"The Long Walk (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

My acquaintance with the work of Louis de Funes, began as probably many of our compatriots to the trilogy of Fantômas. This was followed by the film 'Oscar', in which Louis for a couple with Mario David zhog not a child. And of course, I did not pass the painting 'Big Walk'. Gérard Oury recognized director of this French comedy. If this name is unknown, and a wide range of audiences, the films that it certainly looked a lot and know. Here I took Gerard to deliver sparkling performance on the military theme and turned it such an amazing sketch that people in our country to this day is watching movies and delight innumerable.
German-occupied France. People are under the yoke of the enemy, but the presence of mind to lose. And then on to you, send a few Kazatchkov, as allies, I mean the British military parachutists landing in different places in Paris with the aim of ... Setting their most important and militant. Difficult in general. But will they be able to carry it out, because on their way will be simple French citizens:.
painter and conductor film impregnated and powered splendid satire. You look like the characters behave this. How did they behave people trapped in an extreme situation? Some limp, others still, while others keep the tail gun, as a conductor Stanislas (Louis de Funes). The poster to the most vivid confirmation. It would seem compatriot not a Nazi, not a fascist, and his home, homegrown Frenchman Augustin Bouvet ... How podpryag its conductor, the hero of de Funes? He climbed on his back and said take me brother Augustin. Abduction away from this German mischief, my aristocratic eye on it did not look. A simple painter, a good guy can not refuse this zinger at his request. And the more and chases and wails, the word gives the whole range of human feelings hurt. That's the way.
Tonchayshy humor. And filigree, simply prohibitive voice of our great artists. They do not just give voice to their characters. But, like true artists transmit the French characters emotions so finely, so gracefully and in sync, like maybe even the French themselves have failed. Incidentally, the same actors who played the role of the British, Mass, too, is not spoiled. Textured and brave guys on the background of these two men looked very, very bad.
Contemplate kind of magic, it is on a good mess, it was a real pleasure, so that there is pleasure, stoned, who did not die away for a moment, making a classic film . Now maybe nobody will be surprised with this film, thanks to the countless host of other paintings of different genres, but I still sincerely and heartily advise you to watch this movie. Juiciness and flavor of France on a golden platter!
10 of 10

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