"The Long Walk (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

And here I am, still while watching a particular movie comedy wondered when I'm laughing, but when will fall more or less a normal product, during which I can normally laugh and inspire yourself by painting a good mood. It turns out, after all, is not there I'm looking for, there is no sense in new or relatively new comedies, you need to seek the help of a proven long-tapes, and they certainly help, there is no room for doubt. To cheer up myself, I immediately thought of as a drug picture of 1966 with the participation of Louis de Funes called "Big Walk", which until then had only once been otsmotren me. That just want to say? And exactly what to expect from the effect of the drug for a long time was not necessary, help came immediately, and the remainder of the evening, I was cured of everyday blues
Louis de Funes -. This name still means a lot for the people of this universe. People will always remember this master of comedy, and the best memories of this man kept in his films. Louis de Funes for all of us has already become something more than just a wonderful actor, the man has become his own. Yes, for example, I constantly have the feeling that I know personally, Louis, I know for a long time, I know from childhood. Perhaps all this is because in his childhood years, I set of pictures featuring this comic reconsidered, and I loved Louis after many views. And now, after a review of the movie "Big Walk", I suddenly had a desire to see more work of this great actor, refresh its role in its memory, and such a desire arises not with all the actors, and that means something.
We tells the story of how one group of Englishmen, was catapulted from the downed aircraft the Germans came to the French capital. Yes, you're absolutely right, the time in question, this is the beginning of the German occupation of Paris. So, flying on their parachutes, a group of representatives of the British Air Force fall, who where, who, where wind flow will bring. One landed on scaffolding, the other on the roof of the local opera, the third somewhere else. So, these brave guys should now all possible options to meet all means to escape and get back home. Fate smiled our heroes and chosen as a good conductor assistants Stanislas Lefort and customary working named Augustin Bouvet. These two guys with great pleasure will try to help the guests of France.
Still, in this tape contains excellent actors. About Louis de Funes I have a lot to say above, I will add that played in this film comedian just wonderful. Incidentally, the "Long Walk" is considered one of the best works in which ever participated Funes. Other major role in the film played another good actor named Burvil. To be honest, before that it was not possible to see in the actions of the actor, and if they succeed, I simply do not remember, anyway, but Burvil game I really liked. This great comedian could play the role of a lover simpleton normal business, which, along with the hero of Louis de Funes promotes British military. From these actors enjoy the mere pleasure, I want to do is constantly
most basic thing that catches your eye -. The way the French make fun of the Germans in this picture. Fascist invaders went well, they made fun of the way it is only possible, so-called banter in full action in this movie. Humor is included at full capacity, the Germans seem silly, disorganized and clumsy lazy - this is the minimum of as soon as possible to describe this process. As for the fun level, there is much you can laugh heartily, and in general with this picture is not bored, you perfectly spend their time, as I did. With the help of these paintings begin to understand where the true value of world cinema is stored.

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