"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As part of the day this film is, in fact, the whole trilogy, is no longer just a classic fantasy and true classics of world cinema, which over the years of its existence, has gathered such a myriad of praise and accolades that say something new is almost impossible.
I want to warn so as not to delay the reader: if you have not watched this movie - look necessarily. He will appeal not only to fans of fantasy, but also to ordinary viewers who are interesting questions about the eternal confrontation between good and evil. Which is capable of hitting the scope and scale of the shooting process. Which is simply, regardless of age and preferences, likes exciting, interesting and beautiful movie that is not only special quality, but also the love with which it was created, fully realizing that this creation will see people of different age, why and attitude, as an adult and a younger audience
For a man who is a fan of the book of Professor Tolkien's universe, namely its legendarium of Middle-earth, the film -. with the other two parts, of course - it can be both a landmark of world cinema . and something nepotrebstvennym. Why? It's pretty simple: the inferiority of retelling a text book. The trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" Tolkien, as his time is quite fatal noticed the great Kubrick - is something that can not be transferred to the screen. And, in truth, fully the way it is, because the full extent of the legends professor mark is nearly impossible, no matter how huge would not be budgetary investments. After Arda - is, in fact, our world is as huge and not enveloped, and Middle Earth - this is only a small part of it, in which the action takes place is not the most important for the overall universe. However, even the events of "Lord of the Rings," despite not being the most tremendous location within the world of the great Englishman, it is filled with characters, special place, unsaid and deeds of others, so to speak, binding threads, the ends or the sacraments. The film is like liberty themes Peter Jackson could not give why a number of events, characters and locations have been "removed" from the text and the film did not get into the final script
Peter Jackson has created a completely distinctive creation where the novels of the trilogy -. Motif. It is extremely important and uniquely beautiful, but the motive which implement fully the realities of the everyday work was impossible not the huge budget, unimaginable scale, managing a huge number of people - all this "sucks" from Peter lifeblood as zealously as the creation of " Star Wars "George Lucas
draining." Fellowship of the Ring "- a film like building around her personal universe, the universe of Jackson film, which, as we know so far, it has successfully expanded another trilogy based. That motivated. Tolkien's works - "The Hobbit." And here on this part, it should be said more in detail, because when I first watched the movie "The Lord of the Rings" still - despite the efforts of Cate Blanchett (Galadriel), and also gave her the text of the prologue writers' team in the face of Frances Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Peter Jackson - remained a kind of omission, though some misunderstandings of past events. Something generally lacking. Today, looking at first trilogy with Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins) in the title role, and then, taking the classics of this, you feel that the web produced is Jackson - completely full. A huge number of references are now not only the expensive character of the film memories, but also with the audience memories expensive, due to which even more a sense of connection with the characters. Basically, what I want to say all six films about the Middle-earth by the efforts not only of Peter Jackson. But another large number of people, is an independent in the general plan of the universe is directed, the main man on set - Jackson. This is - the web entirely
And though a canvas: in "Fellowship of the Ring" litsezrev unforgettable views of New Zealand's tourist flow has enriched this country.. Those unfamiliar with the works of Tolkien people vengeance interested in his books, made incredibly huge amount of work is comparable with the efforts of Sergei Bondarchuk and his "War and Peace", she lifted Jackson Olympus filmmakers and actors involved in the leading roles - the corresponding top acting pantheon for me personally, it is still a mystery it is quite a small number of "Oscars", which has received this tape, namely four. After nomination, she was thirteen, however, probably because of the novelty of the genre and a certain distrust of him by the Academy, the result turned out to be so, though certainly all sorts of things, and "Best scenery" and "Best Costume Design" should be awarded along with the other four statuettes: 45,000 props and 19,000 costumes - this is what has been done for the film studio Weta costumer and Niall Dickson. Although now, then the viewer know that in the future this injustice will be corrected at the "Oscar" for the 2003rd year ... However, if such a subjectively judged, then one must say that the award had to be awarded in all categories, for reverence to the original text, which the creators accessed; continuous quoting and frequent meetings with Christopher Lee (Saruman), which is the only one of 3,000 people, members of the film crew, personally met with John Ronald Tolkien Rouelom; joining the development team of the film itself, Alan Lee and John Howe, that is, people who are artworks for Tolkien's texts; attention to the original distinctive languages ​​elves speech which pronounced themselves actors previously either completely or partially vyuchivaya actually languages. And yet hundreds of small details
. "The Lord of the Rings: Brastvo ring" as it represents a great movie, clearly pointing to the continuation and at the same time provides the viewer with easy to set up the Shire, with the game so brightly colored autumn spring forest that contrast against the background of green or snowy prairie with huge mountains in the distance, some fairy story whose outlines, so to speak, to stiffen the end, as if telling the viewer of her person, which further the story will develop into something more epic, in more than S THE NOW. And it's very hard to imagine, because the way we see the "Fellowship of the Ring," we have not seen anything yet - the inimitable Computer generated organically combined with rampant across the expanses of land naturalistic filming in New Zealand, whose beauty now many are strongly associated with Middle-earth
. because ultimately I do not want that to advise - ask: see this movie if you have not already. He may not like it. But the fact that he like it - more chances. clearly something new for yourself and your own taste to be found. which surely will want experienced the start of a great history, continued.
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