The memories of juan (knowing the tiger islands) Essay

Welcome dear friends, followers of Juan's memories. A young provincial who traveled to the big city of the country in search of a better future, for the moment things are going very well, to differences of other people who, however hard they try, can not fulfill their dreams.


Many people have a very bad time, or do not get anything, and they have no choice but to return to their cities of origin, always with their heads down because they have not fulfilled the proposed objective. ¨Buenos Aires¨ is beautiful to live, to do it you have to have the minimum things insured, mainly work, housing and health.

To be able to stay and settle in the Capital of the country, getting work is essential, although there is a much larger labor proposal than any other city, also the population is much higher, to that we must add all the people who come from different cities and immigrants who come from different countries.


It is the main reason why the works do not reach, so that they have an idea, for each employee request announcement published in the newspapers, more than one hundred people come and with a lot of luck, maybe two people will be hired.

To get housing is practically the same, hotel beds always have reservations many months in advance, many families offer shared rooms to lend a hand to the lack of housing, even so it is cost to get a place to stay.

Health is essential for staying in Buenos Aires. The peak is quite particular, it is very cold to add humidity, for those who are not used it is very common to get sick from the lungs or severe flu.


The arrival of Juan to the city was immaculate, since his arrival the great city behaved very well with him, a few hours after the train that brought him from the interior was already working and hours later he had confirmed a place to sleep. Buenos Aires is beautiful to live, but it depends on it if it has to shelter you.

Juan was one of the privileged few in the huge city. As we say here! Under the train with the right foot. He was very lucky to meet the right people, then he earned the rest, with responsibility, work, respect, camaraderie and friendship, to succeed there, you have to make a difference, and in that aspect Juan had no competition.

The province of Buenos Aires hosts places to visit, one of them is the "Ciudad de Tigre" there are many places of distraction. Juan from his arrival was devoted to hard work, worked many hours a day, every day, were his own bosses who recommended taking more time for him, especially on Sundays.


This is how Juan began every Sunday to visit beautiful places in the province where he lived. Tempted by all the advertising of the department of tourism of the "city of the tiger" decided to know the place. The first thing that had an impact was the history of the place. The name is in honor of a local feline, who is nicknamed "the tiger of South America", whose real name is "Yaguareté". He was surprised to learn that an animal from his payments could go so far.

He found a very beautiful city, the neighbors were very kind, they took care of assisting and advising the strangers, something unusual for that time, he knew the port of the city and the "fruit market" so the place was called to receive the products that arrive from the different islands.

Juan loved the parks of recreation, in his hometown there was no established park, only those who arrive in special seasons, however, this place had its own park that was in charge of giving identity to the people. You can not imagine how he had fun in all the games that were available, he spent a pleasant moment that took him on a trip to his childhood.


A very beautiful town, the young man took full advantage to visit the beautiful places that housed the city. Juan liked to be in contact with nature, it was the reason to visit the islands of the tiger. The islands are dreamed places, they are prepared for people to spend an excellent day of camping.

He did not have enough time to visit all the islands, which he could see were very beautiful, to the point that he considered living there one day, one of the island that he visited was called the "Red Deer" a charming place with lots of nature to enjoy , but with the service and comfort of a city. The best known camping had everything you need to have a good time.


I visit the islands several times, but I could never forget the beautiful sensations that I felt the first time I visit the tiger islands.

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