"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Save integrity trilogy - is incredibly difficult. And the point is not even in the number of films adjacent to the series. If, for example, a cycle consists of several parts, it is in danger of turning into a draft, which allowed to avoid many mistakes and failures, and the subsequent part of the series can compensate for previous errors. But here's a trilogy - is quite another. Trilogy is not simply the product of the three stories, it tends to their unification into a single story, where all the storylines are closely interrelated. In the literature, this is not a hindrance, but in the movie it is a real problem for the creators. And it flows from the natural fact that the film is perceived and remembered the audience in the first place a purely visually, and to teach the people a high quality film trilogy, catering to readers' need to use all their effort and patience. Difficulties in creating adaptations occur to a lot of indignation: the film should please both readers and even more stringent film critic, he is obliged to adhere as closely as possible the books to safely move to the screen all the action without losing the basic idea. Regarding the trilogy, the main difficulty is the same -. The director is required to hold one spirit of all three paintings
and diligently Peter Jackson is managed with unprecedented accuracy and a rare mastery. This helped the director does not even talent, and human love and respect for the pure product J. R. R. Tolkien's . Writer deeply entered the history of world literature, as a wonderful storyteller, who influenced many people. So Jackson he influenced, too, that inspired it is not too well-known New Zealander to create a truly large-scale and important for the film adaptation of his career. «The Lord of the Rings» - the phenomenon in the literary and cinematic art. In both areas it is important to deeply affect a person. Tolkien was able to do thanks to his books, and Jackson - for his films. The director refers to the usual number of fans of the classic writer, but he knew that if it is charged with the huge responsibility of filming, he must clearly fulfill their mission. It seems that this Peter was born, because trilogy was blissfully successful in all concepts. In commercial terms, all three pictures are blown up cash, which was expected. In terms of adaptation of Jackson's creation also came out great. However, in spite of the enviable success of the first two tapes, it should not have to jump to conclusions about the entire trilogy. The remaining third of the last word of Peter Jackson, who decides to literally everything. After all, many know the feeling of frustration when trikvel out the worst, because the entire creative stock was exhausted predecessors. But this case is considered to be an exception, as Tolkien books is enormous wealth, and Jackson took advantage of them very carefully and cautiously.
As a result, came to the joy, a worthy conclusion of the trilogy, and everything else «Return of the King» it turned into the best part. What is proof of the main «Oscar», is the first time in the history of cinema was awarded fantasy-picture. Cherished Film Award justly earned himself Peter Jackson as "the best director", Francis Walsh and her team - for "Adapted Screenplay", and Howard Shore again drowned in praise of the "original soundtrack. " To speak of the "Oscar" for effects does not want to - the fact of their perfection is obvious. Taken together, all of this is clear idea of ​​the superiority of unbeaten film.
director, they have had sufficient experience, boldly pushes the boundaries of the film adaptation, dokapyvayas to new features that improve picture quality and enhancing glamor content. It is used here not as a stand supporting a complex plot, just because of her more impressive audience imbued with atmosphere soaked stunning epic, which masterfully conveyed by John Tolkien expense of owning a clever word. From paintings emanate a powerful vibe that cause subtle experience the magical world of Middle-earth in all its uniqueness.
A world of Tolkien's more symbolic than it seems. From the creative passions of geography and engineering writer has created a map of Middle-earth, which shows the high mountains, spacious plains, rivers and mutter diverse city fortifications of the village. When reading books, you can catch the strong thread that helps to orient the map and realize the scale of the action, which leads to the indescribable delight. Systematically map of Middle-earth is similar to Europe. Judge: Shire, which is associated with quiet gardens and sun scenery, is the "England"; Rivendell with dwelling there elves and open view - is "France"; Gondor, the land of brave heroes, lies in the nature itself of Western European countries; Ristaniya filled plains and mountains fanged - "Norway and Sweden." Well, gloomy Mordor, as if it was not offensive, is a 'Russian'. And it's not just. In times of Tolkien was the heyday of the Soviet Union, which, thanks to the strict and wrong policy influenced John's imagination, invented precisely Mordor, trying to control his power enslaved people. Although, of course, was not the key idea of ​​the narrative.
Tolkien embodied the personal views of our world, politics, people and culture in a much fabulous and epic stories about the brave Hobbits and their loyal friends, the opposing forces of darkness. About the war in Tolkien trilogy tells the story with a palpable subtext, casting and Originating in the reader a lot of thoughts about this topic. And it is relevant to the present day, after the war - a terrible phenomenon inherent to man. Nightmares and abominations of betrayal, the almighty power and blind greed distorted in the book and in the movie through the characters, each of which causes us sympathy or anger. And the most exciting is that everything that happens is connected firmly with a small thing - the Ring. It was the exact personification of human cunning, cunning and recklessness. Another memorable figure of the trilogy is the All-Seeing Eye, tearing strength which is perfectly reflected in the adaptation by the right emphasis and effort of artists to portray Barad-Dur incredibly detailed and beautiful
Picture Jackson endowed with a vivid dramatic effect, resorting to the opposition:. Aragorn and his loyal friends, in spite of the fear, approaching the long-awaited victory, but as insignificant, helpless, small but great Sway will and courage of the hobbits through the pain and suffering of trying to dissipate the darkness, hanging over Middle-earth. This is not just a fairy tale legend, this is a picture of heroism and uncontrollable lyrical intricacies that make up the many facets of storytelling and spacious fantasy author
10 of 10
. «The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" - heady, spellbinding, the culmination of the shedevrialnoy film trilogy based on the classic fantasy-products enriched with insightful idea, epic atmosphere and special effects reference. Classic cinema. Tolkien would be proud of.
Brilliant completion .

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