearly, the young entertainers will also have some level of inspiration or so to speak on these young kids. However, they are left at task to decide on who inspires them or what’s not really working for them but that in the long run is a determining factor on this subject.

So does all of this really matter?

The answer to that question is definitely yes. It really does matter because technology comes in many forms and keeping a shell on children only makes them curious and adventurous. It’s been often opinionated that this is a way off from bad parenting but in matters honesty, what the mind is fed, it will definitely put into practice whether consciously or subconsciously.

One of the greatest determiners in such a given case is Music. “Music is food to the soul” is a phrase that has been used over the years and resonates with almost anyone. People listen to music when they are happy, sad, tired, relaxing, traveling and even when they are mourning. Music relates to a certain piece of the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, this cannot be blindly swept under the carpet blindly all in the name of bad parenting. Matter of fact, parents play their part wholeheartedly. But the content the mind is fed, overrides any existing parenting firewall. Many are the times when cases have presented to a jury whereby children have slaughtered their own parents. But what leads children into committing such gruesome acts? Content. That’s the deal breaker.


There will always be good and bad days. There will be flaws and shortcomings. However, there is some array of beaming hope and striving to become better guardians every single day by learning not to be so quick to judge and making comparisons. However, where discipline needs to be instilled, it needs to be done so in such a timely manner. You cannot entertain your child hurling insults and vulgar words at you and you get to be quiet. Children have the right to know what’s right or wrong and what’s the right thing to do.

Parting Shot

The contemporary society expects people of sound mind to conform to a certain behavior and way of life. Based on the narcissistic and egoistic crop of the new generation, there are no better words than saying “emulate a good lifestyle” Be motivated every single day and always do good. That’s where the world is headed and there’s only room for those that are more than ready to conform to an innocent life free of crime. “It’s okay to walk alone” a statement that is often read than put into practice. Walk alone and make decisions that make your future more clearly than blurry. Cheers!

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