"The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

And again, my very positive opinion about the "Lord of the Rings." What can I say, a movie sunk into the soul ... This time, the object to "pen" was the second film of the trilogy - "The Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers »
pattern continues the story of the Ring: after the Brotherhood broke up, each hero went his way. Frodo and Sam continue their journey to Tierra del hill, while the orcs, pursued by Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, coming closer to Isengard, in order to give Mary and on the court of Pepin Saruman ...
I met with the film in May 2003. : accident I came across the tape, "Lord of the rings. The Two Towers. " Vaguely recalling a trailer of the first part, which at that time I have not seen, I turned on the VCR ... And then it was like in the song: "Only the sky, the wind, only the joy ahead!". While watching, I never looked away from the screen, three hours after falling from the life of the real world. And then, a month, probably went under the impression from this
general, "The Two Towers" - my favorite part of the trilogy, and not so much because it is closest to the text of the novel, which at that time I did not It was familiar, but because it looks at one go. Even without knowing what was the first tape, I quickly penetrated into the idea of ​​a trilogy and watched a movie with such a predatory interest, as though all his life was a fan of Tolkien's world
«The Two Towers." - this is the real fantasy. Tape already under consideration can not be called a fairy tale, like "Fellowship of the Ring", it is something more epic, tangible, deep ... It is life itself, full of dangers and unpredictable events, victories and defeats, and the probability of miracles. After the first part, a colorful, almost surreal, to immerse the viewer in the magical universe of magicians, kings, strange peoples, untrodden lands ..., the second - a harsh reality
What seemed so far away -. Watchful evil enslavement of the world, war nightmares - inexorably approaching on the main characters and plunges into the thick of things, filled with bloody battles, horror and death. In the process of how the world transformed, plunged into darkness, and the country, one after another, choking in the fighting imposed by the lords of the two strongholds by Sauron and Saruman, each character faces his inner demons.
All innuendo, picking up as the snow com in the first part, gives access to the film "The Two Towers". Frodo begins to doubt his abilities and the ability to resist the Ring, slowly poisoned his soul. Confidence Aragorn caught in the center of the opposition of the people of Rohan from Isengard and the Orcs, put to the test. And before Mary and Pepin stands is not a simple choice: to try to return home or continue the battle for Sredtzeme
In terms of supply, in contrast to the verdant fields of the peaceful and tranquil refuge Shira harmony elves, the second film offers a very different reality: the empty field breeders;. gray mountain ranges, impassable misty swamps; gloomy forests, cold walls of stone fortresses ... After the riot of colors "Fellowship of the Ring" - bright, contrast, saturation - the viewer is immersed in dim depressed tone, "Two Towers»
scenery, costumes, make-up -. all in a film worthy of praise. The picture looks like a historical epic, so well transferred to the atmosphere and environment. When viewing you skin feel chilly wind and prickly rain, smell of smoke and the severity of armor, you feel the apathy and fear - all so natural and tangible, that is beyond words
About shooting ... I never cease to marvel at the talent of director Peter Jackson and work. the crew. The battle for Helm's Deep - this is probably the best of the battle, captured within the fantasy genre, so that there is, in general captured the history of cinema. Jackson so accurately put together the mosaic of the many episodes, imprinted from various perspectives and angles that create the feeling shown actually happened. All scenes were dynamic, motion, drive: just the battle in real time, making you grab the arms and cling to the screen
special effects and computer graphics masterfully executed.. Why are only the countless army of orcs and men of different ranks of troops involved in the film, or crash the castle walls ... And Ents, forest guards, designed to the smallest detail, such majestic, powerful, and very funny. Look at the walking "trees" is a pleasure. Wood generally get the magic: a dark and mysterious, straight goose bumps! And of course the most important cyber-creation - Gollum. This character is so skillfully and thoroughly worked - hard to believe that the character in question - virtual
Like last time, pleased with the sound:. Movie-quality voice, broadcasting is happening on the screen is very complete. Again, there is a beautiful original soundtrack, without which it is nowhere
game of actors, as in the previous section - at an altitude of
Elijah Wood in the film "The Two Towers" has demonstrated his acting versatility:.! Frodo is no longer the smiling halfling boldly hoisted on their shoulders the burden of the ring-bearer. Wood Hero torn from a measured life hobbits, Gandalf devoid of support and brotherhood protection, is left alone with the Ring, killing far more powerful. The actor showed great internal struggle of his hero: the desire to destroy the One Ring and a strange affection for him. In Wood's character that felt a desperate attempt to save the remnants of hope, helping Gollum find himself.
The only ray of light for the main character is Sam, by Sean Astin. This hobbit his cheerful disposition and sincere dedication does not forget that the fight for the heroes of this story. Astin is perfectly able to show the simplicity and openness of your character, the ability to enjoy the little things, and his unwavering faith in the triumph of good.
Viggo Mortensen continues to do an excellent job with the role of Aragorn, the true warrior and a real man. The actor showed significantly as heart experiences the character of separation from his beloved, and internal contradiction: being lost to the forces that were so great and the desire to keep a cool head and a warm heart, even in a desperate situation
Unfortunately, there is no possibility to write about. all characters: old and new, positive and negative. So I limit rating of "excellent": All images of delicious
Of particular interest is the director's cut of the tape. In contrast to the "Fellowship of the Ring", which is not much different in the extended version of the original, the film "The Two Towers" is complemented quite thoroughly. For example, there is an episode with his sons Denetora which brings some clarity to the image of Faramir, and makes it possible to once again behold Boromir
For me, "Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers." - this is not just a great continuation of the trilogy, but also a strong independent film. The picture was very serious and deep, both in terms of content and in terms of supply, but it has not lost its character typical fantasy genre, but rather on the contrary, expressed it even sharper. Aesthetically pleasing, exciting and entertaining film "The Two Towers" won my heart. be in more of the movie!
10 of 10

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