The madness of red cow Essay

Red cow became mad; it was the breaking news, which was spread, in the whole village like wild fire in a jungle. It was unbelievable for each one. So a lot of men, women and confused children rushed towards our cow-shed and they were crying, screaming and yelling like abnormal people and nobody could understand that what they are saying. It was an amazing scene, now all of them raised a question but it was very clear. “Why, what is the problem with the poor one, what is the reason of her insanity, but at first inform us that the news is true?” “Yes, it is true, but I am unaware about the truth, really I don’t know why?” Our servant Qadir Kaka told them. “However she was well and healthy.”He further explained “Did she have a calf to feed and was it sick?” One shabby villager with a big turban on his head asked. “Why?” Kaka inquired in a very proud manner, Kaka was the most reliable and favorite servant of my father and as a result I felt a Pride in his attitude every time. “My dear, the death of the child has a bad effect on the mind of mother.” The turban man explained. “Not at all” really Kaka was himself surprised too. “She does not have a single calf, for last year.” Really, it was a mystery not only for the whole village, but for Kaka and my family as well. My village was very small and beautiful like a meadow full of flowers and the red cow was very popular due to her abundant milk and gentle temperament. She was one of five cows in our cow-shed. My father was a prosperous and wealthy man and the owner of different gardens and green fields. The red cow was my favorite and I always preferred her. However, the milks of other four cows were amazingly too much less in quantity. I think because all were the mothers of calves, but their temperament was very bad, due to their remorse nature and our maids were afraid of their dangerous horns, therefore they were avoiding them, but Qadir Kaka was the master and specialist to get their milk. A fat man was he with a red crude face. Really, he was very harsh towards the bad tempered cows as well, he always beat them with a thin but strong long stick mercilessly and they turned to be a coward, when they observed his sudden arrival. Though our whole village was poor, but its residents were very passionate and happy in their poverty. My parents were very generous towards them and whenever the villagers came to our home for milk, cheese, yogurt or buttermilk, at that time it was their demand that it should be of red cow. Their demand was very innocent and I always laughed at it, but I always kept my feelings to myself, because it was the routine of our maids to mix the milk of all cows in a big tub within a few minutes at sunset, when they collected the milk. Really my father and mother love the red cow too. Those days my age was more than nine or ten years. I was ignorant of the fact, but Qadir Kaka informed me that the remaining cows are also the brood and kids of the red cow and it was amazing that still an old cow had the good health and her milk was abundant and plentiful. As I told earlier that the red cow was very peaceful and quiet but now a person could assess and evaluate through her eyes that she would be more violent one day. Really, she was too much restless, even sleepless and we separated her room too, because the other cows also became sleepless, wakeful and restless, when she remained with them in the huge room, which was their common room at night for rest. Unluckily one-day she really broke her rope and turned out of the cow-shed. She was running in the streets of the village violently now and no person was able to stop her. Though, she was crying loudly, but I felt like she is weeping and in pain. At the moment, the villagers became afraid that if someone came in front of her, she would kill the person with her terrible horns. Meanwhile, the dogs of the village were also chasing her, they were barking to stop her but in vain. Suddenly a lot of clouds appeared in the sky, the darkness spread and the dreadful thunder and terrible rain were also started. Our village was full of the larger trees and the trees were also began their whispers and murmurs, which was finally converted into a terrible noise. It was my feelings that the thunder and trees are also weeping with her. At this juncture unexpectedly the red cow started to strike the wet walls of the houses through her strong horns and broke the many feeble and weak walls all of a sudden. Finally, it was the solution of the problem that Qadir Kaka would shoot her through the rifle of my father. The red cow has died now, but no one got the secret that what was the real cause of her madness, insanity and abnormality, except a person and it was me and only me. Yes I can claim that I was the sole witness. Now, I want to explain the truth and reality. One day she observed the massacre and slaughters of a dozen people with the hands of unknown strangers in the village of neighborhood and it was a horrible and cruel scene. At that time, I was seated on her back with the bundle. We were returning from our green field with the package of wrapped and tied up grass as foodstuff for cows and just passing the place of bloodshed. At this time, the cow stopped all of a sudden that what nonsense is going on? Though she remained silent but the entire ruthless event and wrong was intolerable for her. Yes, again and again, she looked towards me like she is asking that what the nonsense is why a man is killing the other and for what reason, he is so merciless, but I remained silent, because I had no answer and you know the Limited approach of a boy of tender age. I was worried as well, because the impression of the horrible event was very adverse On My Mind, in front of me the throats of many people were cutting through big sharp and shining knives like they were the lambs instead of human beings. Yes their Enemies were the real butchers and cool minded killers. In fact, the scene of the killing field was cruel. Families and babies of the victims were crying loudly for mercy, but the armed butchers were showing no sympathy towards them and they were busy in their business like the bunch of wild hungry animals. They were laughing too. Besides this, the victims’ families as well and it seemed that the killers were really heartless and savages. It was the bunch of dozens of gunmen with big turbans, who were still stopping and beating those women and children from interfering with the butts of their Kalashnikovs mercilessly, who were the relatives of the victims. Really the children and women were requesting with tears that don’t kill their innocent men, without them, who will care them, especially when they would be the orphans and the widows, but it was useless and the savages were stopping them through their lashes and injuring them mercilessly. Believe me, I saw the blood on the faces of ladies and babies, they were injured too, in real sense it was a horrible dooms day. Everywhere I saw the dead bodies piled up and truly the view of the massacre, redness of blood, severe cries, tears and weeping was intolerable, excessive and unbearable. Though, earlier the cow was walking gently, but at the moment I felt, she was reactionary and running under stress. Now it was very difficult for me to control her. Yes she was running fast and fast. One day, when I revealed this secret to Qadir Kaka in cow-shed, surprisingly he had not mention any reaction and remained cool. “My dear, brave people do not care about the massacre and bloodshed; it is a war and our routine. Did you see that nobody pays attention to it in the whole village, though it was happened near, yes, all the people of our village are still normal with their peaceful minds? ” “But uncle, mother says that the war has its own ethics.” I again stated. “War is war my dear and it is the other name of brutality and violence. It has no ethics that who is innocent or sinner.” The face of Kaka seemed cool as usual. “But the poor red cow…?” again I put my question. “She was foolish, idiot and stupid",” he laughed abruptly, “who had no sense and wisdom.” At this time, when Kaka was playing with his thin stick, with the dead body of a sparrow, who was lying on the ground, while the companion of the little sparrow was crying bitterly at the death of her companion on a branch of the nearest tree and her weeping was heart torn, distressed and miserable.

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