"The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

And here is the sequel! The second part of the greatest fantasy saga - The Two Towers! I did not know what to expect from it, so the first part ended sadly, but after a couple of minutes -.. All my doubts and fears are in the past
Look for his friends, but do not take hope!. She left this region.
Brotherhood was divided into 3 parts. Frodo and Sam continue their dangerous journey to Mordor. But because they do not know the road, hobbits have to trust horrible creature Gollum, suffering from multiple personality disorder and the thirsty to return the Ring, whose master he had been for many years. Merry and Pippin, captured by orcs, escapes into the forest of Fangorn, where live trees live - Ents, trying to convince them to take part in the war and meet that, who did not expect to see ... Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in pursuit of the orcs, come to Rohan country meet the White Warlock Mithrandir and help the wise king Theoden to defend the country from the many thousands of troops of Saruman ...
My charm ...
Peter Jackson - the director and screenwriter, turned in the second part of the first worthy successor when I watched the movie for the first time, I have n I read the books, so the appearance of your favorite heroes was a complete surprise. As well as new characters and the country is Rohan, breeders country whose inhabitants great riders, archers and spear throwers. We also already see Mordor, namely its Black Gate - when they first appear, it was just phenomenal! This is all the famous special effects, which is famous for Lord of the Rings - we are seeing a very epic battle. Here is the Battle of Helm's Deep - in the rain, with a small number of defenders, with the vast majority of the enemy - I admire their heroism! Bravo! Oh, I almost forgot the Nazgul, Sauron's minions - now they are flying creatures and scary look even more intimidating
Frodo would not have gone far without Sam ...
Elijah Wood! and Sean Astin - Frodo and Sam, is now traveling alone. At the beginning of the film felt their fatigue and fear. Frodo feels more and more the power of the Ring of himself and sometimes it's not a ... Sam sees it and tries in every way to help him. Friends have to trust disgusting and terrifying creatures Gollum - When I saw him for the first time, I was not alone - bony creature with evil eyes, running exclusively on all fours - and brilliantly played Andy Serkis Why did not he was nominated - his conversations with itself, it is incredibly
The closer the danger, the farther we are from harm
Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd - Merry and Pippin . Guys do not seem so carefree: Once in captivity and miraculously escaped death, hobbits flee into the ancient forest of Fangorn, and enlist the help of the Forest of Fear - Ent door. And when they are in every way convince the Ents to war - you can see what role they play in the film
There is always hope
Viggo Mortensen -! Aragorn . With each film, the nature of his character is revealed deeper: it is not only a legendary warrior and experienced ranger, who looked at the traces, their owner will tell you about everything. He does not lose hope in any circumstances. He encouraged the soldiers, instilling in them confidence in a victory over the rival unequal. Awesome show and a love story, in the form of memories: do not even need to know the Elvish language, to understand what they say Aragorn and Arwen - their love is so beautiful ... Aragorn - one of the greatest warriors in the movie that I've ever seen.
- What's going on
-? you describe Gimli, or find you stand
Orlando Bloom and John Rhys-Davies - Legolas and Gimli . Already constantly fighting side by side with each other, competing who will kill more than orcs. And when one is in danger, be sure to cover up the other! They are loyal friends and Aragorn - trust his leadership and follow him in any danger, because they know - it's the right way
Gray Wanderer, because I used to be called!. Three hundred human lives, I wandered through the world, but now I have no time
Ian McKellen -. Gandalf . Of course, the most pleasant surprise of the film - I was upset when Gandalf fell into the deepest abyss of fighting the Balrog. But he returned to the image of the White Wizard - Mithrandir to fulfill the mission. And now it is even more powerful: it now represents the light - the scene where he heals the King of Rohan, shocked me with its power! And the end - to the ants! Superbly!
For the king!
In the film, there are new and very important characters! This valiant king of Rohan Theoden (Bernard Hill) - the great ruler, ready to defend his people, even at the cost of life. This is his nephew Eomer (Karl Urban), a brave soldier, loyal to his king, but as a result of the machinations of makeup, a spy of Saruman, was banished from Rohan with his retinue, and niece Eowyn (Miranda Otto ), woman warrior, ready to fight for the king and the people. This is a young military chief Faramir (David Wenham), which met Frodo and Sam and learn the purpose of their journey, can repeat all the mistakes of his brother Boromir, or do the right thing. I really liked how it developed: in the book, he was very positive, and here he is facing a difficult choice ...
- Legolas, I had two
- And my seventeenth
-!! How? ! To some prick-eared beat me
Humor - it is still easily and unobtrusively integrated into the film, it does not overloading example - funny phrases Gimli: Throw me! I am not able to manage such a leap, fling me! And do not tell the elf! . Music - even more epic than in the previous part: this is the theme of Rohan - The Hornburg, a phenomenal Forth Eorlingas and the theme Samwise The Brave ... Bravissimo, maestro Howard Shore !
We found ourselves like in the legend, Mr. Frodo, in one of those that takes the soul. In her many fears and dangers, sometimes not even want to know the end, because I do not believe that all will end well. How can all become still, when all that bad ?! But, in the end, it all goes away .. even the most impenetrable darkness dissipated! Comes a new day! And when the sun will shine, it will shine even brighter! Such great legend cut into the heart and remembered for a lifetime, even if you have heard their child and do not understand why they hit .. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I understand. Got it now .. The heroes of these stories a hundred times could retreat, but did not retreat! they fought! because they had to rely on ...
- On what we rely on, Sam
-? The fact that there is good in the world, Mr. Frodo! And it is worth fighting for
These words, music, and action is what is happening with them -. Each time brought me to tears. Great, great, great!
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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