"The Matrix" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The world on the threshold of the millennium, the peak of the development of civilization, people's minds there is an algorithm in an intangible, invisible, tasteless and periodically neobonyaemoy prison being programmed, and the body of biological batteries feed mechanical victors two centuries later. Matrix - virtual environment, false life, cynical mockery too well to adopt some features of its creators of artificial intelligence. Thomas Anderson - the future savior of mankind, in the afternoon by the sweat of working in the IT giant, pays taxes and Timur concierge helps take out the garbage, and at night a personal messiah criminal Microverse commit all sorts of cybercrime under the now iconic nickname "Neo". Anti-virus security services are located on both the hero with a group of bald, dark-skinned and mysterious international terrorist Morpheus. The first clearly sewn up his mouth and run in the belly bug explicit, and the second removed the bug, fascinate quotations from Carroll and tricky to pull the bearing of a monstrously unsympathetic, but the only true reality, and that will save.
Now, perhaps, it is hard to believe but at the time, "The Matrix" pretty surprised. Starting unbearably green noir, detective hints and ageless wonderful Rapid film the Wachowski brothers steep bribes shamelessly flirting not with all, but with each. Notify million, with the world that something is wrong, and millions will be yours forever, with giblets. Solipsism spontaneous and spirited anarchist rhetoric witch, and a healthy share of the glossy appeal of "The Matrix" is precisely the ability to be on the same wavelength with virtually any audience, speaking in his own language, and with the skill of an experienced magician to manipulate the consciousness with the help of white rabbits and non-existent spoons. In the center - monumental, the fundamental metaphor of revolt against a variety of systems, aids patchwork of well-known philosophical issues and ubiquitous postmodern. Since the Hussars daring truncated dialectic Azimov, the game in the default god accepted doomed to failure. One mimohodnoy replica destroyed public institutions: routine work, the futility of the economy, religion comforting falsehood and misinformation television announced prison for thought, and there is this powerful, energetic, locomotive audacity. Destructive ideological medley unanswered issues raised by playing through the aesthetics so rapidly that there is not only time, but also an occasion to reflect. But in any case, do not be fooled by deliberate superficiality statements - the price of reality, zigzags fatalism and pre-Cartesian demon skepticism shown by bulging maximum spectacular, exhaustively Canonicity images
no such thing as a man, no more:. Bible new world - reference guides the defining it as a "user." People have become a raw materials appendage of their own gadgets, and for all not to question the love of the Company's information, preferring slave satiety hungry awareness Wachowski kindly sarcastically refer to gipodinamichnomu generation of avatars and posts: it is impossible not to know themselves, compulsory frequenter of the virtual space, melancholy monologue one of the characters: "I do not see characters privyk..Vizhu blonde, brunette, redhead .." The "Matrix" no excess words or unnecessary scenes - and even qualities nnom rejection of ideology the film is able to take your number only. Enchanting flow around and into one another religious symbolism, and cheerfully geeky-philosophic, giving the output movie, no less great in terms of the cornerstones memetichnosti and metaphors. Double-edged, closed uroboros the symbolism turns around saying everything at once and nothing specifically monument straight wow entrancing nineties and monstrouznost conventions dystopia. The computer environment parody of social relations, society is functionally virtualiti parodies, but in fact they are - the same thing, and that's the beauty and the nightmare
But no one alive trolling "The Matrix": the story remains a fundamental principle of the classic Bildungsroman.. Neo wonderful, located in the only relevant state - a state of permanent surprise, and his all-wise and all-good teacher Morpheus form one of the most memorable screen pairs "the sensei - elected" system ever. First wins hearts with wide eyes and face eternal child, naively confuses left and right, indescribably cool clobber his divine iron forehead against the concrete wall systems and delicious breaks neck hostile anti-virus algorithms, and the second with a devilish, supernatural agility in dialogue pleases inimitable faculty intonations and for this, even with inversion are not necessarily talking to him. And they are cool and awesome that slide in skimpy love line to the third plan and make it completely unnecessary, despite the sexual tension and discharges the distribution of lead under the magical chemical Prodigy. And it was not necessary to continue to the right, with bogoiskatelnostyu remaining parts of the trilogy - the best representatives of the most important of the arts are always on the verge of bad taste, and the mechanism of "The Matrix" turned up unexpectedly thin. All his strength in latex pathos and inclusive style, in a healthy arrogance, deadly seriousness and aplomb inexpressible - the very same that made assume that civilization will peak long before iPhones
not know what it was before -. Chicken or the egg. Nor is it known which came first - the idea of ​​"The Matrix" and its aesthetics. The main thing is that nice machine logic, quite convincingly compares mankind with cancer with characteristic Hey-Ai charming non-human - is not what is stored in the first place. The elegance with which the machine is arranged rebellion Green Screen of Death - that's the main thing, but understanding quite frankly, not affecting the depths of the imagination comes later. Andy and Larry professed sense of beauty - is that only through absolute slope can comprehend the universe, black is everything, and chrome and leather will never go out of style. Contents itself is a form of Deeper - the idea around which built the creative Tarantino, has never been so crystal clear, like the Wachowski brothers. Entire genres and kinoepohi disclosed in the brief and biting phrases installation - the whole essence of the Spaghetti Westerns direct impulse imminent recognition in the mind responds on the scene in the subway. As Morpheus said - unfortunately, we can not explain what the Matrix is ​​- but it can be shown - it is, like everything else in the not very complicated, but damn interesting world, invented by the brothers, talking exclusively aphorisms
All we're looking for a movie moments -. It finale "Back to the future" and the beginning of "Taxi 2", it is "I'll be back" by Arnie and Leo, Kate embracing on the bow of "Titanic." These are the moments in which you feel like Harry Potter, who had just been told that he - a magician and balloon bursting inside. I think it was Andy and Larry Wachowski for the first time managed to create a film consisting of such things as a whole.

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