"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

So, little by little, I came to the final epochal masterpiece of the fantasy trilogy! Summing up, in this review I will share their opinions on the final part of the famous novel by JRR Tolkien - "The Lord of the Rings. Return of the King. »
third film completes the narrative of the Ring. Battle for Middle Earth has begun, and the main characters, again separated by circumstances, find themselves face to face with the army of darkness. At that time, both former members of the fraternity are trying to hold back the pressure of Sauron, Frodo and Sam, followed by Gollum, sneak behind enemy lines, hoping to destroy the Ring until it is too late ...
As I was waiting for the output 'Return of the King'! It really was an event: the premiere of a year, when I was in senior year, I remember, in our school, even hung a movie poster, believe me, no doubt - is nonsense
So my first impression after watching ... - delight in. purest form! I'm unlikely to find words to describe the full range of emotions experienced by then. View this can be likened to an exciting adventure: the adrenaline in the blood boils and my heart skips a beat when you're covering a wave of emotions, pleasant excitement and strong emotions ...
«Lord of the Rings. Return of the King "-" the darkest time before dawn, "when each character faces a choice when even minor decisions -. This coin on the scale of good and evil
name of the third part of the film speaks for itself. To the fore the struggle for power, as the mythological and the real. While Sauron comes to the Kings on the chessboard of darkness and light opposition, people are increasingly wallow in the diplomatic war.
Théoden feels that his reign is coming to an end. The battle for Helm's Deep was a real test for sovereign breeders. Now, guided by the principles of honor and he should decide to leave, further confrontation, allies or support Gondor? In turn, the governor of Denethor is another "game": ambition pushes him to send his people to death, and pride does not allow to ask for help. This character is a reflection of human vices, doomed once nine kings in the eternal service of Sauron.
Amid the fading grandeur of the rulers of this emerging new sovereign. Aragorn, in whose veins flows royal blood, ready to fight with the ghosts of the past and accept his true nature for the benefit of a brighter future.
But all these troubles pale in comparison to the power of the soul, the heart, love and friendship. In support of Galadriel words - "and the weakest of mortals ..." heroes willing to stand up to the end of the world. Fragile Eowyn is not afraid of the severity of the armor and the horrors of the war, when at stake is the life of loved ones. Mary and Pepin, whom no one takes seriously, doing everything possible in order to help their friends. Faramir, ready to die for the sake of his father. Gimli and Legolas, forgetting about the division on the dwarves and elves are happy to substitute each other friendship shoulder, and Arwen risks immortality for a loved
is in the country of evil and violence, torn by contradictions, exhausted from a heavy burden, not giving up, and the keeper of the ring.: falling and rising again, Frodo continues the fateful trip. And Sam, even being in hell, believe in good and looking for a light in the dark tunnel of life
Speaking of shooting, I note, "Return of the King." - is the quintessence of the trilogy. Color flow in the film is so versatile, that is amazing. That, and the dull gray-beige shades inherent in the second part, and the bright colors of summer and holiday, sends the viewer to the first picture. And of course, the contrasting colors: blue-green range of dark caves and hidden dungeons; orange-red eye, and a haze of Fire mountain; marble structure and white tree ...
Technically, the third film in the most difficult. In the picture a lot of virtual objects, since Osgiliath and Minas Tirith, created using computer graphics, and ending with countless army of Orc and immense lands of Mordor. Play to the smallest detail of Tolkien's universe on a computer - is one thing, and quite another to connect the result with real sets and real actors. And with both Peter Jackson tasks handled excellently! Currently wonder, to contemplate this fantasy world, assembled piece by piece so thoroughly and completely that you are completely immersed in what is happening. The picture is full of frames, from which run goose bumps: it's signal fires, and a ram as a fiery wolf's head, and the Nazgul, floating above the white-stone fortress and magnificent Elephanta, paced the vast valley ...
Of course, in the film there are some roughness, for example, after the transition from visual images to the real, last, in some episodes, looks somewhat chamber. But in fact - it's all the little things that begin to notice after the fifteenth viewing. In general, the film performed perfectly!
That there are, for example, the battle in the film! It is so disturbing sight that the blood run cold: such large-scale actions at the time of the film still has not been removed! And how much movement and dynamics in the frame: the army coming in rapid advance; horses, breast-catching on bayonets; swords skillfully dissecting air; soldiers, inflicting blow after blow ... "Return of the King" - a legend come true
But its main liking give the episode with Shelob - the spider came out delicious as the real thing. Insect moving smoothly and naturally, and looked very intimidating: feathered legs, powerful claws ... In short, the horror
pleased, of course, musical accompaniment: familiar, by the last part, poignant and profound melody, complemented with new elements and sounded more brighter.
And again, my actors a standing ovation! Created images, continuing the tradition of the previous parts, were realistic and sincere
That there is a view in which Elijah Wood mixed: fear, hope, apathy, faith, hate, love ... Actor playing badly, with the nerve - not undermine.. And of course all the basic structure coped enchanting!
mention those of whom could not write earlier. Bernard Hill and John Noble excellently played rulers of people, and David Wenham, Miranda Otto, Karl Urban - their worthy descendants. Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving reliably turned into a majestic elves and without Andy Serkis image of Gollum would not so affordable
I was pleased finale. Despite the fact that Tolkien's novel - is sacred, yet the ending is appropriate to cut, removing there echoes of the terrible battle in the Shire, the film is nowhere.
Again, check out "The Return of the King" in the director's version. . In the film there is a lot of scenes cut from the rolling options, most of which, incidentally, was filmed at the original source
Summing up, I want to note: "The Lord of the Rings. Return of the King "- a film worthy to be called an epic finale. The painting will bring a lot of pleasant emotions and pleasure of viewing. In general, one can see how lovingly approached the creators to shoot the trilogy, how much was their desire to make a quality well made movie. My opinion - everything worked! Now I'm waiting for the premiere of "The Hobbit", after the "Lord of the Rings", really want to go back to Middle-earth!
9 out of 10

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