"The Matrix" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'Have you ever admired the Matrix?'
It seems that anti-utopian blockbuster while another Wachowski brothers had always existed, but in fact only marks the 15th anniversary. Now rarely hears saying 'ahead of time', but then, just before the millennium, I so wanted to say it's about 'The Matrix'. Today the theme of humanity confrontation with intelligent machines thoroughly zanoshu, even once, and I can not believe that artificial intelligence has not yet been invented. Time puts everything in places, and now it becomes apparent that only one film has hitherto been able to argue with the 'Matrix' in the epic war perishing human individual with his own creation - the 'Terminator 2'. I, like many others, of the opinion that from the Wachowski cyberpunk trilogy should not squeeze, but it is in contrast with the continuation of a well noticeable artistic value of the original film, which began with this biblical fiction story.
' you're whole life felt that the world is not in order '
unlikely that our world is in great order today. But the term 'Chosen One', is not too popular in the film before, in many respects, and is now associated with a tall young man in a black cloak. Unlike their colleagues in the set up and Keanu Reeves 'The Matrix' was the star of world size. I am convinced that not the best this movie to him personally. Could elect be perceived as something other than it embodied Reeves? Of course he could, but the face of Neo, and was to be both open to the gospel. The value of his character is in the spiritual development that has experienced yesterday programmer Thomas Anderson . Very revealing scene of his visit to the soothsayer. The news of the imminent death becomes an intolerable burden on the still fragile shoulders of the future Messiah. This situation is not easy when you have a lot of waiting, and you feel like the weakest link in the chain. Team Morpheus a very different takes Neo, not everyone will want to entrust their fate in the hands of a complete stranger. Holy faith Morpheus -. The main weapon of the few rebels in the unequal struggle with the machines
'Hero ... Morpheus finally agreed!'
With all due respect to Reeves, is not he shocked the world community his game. Who knew to 'Matrix' of Laurence Fishburne? Who is he? First black Othello in a theatrical production, a medic in one of a series of Freddy Krueger. Now he is forever fused to the Morpheus - the banner of human desperate campaign. Skinhead Captain 'Nebuchadnezzar' most charismatic hero of the epic, whose influential manner of conversation attracts attention and is completely in harmony with the role that he assigns himself. Christ had no mentor, but he needs some Neo. Too many doubts and even more fear even before the main task, as before, his face impassive agent Smith . Unlike Fishburne Hugo Weaving is not stuck in one role, but it was he who was the main instrument of a heartless system, overwhelming any resistance. Smith - just a stand-alone module, essentially a robot, but it is not just a performer. He was the ideologist of a new civilization that seeks to wipe out the old faces. It has its own philosophy and it is very misanthropic. Neo Smith reacts not at all like a machine, it appears quite plebeian fury of a man who dared to not be afraid of the all-powerful program. This is the main weakness of Smith: he hates all people, but at the critical moment copy their model behavior
'So, what you need, besides a miracle?'
ideas in a virtual world created. Wachowski brothers and many years later fascinate. How easy would people lived, if only they could get into the city, equipped with everything you need, or for some minutes to master the most complex skills. 'Matrix' part can be considered as a fighter with martial arts. It's not just sparring Neo and Morpheus . The opportunity to overcome their own oppressors steel fists and feet, far more interesting than using different-sized machines. The theme of evolution, and this is reflected. First, Neo believes only their weapons, and only then, partly forced, realizes his true power comes from within. Agents unknown emotions, otherwise they would have realized that the anti Favorites conventional means do not work. Heroes-liberators indulge in a healthy steepness all these coats, dark glasses. But most Morpheus much better with open eyes. You can not hear his words, his eyes say, all that is needed. How nice to all of us feel right
'First you need to understand the main thing: there is no spoon'!
'Matrix' to a great extent owes its success aesthetically component. Yes, as it turned out, the effect of 'stop-motion' was invented earlier, but either this is important? Incredibly spectacular shootout in an office high-rise is just as important as the mythology of the story. Heroes can not save the world alone preaching in this war any object, even an ordinary spoon, it can be useful. Directed teach us to be open to knowledge, which can be expected at every turn. On the face of Neo will not see a shadow of conceit, there is no there, and blind obsession. Confucius said: 'spiritual enlightenment will find you, you just be ready for it itself. " This willingness to come to the favorites immediately, had to master and still magic symbols. The result on the faces of the agents, whose programs have unexpectedly discovered a flaw.
'I'm tired baby ...'
not ignore minor, but nevertheless, very important for understanding the essence of the film character. Cypher can be narekat the latest words and betrayal anywhere and never says goodbye. All this is true, but there is one 'but'. Hero Joe Pantoliano overstepped the line when the doomed comrades to death, but his desire to forget and live in ignorance is understandable. We often, in fact, we live in a dream world, particularly considering similar not who they are, but there are different ways to maintain the faith, and were disappointed in the ideals of the new Cypher can understand. But take a romantic line of the film is not easy. The choice of actress to play Trinity - main puncture directors. I do not want to brand Kerry Ann Moss, but on the background of a handsome Neo she looks simply old woman with absolutely not feminine gait. Therefore, in the ardor of love Cypher believe with great difficulty.
'Welcome to the real world!'
Everyone has the right to choose. In life, it is sure to be a time when it is either lost heart and leave it at that, or take the risk and try to reach a new level. Palm Morpheus Furnished two pills represent a vital junction for any seeker. For each solution, soak if ideology Cypher, to live and enjoy. Or, like Neo is not afraid dark door, behind which lies the unknown. It is important to be consistent, go to the end and the fate necessarily reward a man according to his merits.
not just fighter, not just a dystopia, not even cyberpunk. Cinema-ideology, where the unreal fantasy amazingly intertwined with the New Testament. Another such pictures, I think never will.
Free Flight!
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