"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" for me, as "Terminator," "The Matrix," "Titanic" ... - mastodon his kinozhanrov. I love this series of films! Although, no, even more: I love this movie, I applauded its creators and is ready to reconsider the creation of Peter Jackson again and again! Today, in my review, we will focus on the first tape of the famous franchise - the film "Lord of the Rings. Fellowship of the Ring. »
It is not difficult to guess the picture in question is an adaptation of the first part of the novel by JRR Tolkien. The plot of the film revolves around a single Ring, the Dark Lord Sauron, seeking to regain once lost relic and a group of brave inhabitants of Middle-earth, Embark on an exciting and dangerous journey to destroy the ill-fated "trinket» ...
My acquaintance with the trilogy "The Lord of the rings "did not take place in chronological order. First, it was a picture of "The Two Towers", which made a lasting impression on me, literally plunged into euphoria! After viewing it, I finally did, read the delightful work of JRR Tolkien. And only then, before my eyes appeared "Fellowship of the Ring" - the starting point, so to speak
After the first show, the impression I admit, got a few blurry: the original source text in the memory was still fresh, from cuts and changes made by the writers,. It was felt. After the second part, almost duplicating the original proposed version of the "Fellowship of the Ring" was a surprise. But such is the fate of any literary work, adaptable to the big screen - to be recycled. For me as a good film adaptation - is, above all, the transfer of ideas and atmosphere of the original source, its essence and not a translation of words into pictures. And, in my opinion, Peter Jackson coped with the task
In this film there is this unforgettable novel atmosphere: the struggle between good and evil, spirit of adventure and adventure, friendship and betrayal, courage and cowardice, acquisition and loss of faith, hope love
«Fellowship of the ring" -. this immersion in the fantasy world of Middle-earth, magical creatures and unseen lands, where there are no more places of desolation and pain, death and hatred. Events in the film wear a mask until the excitement and interest, deceptive romantic adventure. The main characters, in the comfort of home, family and loved ones, easily and enthusiastically begin their journey. Soon, however, in good faith will be replaced with confusion, self - anxiety, enthusiasm - fear. And in the final of the first part of the trilogy, the viewer will feel the click, fractured consciousness, who recalled that the struggle is inseparable from suffering and the battle for life has just begun ...
In terms of supply, the film surpasses all expectations: it is pure magic. When the phone rings through the depths of a black screen: "The world has changed ..." - a reality ceases to exist. Even this hour, I write, and I have run goosebumps ... Here it is - the magic of cinema - the door to a fairy tale. From the flowering fields of the Shire to Rivendell enchanting gardens, from the snowy peaks of the Misty Mountains to the gloomy walls of Moria, from shady forests of Lorien before the majestic monuments of the past - everything looks so believable that takes your breath away. For me, the feelings experienced when viewing the "Fellowship of the Ring," comparable to the anticipation of the holiday as a child: a pleasant anxiety and "butterflies in the chest." This positive charge equivalent except skating attraction
Technically, the "Fellowship of the Ring." - a very complex film. Only on the makeup and costumes, spent much energy! What are some sharp Elven ears and hairy legs hobbits. And the scenery: small houses carved Halfling, elegant architecture of elves, dwarves city of Khazad-Dum - so amazing and expanding the frontiers of consciousness that I want to watch without leaving
Filming performed at the highest level!. Picture stirs the subconscious incredible contrast and clarity. Bright rich palette changes juicy summer Shire paint with a predominance of green shades on pastel beige and blue and pinkish-yellow color of Elrond's house, converted into black-gray and blue-gray mine underground, and in the final tape the viewer is immersed in tsepenyaschie tone early autumn.
Peter Jackson is a wonderful director. His professional acumen amazing - he knows how to escalate the tension! Remember, at least, the first meeting with the hobbits Nazgul: in each frame present symbolism - close-ups of hooves and snouts demonic horse, armor, ghost insects getting out from everywhere. Brrr ... Or when elongated figures custody Sauron emerged from the darkness of night, relentlessly, like shadows, moving to his victims ... right, "Dance of Death"! With the same success the director managed to convey romantic moments, fragile and weightless against the backdrop of major events; or the spirit of originality, celebration and fun hobbits country; as well as the moments of sorrow and grief, which inevitably occur in the way of the main characters.
But a special pleasure brought me dynamic episodes. For example, the time chase involving Arwen permeated through the action looked very sharp and realistic. Attracted a review from a different angle: here you and panoramic photography and portraiture, views from above and from the side, front and rear. Blood and began to boil in his veins! And most of all I love the finale, where the camera as a live running after detachment of the orcs, overtaking one after another, leading the viewer from one major character to another. This technique is used in the course of the film, when the setting on the screen, as it slides between the characters of the film, goes around them. The camera pulls out the close-ups, the general, squeezing the most out of the available potential. Well, just the special effects on the outstanding level: all done qualitatively, original, effectively and harmoniously. Bravo
My individual viewer, "Thank you!" Actor by the film character types are very realistically reflect the images of the heroes of the novel. If I had the opportunity to stay at each separately, it's worth it! But, as my effusions limited, I will be brief
Firstly, the expanded role of Arwen -. Excellent idea. Liv Tyler his alien appearance and wonderful game, is simply mesmerizing. There is no doubt that before you princess elves, so it is majestic and sophisticated, beautiful and innocent as a rose in the garden
Sincere and touching hero Elijah Wood.; brave and loyal Sam, played by Sean Astin; cheerful characters Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan; kind and funny Gimli, embodied by John Rhys-Davies; Orlando Bloom in the role of an elegant and confident Legolosa; incomparable Ian McKellen in the image of a wise and benevolent magician - all the characters worked at 100% ..
Separately highlight heroes Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen. I like a girl, suffered deep aesthetic pleasure, looking at their character, to which it would be desirable to use a fine term 'man'. Boromir and Aragorn were very distinctive, charismatic, brutal, but without the ambition or glossy pomposity, just people who charmed me with its sincerity
also draws a picture sound decision:. Beautiful background music, an exciting soundtrack, with elements of ethnics, finally, in the episodes sounding Elvish dialect.
As a result, the film "Lord of the rings. Fellowship of the Ring, "I advise you to view even those who are not a fan of fantasy, because I'm sure this movie will not leave anyone indifferent. Personally, I am grateful to those people who have given us, the viewers, this beautiful and enchanting fairy tale, which does not want to leave!
9 out of 10

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