"The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Remember, what did you feel when you leave the theater after seeing "Fellowship of the Ring"? I'm sure you were amazed and do not fully understand what had just been touched, but the feeling of magic uniquely penetrate into your heart for a long time and it did not leave. Personally, I was filled with the same sense of excitement and involvement for something grand, something incomprehensible, but at the same time fascinating. Still, for the uninitiated viewer «The Lord of the Rings», as print trilogy and film clearly can not be a cakewalk, as the multi-layered history of JRR Tolkien can be understood only after repeated acquaintance with the creation and only with time, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the magical world of Middle-earth. But what the film would not be taken away, so is the scale and atmosphere. Directed by Peter Jackson was able to create a very real universe, to which you want to return again and again. I think that every fan of good cinema is not just reviewed the first film of the franchise, "Fellowship of the Ring", and has already had more detailed view of what still tells us a story. So to view the continuation of the belt, «Two Towers», most of us have come already prepared and we understand the seriousness, all the motivation of each of the characters, and with bated breath waited, what again will delight us filmmakers, because it seemed that nothing new they show us are not able to, because all sorts of dragons, elves, orcs, forts, palaces and waterfalls have been shown to us in all its glory in the first film. But no, the "Fellowship of the Ring" was only a starting point for a much more ambitious events. "The Two Towers" were no less monumental works and allows you to extend our with your horizons through meeting new, no less interesting characters, and allows you to show a large-scale battle of the ten-armies so believable, as is possible in today's cinema.
as for the story, it got into a little trap associated with all the middle parts of those or other trilogies. That is, the casual viewer with great difficulty understand that here and what, as the story is moving under its own power and is virtually back to basics, as Peter Jackson has something to show us, and traveled to repeat it did not intend to. But it is also correct, as "Lord of the Rings" is so powerful, versatile, and all the well-known project that does not know at least superficially means of his plot to commit a crime against the whole direction of art that is cinema as a whole. So, how do we know after the end of the last film, Fellowship of the Ring broke up, one of kind friends, Frodo, Boromir, heroically fell in battle, and the hobbit in the company of his friend Sam separated from the main group and began his own odyssey to Mordor, so that finally destroy the One Ring. Pippin and Merry, even some hobbits of the Shire to help Frodo in his ordeal, were taken prisoner, and Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn went to save them. In addition, each of us is worried about the fate of the magician Gandalf, who fell into the abyss of the silent darkness somewhere "Fellowship of the Ring." But here the story brilliantly out of such a tragic situation and re-favorite character gets into operation. Each storyline, ragged in the original film, gets its continuation and good for us, we know the familiar characters new and exciting details, and some of them significantly transformed and amazes us a radical change in his outlook. This applies in particular to the relations between the once good friends, and now rivals in the face of Gimli and Legolas, who for a long time competed with each other because of the hostility of his birth, but after a whole string of extraordinary events and dangerous adventures they realize that friendship knows no boundaries and understanding can be found, even where it was not forever.
but the main attractive element of "Two Towers" appears none other than Gollum. Once he was a pious Hobbit, but after accidentally finding the One Ring he was terribly changed and became a hideous monster, who can not forgive Bilbo Begginsu steal his delight, after which he for many years wandering through Middle-earth in search of treasure, has not yet emerged on the trail of Frodo, the current owner of the Ring. Thus Gollum have a film to go alongside Frodo and Sam, seemingly helping them get in Mordor, but inwardly are ready to kill them and take the Ring ... The character, played by Andy Serkis, uniquely affects even ten years after the film's premiere. Gollum on one side utterly dramatic, since it eats the internal contradictions and its light and dark sides are fighting for the right to be fundamental. On the other hand it causes the appearance of genuine admiration. WETA special effects studio has done a truly great job and brought its motion capture technology to its peak, for which he won a well-deserved "Oscar". Gollum is a highlight of the program and sit beside the main characters. His screen time is not limited to the scope and Peter Jackson deliberately brings it to the fore in many scenes. But this does not mean that the other characters do not get their moments of glory. Fortunately, the timing belt allows you to realize all the ideas of the director and he acts according to his creative vision rather than on strict orders from the greedy producers. Besides the director shows us what lies beyond the borders of the Shire, Rivendell and Moria. Now we have the honor to know King Theoden of Rohan ruler, horse kingdom. Also we fast forward to Merry and Pippin, and see how they will fight to Saruman, passing make contact with an ancient race of Ents huge trees. In "The Two Towers" of what is happening is indeed a grand scale. The creators have pushed all the limits and made Middle-Earth for us limitless. And where there is no horizon, forests tend to infinity, and the tower touch their tops clouds of war suitable incredible. And this time the battle is leading the armies of Middle-earth will happen about Helm's Deep - an ancient fortress, which will become the center of great battles, breathtaking
In the end I want to say that «The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers». with success It continues to explore Middle-earth and opens up new, hitherto unexplored corners of the world JRR Tolkien for us. In turn, I want to advise you to watch the extended director's cut of the film, in which we learn many interesting facts and again met with Boromir. Additional scenes explain much and show that not all characters are unambiguous tape. Of course, without the extensions you can calmly get along, but they are great to enliven the "Two Towers", where in a conventional version there reticence. So do not miss this opportunity, and delve into the Middle Earth to the maximum. Three and a half hours you will pass almost unnoticed.
9 out of 10

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