"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Everyone knows the great truth: book - the best invention of human . The book is not a pile of hundreds of sheets of paper with meaningless text, dressed in a handsome hardcover. The book - a priceless treasure, the thing that makes us human. The book immerses us in a unique world, fully relying on the power of the imagination of readers, but rightfully belongs to the author himself, which allows him to float all the skill of presentation of ideas that could let them not turn over, but the impact on the person, to inspire him. Book World is full of mysteries, but it is surprisingly clear and clear, because the main thing - to get a grasp of the line ...
literature genre there are innumerable. But you must admit, science fiction / fantasy / fairy tale - the most multi-faceted genre of all, which are used by writers. And this fantasy requires the reader a wide and free imagination, because such works are full of surprises and the unimaginable things that can not be found in everyday life, in the real world. In fairy tales must present their heroes and villains, to reign its own rules and laws. This is the cornerstone of the genre. That is why it is so nice to enthusiastically get a grasp of a good fantasy-novel, every time they find themselves in a very different, unknown and, therefore, extremely interesting world of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
And like in the world visited by many famous writers, his talent shining invent fantastic stories, but still the most unrivaled, unprecedented, unique, mysterious and inimitable will remain it, J. R. R. Tolkien . He is not a man, he - a phenomenon that has left a firm mark in the literary arts because of their skill, the skill of the storyteller. His stories have loved the world, as well as his children, with immense enthusiasm listening to every word of his books, a rare pleasure obeying the magic spell of his works. JRR Tolkien was incomprehensible dreamer, and every fruit of his imagination embodied in the person of epic, no getting around without its history. The writer is unique in that it belongs to the genre with a certain attention to detail, with care and diligence, and in contrast to the usual children's tales of its history endowed with a philosophical and multifaceted. Typical tales naive to sidestep the basic laws of physics and the plausibility of the whole, suffering logical blunders, but the creation of Tolkien not miss all fabulous and are brilliant expense of the fact that John creates its own laws of physics, or rather the laws of magic, which is strictly observed in all his works .
«the Lord of the rings» - that's the very spark that arose with careful work of our dear writer of fantasy, that's the same standard of epic fantasy-stories that cast the delight of millions of readers. It is a masterpiece. It's a classic. In the end, this is the world of Tolkien, the world Mediterranean . At its core, this trilogy is a large window in a completely different reality, inhabited by hobbits, dwarves, elves, giants, magicians, people are finally ... Middle-earth is full of wonders, and it is beautiful. But in John's books every miracle has its own history and its consequences. "Lord of the Rings" was preceded by the classic fairy tale "The Hobbit", the story is closely linked to the trilogy, and thus the product of JRR Tolkien went down in history. However, the trilogy about the One Ring is considered a rich, epic and spectacular, and so she has been the film adaptation, which certainly should appear
Remember this date:. 2001-2003, because it was born kinolegenda, born story, born in the years cinema masterpiece, which is not without effort and with a huge heart made Peter Jackson - a truly talented director. Screen version, also constructed of three parts, the director filmed over three years, each year producing one film, with his gallant team, which includes his wife, Francis Walsh, never let Peter in terms of script while working on another masterpiece. The whole trilogy that strongly felt, was filmed with incredible love and diligence, with it felt right from the first film.
«Fellowship of the Ring» was not just a hit, and was immediately recognized by audiences and critics shedevrialnoy films. And even here it is not necessary to understand why and how. Peter Jackson suffered very carefully all the action and, most importantly, the atmosphere of the first book on the screen, knowing what to pay more attention. Sin to abuse the tape for a giant timing, because the creators have tried to cut and so the plot of the book, otherwise the film would be twice as much. Even though the writers have made some minor changes, they managed the main thing - to catch the essence of the narrative. But it managed with rare skill, and the picture suddenly accurately, cleverly and clearly shows us the effect of a fairy story, emphasizing how it was done in the book, in the atmosphere and the characters.
plot of "Fellowship of the Ring" extremely saturated and rich, and he no for a second does not give bored. During the show the audience more deeply immersed in the Mediterranean world and everything stronger empathize with the main characters. To the fore, that is absolutely right, leaves a truly impressive and touching drama, touches the subject of true friendship, but it does not block the whole fairy-tale fantasy feeds. Drama and the tale here is incredibly skillfully blend in with each other.
Peter Jackson was able to elegantly portray in his film all the beauty and charm of landscape, who so carefully described Tolkien, expressing the infinite passion for nature, the expense of which It creates an impressive atmosphere, and in every place it is different: we do not see with pleasure the warm, sunny Shire deeply fascinates landscapes elven lands, shivering with cold plunge into the darkness of Moria. The creators of the tastefully embellished atmosphere of the film adaptation, and all thanks to the magnificent scenery / costume, camerawork, as well as, of course, colorful special effects, for which the film rightfully won «Oscar». And, of course, fascinates brilliant music Howard Shore . Low around bow.
It is worth noting that the creators also with the utmost patience and attention have considered the selection of actors. And almost all are perfect for their roles. The image of Frodo Baggins Elijah Wood is wonderful, and the actor plays a surprisingly strong. Nice to see Ian Holm Bilbo Baggins, he looks extremely funny and very cute. Different Sean Astin, which is well accustomed to the image of a true friend of Mr. Frodo. I'd like to mention the Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan, which are also skillfully played hobbits. The latter, incidentally, can be found on the TV series "Lost". Inimitable Ian McKellen in the form of a good and beloved Gandalf actor well go a long beard, a huge hat and magic stick. Perhaps the most memorable character of the whole saga
10 of 10
«The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" - a great film adaptation of the greatest fantasy-classic, unsurpassed and surprisingly underwent properly on the screen thrilling action of the book, in doing so. deftly and confidently maintaining a fabulous, colorful and rich atmosphere.

a great start .

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