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Tale of how Neo udelal Matrix became obscure writers-directors the Wachowski brothers the very gold mine, which is developing a thorough, they were able to afford all that darling please. Soul of tandem Wachowski required holiday and fees phenomenal trilogy "The Matrix" was allowed to roll the lip on the full circuit: from the filming non-profit, but smart movies ( "the V" for Vendetta "), to the production of commercial failures (" Speed ​​Racer "). But today, if the screen flashed the name Wachowski, be sure to mention them in vain because of the "Matrix" and just. And until now, brothers and sisters could not do on the screen something more remarkable, though, let's be honest, they are still trying.
The plot of "The Matrix" is known for the absolute majority of movie fans, but still take the liberty to remind him .
... Mr. Anderson, like many of us, tries to answer the main questions of life. Who are we and where? Why come to this mortal world, and where to go next? During the day he works as a programmer in a provincial solid company, and at night ... at night under the guise of the hacker Neo has a dream that does not sleep, and after wandering around the white rabbit searching for answers. Latex girl Trinity whispers in his ear Neo that he must decide in this life. To help him in this is only the mysterious Morpheus, which followed on the heels of the equally mysterious and severe "jackets" with a clearly unfriendly intentions.
Neo lover of truth, following the call of the soul, to choose between two red pills, and then it turns out in the real world, where people do not live, but there are elements in the form of food for the ruthless and merciless machines. According to Morpheus, Neo - elected. Man, can not only effectively waving his arms and legs, but also to deal with the agents of the Matrix on equal terms. With it people of Zion, the last human city, has taken refuge in the sewers deep, pinning their last hopes.
machines, programs, and other soulless creatures still do not know about the divine mission of Neo. They hunt for Morpheus, for he is the captain of the ship and know the access codes to Zion. They do not know that puny Neo is a much greater threat, because he knows not only kung fu and jiu-jitsu, but also the basics of programming, which together gives him the right to decline the matrix under any angles ...
Virtual reality, given us in sensation, fired the minds of cinema long before the arrival of the Wachowski. The idea that life - a computer game, and the people in it actors, dozens of times went to the foundation of fantastic books and movies, but few people bother to resort to clarity. Most theorists imagined themselves, narrating the chaotic riot vehicles, parallel worlds and drawing pictures unsightly dark future. Artificial intelligence has become a kind of philosophical stumbling block, which is coveted and feared by all, but not really describe his shortcomings and benefits no one was taken.
The movie attempts were, and quite decent. Recall the "Terminator" by James Cameron. "Blade Runner" by Ridley Scott. Cult "Tron." And do not even become very popular thriller about rebellious computer brain - "The Lawnmower Man" and "Virtuosity". His plan Wachowski brothers nurtured for several years, killing fourteen variants couple of birch trees scenario. As a result, Sir Sean Connery, who offered to play Morpheus, refused to shoot, because the damn thing did not understand the text.
general, to participate in the "Matrix" gave many famous personalities. Someone - for personal reasons, not wanting to subscribe to an adventure with a little-known directors. Someone - for the sake of big-budget fiasco (Jean Reno instead of Agent Smith chose to star in "Godzilla"). The image of Neo could well be Leonardo DiCaprio and Val Kilmer, and can not see when Keanu Reeves world fame. As a decade of neglect, dismal thrillers and feeble attempts to get rid of the stigma of the boring "Favorites".
Without a doubt, the success of "The Matrix" in the first place, is associated with an incredible capacity for work and faith of its founders. So long nursed a project capable of a few Hollywood personalities. Prominent directors and major studio bosses like when tidbits ready-to-drink and recline on a silver platter. Who needs a time-consuming, abstruse fantastic performances, when we can already hastily riveted remake or sequel, and tomorrow to count the profits? Thank God that there are still people in films, capable of their zeal and determination to bother progress and withered minds audience endlessly chew the same subjects
«The Matrix." - this is not just a film, it's an event that changed the film industry. It is now, after a wild number of references, quotations and imitations of involuntary picture Wachowski brothers may seem "jammed into holes." But at the time of the premiere of the audience left the theater with a look of admiration on their faces. This was facilitated everything: unusual for a movie soundtrack, complete with tracks leading downhole "thrash metal" artists from Rammstein to Prodigy; improbable that time-stopping effects using the camera and slow motion; stylish image (especially the authors added "matrix" scenes of a greenish hue, but because real-world scenes excluded blue range). But the main thing - it's lethal mixture of science fiction and action, where a meaningful dialogue alternated masterfully laid fights and gunfights
A little more than a decade with the release of the film, the tape is already two hundred times parodied and referenced in the movie, and technological developments "Matrix" until now. It is actively used. For the nineties, the picture was the same as what is "Avatar," Cameron for zero - spectacular end of a cycle, and a breakthrough in the future. Brothers-directors were quick to consolidate their position and four years later was released on screens at once two sequels, "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions". The story of this long-awaited sequel to many memorable - the creators of so much believe in the audience's love and their own strength, that zaplutali in broad daylight. Each subsequent film was worse and weaker than the previous in all aspects.
Later themselves Wachowski stated in the press that was initially planned to shoot "The Matrix" as a trilogy. With all due respect, this statement is a belated attempt to justify himself. The brothers understood that, taking the second and third movie, they will have a qualitatively rework and supplement the story in order to bring the project to a new level of entertainment and value. With the first all managed to more or less - visual feast looks powerfully and smoothly, but the scenario Wachowski too clever by half, which greatly disappointed the fans. Smearing colorful melee battles and chases with a thin layer of tedious dialogues and unnecessary pathos, the creators of the trilogy own painted themselves into a corner.
Whatever it was, "The Matrix" and to this day is a prominent representative of the genre, it comes in all sorts of lists of "most -The »inspires filmmakers to create films, of which the form must not prevail over substance.
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