"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«majestic iceberg movement that he had just one-eighth above the water surface" (E. Hemiinguey)
Once upon a time in the distant Middle-earth, where, during a meeting with an elf or dwarf was not nothing special, and the basic tools of war were heavy sword and longbow, a similar story could well exist in reality. For us, it's just a movie. Secretly ajar the door to the mysterious fictional state with its own laws, customs and quirks. Age of people at sunset, and the human race is not the same. To the east is moving the dark hordes of orcs - creatures of Sauron seeking to plunge the earth into eternal darkness and emptiness. And there is no one to oppose them, as it was many years ago, when Sauron had already been defeated by a wise king who was able to lead the armies of Middle Earth with him. But hope is not lost, and the people still have a place on this distant and close to their hearts the land. The royal family has not died away before the end, and the heir, the last of the kings of Middle-earth, the time came to be what he really is. After all, only he will be able to unite the tribes of the people, not only among themselves but also between the other races and even dead people. The clock struck, and while the main battle Sredezemya it. And that he is destined to determine the fate of all the world once and for all. This is a real climax, top, so high that descend from it and lifting it occupied an entire epoch
The final part of the famous trilogy "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King." It was not just an event at one time, and a real bomb. When three films of a similar level and similar franchises are located in a row every year, then the viewer is just not enough time for a break. This is comparable to a hurricane incredible strength that completely blows everything that comes his way. And then with the same suddenness with which appeared, he disappeared, leaving behind only the indelible memory of himself and the material damage amounting to more than a billion US dollars. This proves at least one thing: the tactics chosen by Peter Jackson and his team, in the form of shooting all three movies at the same time and then release them so hasty - fully justified (as in money, and in terms of impact on the viewer). Viewing all three films at the same time produces a really strong impression. Only in this case comes to you not simply expressive action-fantasy, and all the subtleties and "non-random chance" profound drama, which in essence is the "Lord of the Rings." After watching all three films with relatively little interruption occurs the effect or sensation of the iceberg. Like all the previous events in the first ( «Fellowship of the Ring» ), and the second ( «The Two Towers») parts, only hurriedly approaching the inevitable finalu- main battle in the third part of " Return of the King". When it lost the elusive connection between the parts, it's watching the latest film, at first glance, it does not become any the worse. But in fact, the film is perceived quite differently. Look clings to something in isolation and does not feel the whole picture. And a certain time spent on it, to first remember the «who is who» So, first of all, we must not forget that the "Lord of the Rings." - a trilogy, and whichever it films would not have been better or worse - they are inseparable as part of a whole, living organism
As in any other narrative line of a normal film in the "Return of the King" are divided into main and side: Frodo line and the line of all the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring. that save Middle-earth is not figuratively, but it is the same material. For purely visual impression, it is this (last) line in the movie and it seems basic. She is devoted to the vast majority of the timing of screen time, and this branch looks much more colorful and spectacular than the strange journey Hobbit with a ring around the neck. In the end, thanks to the actions of members of the Fellowship of the Ring movie itself exists. But this view, in fact - the real self-deception completely ignorant of the history of Lord of the Rings men. In truth, it is a journey ring with Frodo and has all the trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings', and everything else, to some extent, only a distraction as the Eye of Sauron, and the viewer's gaze. Such confusion, at first glance, seems a complete nonsense and utter nonsense. But if you think about it-like moment as nothing else teaches to distinguish the important from the unimportant, and as they say: «mature to the root !». This is one of the most instructive of what lies on the surface, for what is worth seeing and not just the final, and all of the "Lord of the Rings»
. But, nevertheless, for which any viewer likes and respects this trilogy, especially the final part of it - this is definitely the atmosphere and the overall spirit. In "Return of the King," these very important components for any fantasy-thriller expressed most clearly and vividly. And it is not only stunning special effects in large-scale battle scenes, or flying a dark version of the Dragon, and other induced fantasy J. R. R. Tolkien's characters. The meaning of any fines component formed extremely efficiently and elaborately. After four and a half hours fly by like two, and to be honest, after this very strong start thinking about the transience of time and our lives in general. An important role was played (in the literal and figurative sense of the word) great music. To the delight of any spectator, namely music, like nothing other than firmly entered the component the most spectacular and global adapted fantasy franchises of our generation: "Harry Potter," "Star Wars," "Lord of the Rings", etc. This is no accident! So that increases the effect, if not melodious instrumental in the moment, where the logic of the life of the music did not appropriate (in the heat of battle, for instance). So, hardly anyone will be surprised that the "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" - the movie truly worthwhile and worthy of close attention of fans, not just a fantasy, but a good movie in principle
Result:. "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King "- a worthy end of the legendary trilogy, really assigns a point in the history of the ring, and related characters. A movie that gives the impression of a classic fantasy, but in fact is also a subtle psychological drama, the obvious allegory of the real world. The story begins as a typical epic struggle between good and evil, and ends up as a real war drama. And climbs to mind: «Only the dead have seen the end of war», and then continued: «I have seen the end of war, and the question of whether I can live again (the film" Brothers "of 2009? ).. In the "Return of the King" is given its own version of a non-trivial answer to this question, as they say, respectively topics. However, and why not?!

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