"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Oh, those features of human perception. You never know what will strike suddenly your imagination and touches, as they say, for a living. As soon as it was nice and easy. Ask you, what is your favorite movie, and you answer that "Blow" type Antonioni and no one - not a single question. And you better and they are pleased to deal with the cultural and educated person
«Before." - it is up to 2001, until the very time when Peter Jackson, who had then not yet the star status of New Zealand director, not swung at the filming of the famous fantasy John epic. R. R. Tolkien and the world did not see the first part of the film trilogy.:
Needless to "Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring", the public immediately worried. Why Jackson? It's almost marginal, both in life and work style. And why not Spielberg? And how is he going to take what is considered to remove does not really possible? Kubrick initially offered the 70 - he thought, and refused
But few people knew at that time that Jackson himself is a devoted fan of Tolkien and his goal was not just to create another fantasy-thriller (genre was coming to a crisis and no one film. of all that was filmed while it was not possible to reach an epic depth of, say, "Spartacus"), and gave the audience a large-scale project, which combined fantasy elements with the historical seriousness. In addition, Jackson has found support independent studio «New Line Cinema», which gave him complete creative freedom of implementation, putting at stake its own existence
«And what does all of this happen?" -. On the faces of my interlocutors sarcastic smile froze, her eyes - suspicion, saying that talking about anything at all? Not if you want to say that some kind of mythological attraction could be more important, the importance of this human drama - the basis of the "real" serious cinema. Probably not, but denied that Jackson took a unique of its kind film - it is impossible ...
«Fellowship of the Ring" - the screen is only the first volume of the book, in which the journey halfling (hobbit) Frodo to Mount Doom is just beginning. During this time, the audience will meet with Middle-earth, and see its natural diversity, meet its peoples, faced with the appearance of the light and dark forces. After a leisurely narrative, sometimes long and not too clear for the ignorant person calls (for which he accepted blame "Fellowship of the Ring"), the viewer is invited to touch the history and symbols of this world. As conceived by the creators of the film, he must feel that there is a space on the screen and outside the frame, in the past and the future, memories, legends, songs, in buildings and sculptures.
by beautiful natural landscapes of New Zealand with superb craftsmanship Conceptual artists recognized illustrators of Tolkien's books - Alan Lee and John Howe - appeared before the audience, like animated paintings of Tolkien's books. The artist has developed the architecture, sculpture, monsters, armor, items, and clothes - look as if there was once in reality and have been recreated, being copied from ancient engravings. Majestic palaces and forts striking beauty, cold dungeon to the bone, and a menacing look gloomy strongholds terrifies and crushes its monumentality
rigorous work with the details -. The basis of the work style of Jackson. One of his conditions set by the investors, the requirement was to use expensive sets and on location instead of computer graphics where possible. Jackson wanted to achieve full credibility of the image. And indeed it is. Light and images look very natural and naturally. The film does not suffer as musicians say, pereprodyusirovaniem. But the image 'revived' in the frame had to be "real" people. Once and can not remember such a picture, where as competently conducted casting. In the film, no one superstar that, believe me, pleases, but the project involved a whole constellation of very talented actors, mostly from the UK and Australia, whose acting is superb, and the face - an integral part of the reality that prevails on the screen. It seems that the movie characters look as if Tolkien himself selected the actors on their roles (controversial remained only an image of Frodo, and with good reason) ...
«All this, of course, worthy of respect, but ..." - my interlocutors still glance at me doubtfully. - "It's all about the image you and the scenery, and whether the film is something else? Where is the drama? »
... In developing the script Jackson was forced to exclude from the film some of the events described in the book, but he wanted to keep all the scenes that, in his opinion, carried the spirit of" Middle Earth ". Some particularly zealous fans of the book and did not forgive him that the film disappeared the whole event, but most agreed that Jackson was able to keep the special atmosphere of the novel. After all, the book tells the story not just about the struggle between good and evil, is not only the duty, heroism, honor and courage, but also about the country, the special role of the nature of the events described in the novel. Tolkien, as we know, was a great admirer and connoisseur of "Kalevala" - Karelian-Finnish epic poem, in which a special place is occupied by the legend of the creation of the world. Undoubtedly, under the influence of this ancient poem, he filled his works in a strange way, embodying certain natural forces, painted narrative some bright sadness, many until the end and not solved. Surprisingly, the film adaptation could preserve the "natural" and poetry
An excellent example of this is one of the most beautiful and poignant scenes of the film, in which Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) -. Elven mistress - bestows gifts fraternity members. This light, quiet splash of water, slow motion, subtle translucent lining Howard Shore, the composer's paintings (by the way, he created a few years of music - one more unquestionable advantage of Jackson's film adaptation). All filmed so subtly, that you involuntarily feel the freshness of the cool early morning light the sadness of parting, and the inevitability of decay in the world. It is a pity that the full scene is only available in the extended version, but such a light melancholy imbued with a significant portion of screen time.
Jackson managed to take off, in fact, sverhkino. It is already difficult to believe that such a project could ever be realized. Somehow, it seems that create costly formulation of such a scale, without losing the creative personality, the authors of our time is no longer possible.
have passed more than ten years since the release of "Fellowship of the Ring", but somehow similar in genre paintings still inferior to him in terms of execution ...
... And my interlocutors only shrug. As far as I'm serious? Is not all of this is more a figment of my imagination? This is quite natural - their perception is configured differently, "film critics" big names Fassbinder and Bergman in society today, unfortunately - like a stylish tie. And so it is necessary to talk about the movie experience some awkwardness. Nothing can be done ...
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