"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is very difficult to say anything about the film so great and famous. It is extremely difficult to try to pass some new information or point of view when evaluating such a mastodon in the world of cinema. However, since the picture is the feeling that there is a desire to share - to stop this process is impossible, for thus simply delishsya their feelings, their thoughts about how this band influenced you and outlook. That is correct, because one can see the features similar to their own in terms of the outcome of reflections that were caused by the view, in this case, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King".
Personally, I can see in the picture, only one is not the most important negative - for some people it vzapravdu may be difficult to view due timing. While the theatrical version, with its twenty-three hours one minute - it's okay. Much more striking directorial version, the fans favorite, but really able to tire the ordinary viewer, four hours and twenty three minutes - this is no joke
"Return of the King", respectively, - a film loosely based on the third book of the hobbit Frodo Baggins (Elijah. Wood) written by John Ronald Tolkien Rouelom, whose hand belongs to the whole cycle of works about Middle-earth, as well as myriad of unfinished works. Thus unequivocally clear that the films of 2001, but the year 2002, that is the "Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Towers" - were also inspired by the efforts of Peter Jackson Tolkien
This picture is special, memorable not only for its symbolism. . Which is seen in the fact that it - the end. In terms of maturity, in terms of the fullness of the frame, in terms of battles scale, in terms of scenery and special effects - in all, This picture outperforms the previous parts, repeatedly increasing not only the personal cult, but and cultural influence throughout the trilogy, because unwritten such that three film under the same title awarded in the amount of thirty nominations for the award "Oscar". However, much better than the merits of this film shows otherwise - independent actions in terms of nominations and wins, namely eleven nomitsy on the Academy Award winning all eleven picture that, in an amount in terms of performance - for the first time. Although eleven "Oscars" has twice been won by different patterns in different years, the film itself is curious, because the genre of fantasy - not as an award-winning genre. However, "Return of the King" has completed, so to speak, the work begun by "Fellowship of the Ring" of the same Jackson: proven originality, a complete picture of this classification of films, taking a gold statuette in such coveted by many nominations as "Best Director" and "Best Film".
third picture "Lord of the Rings" - is the result of immensely successful connection of the spirit of the creator and his sense of purpose in creating creatures. All vozzhelaniya about paintings of Middle-earth that Peter wanted to express in their belts, put into it. Yes, his headaches and nervous breakdowns were terrible and awful, though fully justified an incredible amount of extras, which had to manage - no joke: 20600 actors in the scenes of major baly - an incredible number of different "thumbnails" of locations whose size often exceeds and three and four meters, up to more than eight, which is already more like a full-size structure. Even the open spaces on which there is a realization of the project -. Enormous
But one indication of its content and quality, as well as those that can be considered as such a payment for the suffering of the entire team of creators and Peter Jackson personally, can be considered a box office which is a next record. I think everything is clear: to be the second in the history of film break the bar worldwide box office the size of a billion dollars - that's mighty well appreciated. While the value of this is fully justified as the thematic content, and in terms of acting talent. And it should be thoroughly the talk about it, because this creation is not only the most important person on set laid out, so to speak, on the one hundred and twenty percent. Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) and other actors involved in the eighteen-month course of filming, do all their own stunts, without resorting to stunt that definitely deserves respect, as well as their patience multiple work-related injuries obtained due to work on such a field. This immersion in his own role, such "implantation" in character, provided for on-screen incarnation, before and now appreciated, and will be appreciated, it is extremely high, because of the quality of the display character on the screen when the actor, his playing, and life responds to an imaginary name - do not even need to talk. In this film, the viewer is watching, as such a dominant role of Aragorn - his ascent, surveys and assesses its valor da courage in all guises. Here he clearly become the hero of the first plan. Hero, who wants to imitate and which you believe, and not forgetting the loyal friends. And not only Hobbits, whose bonds are explainable, and, above all, twinning elf Legolas and the dwarf Gimli (John Rhys-Davies), who are not just like those characters comic character
"Return of the King." - it is, in a word, a masterpiece. This is a wonderful, sententious, beautiful, harmonious, somewhat more stringent than in the first part of the trilogy, the completion of the creative effort, not only Peter Jackson, not only the motivation of Professor Tolkien - which, as it turns out, ten years later, itself still far from exhausted - not only a huge cast member, but also all a considerable number of people, or make-up artists, composers, editors, writers, operators, and so on, in the consensus represents a group of the set of three data clearly important for the whole ointment th film cinematography. Which showed that fantasy - too serious genre. What stories, built on the vast prairies of the human imagination, can be epic, beautiful and preachy. Friendship, faith, and love - this is the main thing in life. Even something incredibly great can make an ordinary representative of the society, which like not expect, since to believe in it wholeheartedly, and stake it would feel this support, though it does not matter as the heart or physically - the main thing that was the goal, the desire and confidence in, the man pure and real, and it support, it will already be noticeable
Kinovslennaya Peter Jackson, he created through inspiration from the text of Sir John Ronald Tolkien Rouela, -. complete. Today, looking at once the six paintings (including "The Hobbit") is especially nice, though, of course, that this part stands out among them some special scale. Summing up the results of the whole as such an unforgettable adventure. Full awareness of the goals so invested in this creation, eternally topical issues of human relationships and human well greed so noble - to face so thin and so desire, but which must remain intact, because it makes the "small" representatives of society great, and kings and conquerors - merely pawns
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