"The Matrix" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

All the same time - an interesting thing, though quite complicated. We measure it by centuries and epochs, and it spares no one and goes on as usual. Now comes the second millennium, and now for ten years, hundreds of each calendar year will include at the beginning of the number "2". And it is not strange, the transition in 2000 has managed not without revolutions and changes in film: shedevrialny "Fight Club" frightening "Sixth Sense" prequel "Star Wars" groovy "Snatch", the famous "X-Men" and Of course, the iconic «Matrix». That she helped cinema open up entirely new possibilities in the field of visual effects, you can create virtual reality and virtual images. Say thank Wachowski brothers, who are addicted to "urbanicheskoy" theme and style. It was the first time they have used new technologies in film, which subsequently began to operate everywhere, even in conventional comedies.
Hotel I want to say a few words about the creators themselves "The Matrix". Wachowski really good people, although in recent years and have begun to upset fans. An example of this can serve as the third part of "The Matrix" and «Speed ​​Racer» (although personally I quite liked these films). Interesting and a bit unpleasant fact : Larry Wachowski, brother, Andy, was the ... Lana Wachowski. That is, it is change sex and became, of course, a woman. What I initially just frightened . It certainly scared and themselves fans, because after all this from Larry nobody expected. I do not know why the Wachowski became a woman, for this there are many reasons and causes, but the main thing - he was a good writer. Like Andy, who, thank God, was everything else, and a man.
is a small and rather strange in my review of the retreat, I hope, will not affect the further description of "The Matrix", which has already become a classic film. In fact, the picture is not much impressed me, and I was not so deeply admired, like when watching others, even more than the old tapes, but nevertheless I got enormous pleasure from watching and feeling. It's not even in the special effects, because I did not try to compare them with more modern, in that it makes no sense at all. The very plot of the movie and the atmosphere of what is happening are praise and applause. Wachowski Brothers (and earlier they were just brothers) have written the script, we put a picture of yourself and everything is done qualitatively, with taste and with love to make a hard case. The creators paid attention to important details in the script, which is very important and should be chosen great actor and, of course, we spent a lot of experiments with visual techniques. And their efforts were not in vain.
story about a man who finds out that lives in the VR, create a robot, and that only he can save a dying humanity from destruction, was not just the well-known, but also gave rise to many crazy fans all over the world. And there is not even in the original, although it, too, played an equally important role in the success of the picture. The matter is energy, which the tape is full. The plot develops briskly, confidently and unpredictable, in it there is a highlight, or rather, a bunch of raisins, and intrigue that makes browsing not boring and very exciting. Throughout the film, we can enjoy a great action scenes, which are built on a crazy and beautiful action and interesting dialogue, thought and contain many memorable phrases.
«Matrix» comparable to kinobomboy that changed the way people thought about the possibilities of cinema. After special effects and visual tricks it is simply brilliant. Use all the tricks modern technology to create "The Matrix", even now, of course, know not many, but the most curious fans look films about film and filmmakers commentary, to find out how they filmed it all. One such curious cinephiles I am. And for a long time already I know that the creators have used computer graphics and special cameras. Although it directs all attention is already on "Avatar," in which the special effects displayed in the foreground, it is necessary anyway to know, how it all began, namely, "The Matrix" Wachowski brothers.
< b> Atmosphere in the picture and just teeming with whips. But rather than abruptly, quietly confident and beautiful, it is useful to share with pathos and entertainment. Action scenes in the film delivered excellent and masterful, the characters doing a unimaginable stunts nepodsilnye even the most professional soldiers. The dangerous fights you can see a beautiful acrobatics, Kung Fu unpredictable and more fighting is very entertaining and exciting, tricky and unpredictable, dangerous and even somewhat funny.
This viewer can grasp and very philosophical thought . Mankind inevitably destroys itself, and no one knows what it's all may result. We only know one thing - people will die by the weapons of their own. The "Matrix" gun - is endowed with intelligence robots who rebelled against humanity and using humans as batteries. The tape is comparable to the «Terminator», because it, too, has a similar idea about malicious bots. But these masterpieces they are presented in different ways, and each it comes in its own way to the viewer. In the case of "The Matrix" the idea of ​​a more spectacular and bigger.
Thanks to the film has already become a famous legend Keanu Reeves . The actor did not go all the roles, but in the form of an intelligent hero who must save the world, he looks quite the same well and confidently. Reeves has a unique charisma, forever serious and sad, and so he gets dramatic and complex characters. On the way Neo Keanu coped well, if we are talking about the Wachowski brothers' movie, then head right image appears Reeves in a black coat and glasses, and then the robots and the Smiths. And that is saying a lot. Is very effective in the film Carrie-Anne Moss, performed the assistant and lover of the protagonist. Actress can be seen in the drama "Remember" by Christopher Nolan, where she had a dramatic way, but here it looks beautiful and sexy. Brutal here and Laurence Fishburne, this is also an African American is best known for "The Matrix" and his character, but the actor behind other good films that are very nice to look at. 9 of
«The Matrix" - a bright, loud and beautiful revolution in the film industry, paving the way for the development of super-special effects and prepare the audience for the new era, the beginning of the new millennium, in which arise new masterpieces and iconic hits. Creation Wachowski brothers, of course, can be considered the best of their work, which is most strongly expressed their peculiar and unique character to take a dynamic, high-quality and memorable film.

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