The Main Ethical Practices Practiced In The Portland General Electric Company Essay

Portland General Electric Company


Public utility company based in Portland, Oregon, USA Started as Willamette Falls Electric Company in 1888 Serving to 52 cities, it distributes electricity to 852,000 customers Produces and purchases energy primarily from coal, natural gas plants and hydro dams Ethical Practices. The code of business ethics approved by the board of directors are subjected to be followed by every individual inside a company and also the companies and other entities associated with the company.

Following are the main ethical practices practiced in the company are held responsible for the constant growth of the company:

  1. Fairness in the workplace
  2. Compliance with laws and fair dealing
  3. Environment safety and health

Fairness in the workplace

The company is against biased employment opportunity, nepotism and any kind of harassment. PGE doesn’tdiscriminate any individual based on religion, sex,race, color, age, citizenship,national origin, mental or physical disability, gender identity or any other basis forbidden by law. Neither the priority shall be given to the relatives, partners or former colleagues of any working employee. All incoming employee will go through strict application and interview process. Likewise, there are no any reported cases of harassment inside PGE and claims that they will never happen in future too.

Compliance with laws and fair dealing

PGE complies with federal and state laws and regulations during power generation, distribution and maintenance of the system. There are certain rules laid down by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the state of Oregon which it has to strictly adhere to. Similarly, it deals fairly with suppliers, regulators and most importantly customers. PGE is committed to dealing with these without any foul intentions of getting unfair advantages and manipulation. Henceforth, it conducts it businesses in compliance with the spirit of antitrust laws.

Environment safety and health

PGE ensures that the facilities, operations and business activities abide by the prescribed environmental regulations and laws that aim to cut down any forms of pollution- be it air, water or leakage of any unintended harmful chemicals. It is also concerned with safety and health of its employees, customers and public. Influence of ethical practicesi. Increased stock price

Increase in stocks

The stock price has approximately doubled from 2010 to 2017. Increased revenues and assets.

Rise in customers and employees

The conducting and employee friendly environment plus its dedication to the customer service and satisfaction has helped to improve the statistics.

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