"The Matrix" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"- there is no spoon." (C)
Before proceeding to an analysis of such cult films as "The Matrix," should ask the question - whether to be a great director is needed for that to get a great movie? Or simply elementary possessions profession and knowledge in a specific, relevant for the selected area of ​​the material? Perhaps for this still have to come together happily stars? Or maybe just the thing is that the author was fortunate enough to go on stage with his creation at a time when this kind of projects was a deficit? It is difficult to answer such seemingly simple question, because as we can see - he has a lot of pitfalls and ambiguous answers. Surely there must be some directors whose work takes place in the Procrustean bed of "art - house", but thanks to one recognized by a wide audience a film - their crown "great" and wait for the emergence of new creations. However, I have always been convinced that under this great master, only one can be considered, which works with trepidation over each of his works created over a long career as a minimum number of outstanding paintings. But it also happens that removing just happened incredibly successful, highly regarded and commercially profitable blockbuster - the director in the future there is nothing as good is not issued, they do not try to squeeze out another masterpiece. The more difficult to work with just such a "chicken Ryabam" in Hollywood, where not only the wide range of possibilities and great in comparison with Europe budgets - there the producers who invest a fortune in production designed for wide films rental - the most important thing is not their cultural - artistic value, and earned their money in theaters. And if the director is young and does not have big names, the first pancake is always lumpy released - may well be the last. Who wants to waste money paying for work of an unknown underdog? That's me all to the fact that, however, today we did not belong to his brother, and (now) sister Wachowski - his "golden egg", they have torn down, removing one of the most famous and popular cyber - punk hits in the history of cinema. And they did it then, when about this genre have become forgotten in Hollywood, did not believe in the appearance of such, capable to refract the situation, posing. Moreover, it happened as a milestone on the eve of the millennium.
picture screenplay was written by the (then) the Wachowski brothers, who were inspired not only the same fantastic utopia and Gnosticism, but the tale of Lewis Carroll, various oriental philosophical treatises and teachings, Hong Kong Adventure and Plato's allegory. Having managed to combine incongruous, the authors have created their own, existing in its internal laws of the world. The world in which the action actually takes place in the anti-utopian future - 22 century after Christ, and society homo -sapiens - has ceased to be the development of wine each, giving it the right machines. That enslave humanity turned it into a "perpetual motion", the battery feeds the their existence. Billions of people come into the world created in the laboratories of the tubes - live their lives in the dark and die without knowing the terrible truth - that their entire civilization is an illusion ... One mechanism has failed, a Mr. Anderson, or a hacker under the nickname of Neo - began to suspect that the outside world that something is wrong. Once in touch with him comes a dangerous recidivist - on the wanted list in all countries of the world, known as Morfiuz. Their meeting will transform the outlook of a guy who in an effort to find out the truth is ready to risk everything. Having taken the red pill - should go to the end. True, the "wake up" his guys did not immediately tell the Neo about the prophecy, according to which - once a person appears, is destined to become elected and to rid the world of people steeped in the Matrix ...
View this movie at one time a good slapped me on the brain, causing after feel like a "mescaline". Agree, this alone is not enough? However, the Wachowski masterpiece belongs to the category of paintings in which you discover something new at every subsequent revision. So in a more conscious age, I began to notice the overloaded images, quotations and philosophical subtexts material that is to be honest - is incomprehensible how one could fit in a moving picture! That there is the argument Agent Smith of the original model matrix, which was conceived as a heavenly life, which for so many centuries people have dreamed. But you have rejected, unable to grow roots in such comfortable conditions - as a result, had the whole batch grown men to destroy ... or Morpheus conviction that people - far more capable machine, as it can operate outside of all logic and hence - is superior to them in every way. Alas, it is impossible to explain what "The Matrix" - is a must see for yourself. Given the cult status of the film, as well as the fact that a relatively modern picture already included in the "National Register" of the US - see the legendary creation Wachowski - included in the compulsory program of all interested in the history of man movie
Despite such "abstruse" combination. all sorts of clever things, the film looks at one go. Because it contains not only some philosophical arguments and dialogues of characters, but it all adds generously entertaining shooter - scenes, stunning camera work, cool soundtrack and became a cult - actor's roles. In the picture a lot of tough fights, captured in the finest traditions of Asian action - movie, but made inaccessible to high specifications. Who played in the "Matrix" actors suddenly become the stars of world scale, and the role of the artist Neo - Keanu Reeves - for fans forever remain associated with this image. Laurence Fishburne (Morfiuz), Carrie Anne - Moss (Trinity), and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) - that it was enough just to say his trademark voice, the words, "- Mister ... Anderson ..." - that would create one of the most famous and dangerous villains in the history of cinema. Although, to be fair - the enemy Neo and other wrestlers with the regime, is the whole matrix. But thanks to the colorful as the executor - Agent Smith was perceived as the main threat to set foot on the path of war hero - elect ...
Out on the screens of the "Matrix" became an instant cult and has long been one of the most popular video - hits at 63 - oh million budget, earned at the box office $ 460 million-ti, a bunch of all sorts of awards and prizes - the most honorable of them, of course, became 4 Oscars (obtained though only for technical achievement picture). A few years later, the two-part sequel was released with subtitles "Reset" and "Revolution" - which successfully performed at the box office, but received a cold criticism. Which is quite natural, since such a perfect and deep product - no continuing and unnecessary.

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