"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In the years 1954-1955, after many problems with the publisher in England, on a review of the readers left a trilogy «The Lord of the Rings», written at that time already a famous professor JRR Tolkien . Trilogy is among the most widely read and published books in the world. She made a splash and a great influence on literature in the fantasy genre. And so many years later, having received all the rights for an adaptation of the novel come from New Zealand director Peter Jackson . In 2003, the output field, of course, beautiful two parts of the audience all over the world were waiting for the final part of the trilogy «Return of the King» . It is not necessary to speak about the success of the final part - for that answer rave reviews from critics and viewers, the highest ratings, eleven fully deserved Oscar statuettes and other awards
film from the first moment is striking in its scale and beauty.. Its clearly defined characters and, of course, the plot. For the Peter Jackson, this work was very important, as it completes the whole trilogy. Himself Jackson say that this picture is the best, and he was not wrong. It is worth noting that over the seemingly simple tale hides a very deep and powerful story. The final part tells us about the continuation of the hero's journey, laid the burden of salvation Sredezemya, before he meets many obstacles. Four heroes arrived at the place of battle, see the plunge Saruman, before the great and powerful ruler. Dirt all his "empire" washed away. I do not know, like if he Tolkien to show it, but there is a feeling that the writer holds some parallels between his work and the real time, so for example, «War of the Ring» is way world war II, and «Mordor» - Nazi Germany. And the same Saruman at times seems like a dictator, to create a great empire. Judging by the time writing short stories, one can conclude that the events of the war somehow, but will affect the story works. Having the opportunity to see the plans of the enemy, the heroes decide that it is time to unite people, to defend themselves and to cast down the enemy . On this plot description and stopped. The film is full of memorable moments, which simply can not say. Such as the scene of the battle in the open field in front of Minas Tirith . It is so much captures the spirit and excites that I want to watch it again and again. At dawn, like a ray of sunshine in the dark, there are riders Rohan . They are running to their deaths, "the last battle of the world", with arrows in the chest, take down the enemy like a hurricane. Or as the final battle at the gates of Mordor . The last resistance of good, if the bright spot, surrounded by darkness. Professor Tolkien are very fond of using something supernatural in his novels. So here the Eagles flying to the rescue - the personification of something over. I would like to cover every point in the film, but I'm afraid not enough for the day. It is a pity that the film cut out a lot of interesting scenes ( Oh, those producers! ). But, fortunately, Peter Jackson and created a director's version, where you can see, for example, the scene of death Saruman and others.
Peter Jackson - a man of genius. He not only suffered such a strong product on the screens, but also able to make their enormous contribution to the film industry, especially visually. In his early works he used makeup to flour products, it's delicious .... For the «The Lord of the Rings» has been created a lot of computer technology, which alone is worth it Gollum, made by technology, which today is a huge success. Even in his upcoming project «The Hobbit», filmed at 48 frames per second, it will be interesting to see. A true innovator. It deserves special merit is what a delightful situation, he was able to create on the set. How would it not sound ridiculous, but the whole team is like a big happy family, where all support each other, we need only look at any footage from the shooting. But also one of its main achievements is the casting. Then in order ...
Frodo (Elijah Wood) - a hobby that has dropped the heaviest burden - to carry the One Ring, a heavy burden. I do not know why, but in my childhood I somehow did not really like to watch highlights from the Frodo : it seemed to me that he was very weak, falling all the time. But then, realizing what is really the force carries this little ring, that no one could resist him, I became happy to see the scene with his participation. Elijah Wood perfectly coped with the task, showing us a man for whom the destruction of evil is above all, through the pain he was going to win. For the sake of his goal, he could even sacrifice friendship
Sam (Sean Astin) -. Bravest hobbit, keep an eye on, for him the friendship above all else, for her sake, he is ready to throw himself into the thick of the sacrifice life. The most sincere character, it only protects its owner. Very bright and catchy game
Gandalf (Ian McKellen) -. Well-developed characters, the appearance of which the soul becomes a little easier, a bright star. Wise and calm, but ready to rush all the rage on the enemy. Ian McKellen brilliantly played this character that he always intended for him
Eternal Trinity:. Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) . Always together. You would not throw each other. With Gimli I as a Merry (Billy Boyd) and Pippin (Dominic Monaghan), communicates something fun and cheerful. They can say a little discharged heated atmosphere. But at the same time persistent, brave and courageous. Aragorn, it seems mysterious, but attracts a good heart with his very first film. He is a stranger that protects the earth from evil. I can not find words to describe his game. Let me just say: "Brilliant!" and Legolas - sharp-eyed, always falling on target Elf. Extraordinarily admired moments with his participation, especially in the battle scenes. One has only to recall the scene with Olyphant, really fascinating.
visual part of the film, as well as everything else on top. Wonderful overflights cameras, views of mountains and forests. Beautiful nature of New Zealand! Cinematography Andrew Lesney is excellent. Makeup and costume - an integral part of the film. It looks all so realistic. Also the scenery: from simple huts and ending with beautiful models of locks. Grand!
musical orchestral accompaniment excites and breathtaking. Sends shivers down your back as soon as you hear the composition Howard Shore . In conclusion, the film music Annie Lennox - Into The West puts the final point, confirming that it is a masterpiece. Very touching song.
This film is not only a story about the wizarding world, this film is about the bravery, courage, friendship, struggle for good and something light. Magnificent picture, which has become a cult. Thanks to all its creators for the wonderful and brilliant work. In my opinion, this picture will not leave anyone indifferent. The film makes us believe in goodness, in a fairy tale. I would like to revise it many times and to plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of the mysterious world.

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