"The Long Walk (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

One of the most successful, incorruptible French comedies ever ranked in the world cinema treasury, became famous for their creators and actors, it is removed, despite the fact that they are all starting to work on the «Large walk», has already been . respected and recognized in the movies people
retell cascade cheerful and funny situations, and taking place in the background is quite serious, - in German-occupied France during the second world War, - I think it makes little sense. Anyone who has ever watched the adventures and misadventures of heroes, hardly soon forget them, so they are beautifully and stylishly played on all notes and the laws of comedy symphony. He has made a significant contribution here, as usual, and classy Soviet dubbing. Voices Vladimir Kenigson, Andrei Popov (by the way, until the last moment was convinced that Burvil here too duplicates Rostislav Plyatt, as they have, it turns out, similar to the Popov voice), Vladimir Ferapontov, Antonina Konchakova, Larisa Pashkova characters give new meaning, unique charm and charm. Once again, rejoice for what we were dubbing school, God forbid, not to lose the tradition.
Bourvil and Louis de Funes again played well together. I do not know how anyone, but in the case of these actors I in their joint appearance on the screen does not have the feeling that they have found each other in terms of creativity and created the legendary duo, some steel, for example, in my view Pierre Richard and Gérard Depardieu . No, such a level of mutual understanding and creative "chemistry" the two above-mentioned French comedian, do not seem to have achieved that, however, did not prevent them feel quite comfortable being near the camera, and play well, complementing each other. As with the «Razin», the lion's share of success picture «Long Walk» belongs to the Bourvil and de Funes, which found full understanding and director Gérard Oury .
Of the other actors' work like Marie Dubois in the role of Juliette, and even hilariously serious and comical at the same time Benno Shtertsenbah as a German major.
with any other can not be confused and the music from the «Large walk», written Georges Auric . Light, mischievous and sometimes even a little sentimental themes came to be extremely successful
One word -. Specimen perfect comedy in which all well-laid out on shelves, and filed in the correct proportions
10 of 10.

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