"The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Peter Jackson - people will, and this is an undeniable fact that over time, only grows stronger. This phenomenon of cinema, which has left an ambiguous mark on cinema. Small, not remarkable, separate from the whole country in the world whose name is New Zealand - it is a great man was born there. Jackson Way to the cherished dream was laid a long time patience, determination, fortitude, and the dream he had one - to make a film. And now, the director made it to Hollywood, the film world, as if not noticing the obstacles and difficulties. Peter Jackson to affection optimistic, and that the most optimistic he helped himself to rise to the heavens, becoming an example for many film fans and has earned an enviable reputation among critics
«The Lord of the Rings» -. The most important and the important work of Jackson . The whole trilogy - to his credit, his efforts, his character. Weighty responsibility was imposed on the New Zealander, after film classics JRR Tolkien - is a serious matter and a great honor. Then Peter manifest itself in all its glory: in spite of the heavy responsibility, he did not hesitate and confidently set about the project, which promised to enter into the history of cinema. Jackson surprised everyone hit, forced to love it. After all, absolutely all the trilogy came out pretty. "Fellowship of the Ring" thankful for the world that is worthy of the film adaptation. A «The Two Towers» confirm it.
Peter Jackson took the unprecedented quality and stunning beauty of the narrative film, brilliantly reflecting the main essence of the work. For this difficult goal creators needed to split the plot for three lines, that is, as if it splits, turning into a rich picture of the content of a story in which, despite the very different places of action, all intimately and subtly interconnected with each other. Unlike Tolkien's books, in which everything is told alternately, in the adaptation of time to try to show all three events, distributing the scenes so that they looked harmoniously with each other, without losing the atmosphere. This inevitably gives the film an epic tone, which, of course, the creators wanted. It should encourage them for their work, as compared with the scenario of the previous film, this, no doubt, complex and diverse, and a team of writers headed by the Francis Walsh puffed on glory, to make the most correct and exact composition of the plot, in where all key events carefully arranged on the shelves
However, the main thing -. immense atmosphere of Middle-earth . From the very first frame again plunges the viewer into the fantastic world of Tolkien. Director masterfully succeeded in describing the fascinating picture of Rohan, Gondor, Dead marshes by combining krasotnyh landscapes and inimitable music truly talented Howard Shore . Despite the problem that has arisen due to the fact that the atmosphere of the second part is more diverse and demanding decent presentation, the creators were able to overcome it with ease. This is a stunner, in which the screen appear extensive steppes, fanged mountain heights, sparkling rivers ... And most importantly - all this shows Jackson, a rare, spectacular and colorful. Peter quickly sought to leave a deep impression in the minds of the audience, well-emphasizing on the natural landscape, which is very carefully label describes the words of John Tolkien. It is not once again proves that the creators carefully adhered to the product.
story Tolkien is essentially symbolic, and a key figure of the second book is a high and impregnable tower. Architecture is an impressive building in the trilogy of Tolkien is the personification of something mysterious, untouched, and therefore frightening, frightening her silhouette. Dark Orthanc fortress Isengard, bewildering Minas Morgul, a dangerous and painful unpleasant Barad-Dur of Mordor - the facilities are the enemy, rejecting, gloomy effect. And Peter Jackson with the responsible care aware that sought a writer, and what you need to achieve when creating a film adaptation.
easy to guess that the main part of the story is nothing else like War, a terrible, heavy, suffocating war, but rather its beginning, beautifully and accurately described in the film. The theme speaks to the very lofty tone, allowing to bring to the surface the main features typical of the war, so that besets recreated the atmosphere of brutal battles. Large-scale battles are presented with unprecedented precision and impressively, the viewer nahlynivaet frantic energy of heroism, and all that stressed moderately distributed action and special effects, making the picture a hot battle in sight, who wants to listen to and heed.
In addition, the film is filled with amazing multi-faceted drama . But for fantasy-paintings, as we know, this is very rare, as with all the richness of the world as created by the author of the book, the creators are trying first of all to pay attention to the fantastic side of the story, and then dramatic. But here we are discussing the creation of an exclusive, where exciting action, in spite of the entertainment and glamor, is covered by a multi-layer veil drama that causes mixed emotions and empathy. And all this is diluted by the very epic, which balances the tape at the level of a full-fledged fantasy saga, in which the seat and the drama and action. In this case, obviously, Peter Jackson undoubted genius.
As with the special effects, which since childhood showed a unique interest. The director does not just love, it is committed to implement in the tape visual effects and techniques. And it would be desirable to agree immediately, because the special effects are obtained from the Jackson canceled. Surprisingly, it combines prototyping installation and computer graphics in one frame that forms a believable and colorful picture of the gigantic fortifications, majestic towers and the whole city. "The Two Towers" is rightfully earned another "Oscar" in this regard.
Pulls discuss the actors, most of which are badly suited to their roles. For example, Viggo Mortensen, with strict and charming features, very good looks at the image of a fearless Aragorn. As for the elves, it is a separate issue. Orlando Bloom, performing Legolas simply incomparable and dear Liv Tyler and breathtakingly represented Arwen, the actress seemed born for this role. Very funny, but looks cool John Rhys-Davies as a bearded dwarf Gimli. Inimitable and thunderstorms in the role of Saruman Christopher Lee . But here's the one I really have to mention is the charismatic Andy Sorkisa, who played perhaps the most brilliant character trilogy, Gollum. Despite the thick layer of computer graphics, sensual play of the actor is very noticeable, and it would be desirable to follow and admire. Sorkis knows how to play Gollum, he reveals it completely, and thus the viewer perceives the true inner world of the character
10 of 10
. «Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" - an exciting, dynamic, incredibly diverse and rich, stunning epic and still unsurpassed film adaptation. The whole spirit of the book, which significantly affected the feel and imagination, beautiful and immaculately suffered on the screen, embodied in the magical scenery, magical music and clever special effects.

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