"The Long Walk (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Magnificent Gérard Oury, united with such masters of comedy as Bourvil and Louis de Funes, and with Claudio Brook and Mike Marshall, created a real masterpiece of its kind - so, meet, ' Big walk ' - one of the outstanding, highly valued by the French comedy movies that are worthy of the title ' masterpiece ' and the recognition of the title of the classic works of cinema. Well, try to understand what is in the movie so interesting, attractive and pleasing the viewer's eye.
Well, first, in the film describes the events of the Second World War, when many of the countries of Eastern Europe They have been obeyed, kneeling face of the spread of Nazi Germany - it is, in its own way, it is interesting
Second, our main characters are so different, and so funny, in the union. united, not only able to survive and escape from the ubiquitous SS men, but also to come to carry out its secret mission, which prevented them to meet the enemy shells, shot down their plane over Paris, which had already been occupied by the German invaders.
Third, is the incredible adventures that are experiencing, experience and steadfastly maintained our heroes, for the time the duration of the movie that the viewer become so close, loved ones and family, so sorry to part with them, when the screen time and the inevitability of the final credits are approaching their end.
This remarkable film I liked from the first minutes of his show, benefits giving a brightness, openness and kindness - it is not just the atmosphere beckons, attracts and pulls behind itself, but also encourages, literally still pushes to the next, all new viewing the tape, each of which will be no less desirable than the first time seen the movie. Yes, I agree with those people who, just by looking at this picture of a child, still loves her, simply adores, and is happy again ... I view it as the way this band in the first place, because of its interestingness and participation in the childhood favorite actors, who in these roles seem so natural and appealing that no tearing of the eyes, nor divert attention from them is simply impossible. And to nothing - sitting-per-view ' Big walk ' everything else instantly relegated to the background, the main directive becomes viewing, attentive and sympathetic view of this picture, in the end, that will be a real treat and a spiritual feast for you and your spirit.
Louis de Funes and Bourvil is so bright and interesting look together that every second of their joint action, each movement can not but be accompanied by laughing, smiling and nodding their approval, the viewer, who becomes like an unctuous, that Kim happy and smiling that favorite characters, the actors themselves together depict a storm of activity, on the way time and again falling into various alterations, and trouble. Well, as without it? - That's it, without it is absolutely impossible, and here, coming up with new ways of their desires and the main reference, the entire team of British troops in the beginning of the film landed in emergency landing in the heart of Paris, is now coordinating their efforts to combat violence, war, fascism ...
know is one of the most important moments of remarkable ideas is that through the prism of jokes, laughter and fun is transmitted is not the essence of the comic, the realities that have been more disastrous than joyful - the war still, - this is e is not a joke. However, our heroes are and with laughter, fun and joy overcome the obstacles in the face of the threat of a hostile, malicious, and even violently-minded fascists. Bright, energetic, and, as always, bezunyvno, they deal with all these difficulties, which is prepared to share their ...
As a result, the film community in France, and the audience absolutely all over the world have a great opportunity to be proud of, rejoice and exult because of this literally Interestingly, the rapid and funny film that will bring a lot of good and heat, as well as give a sea of ​​unforgettable moments, emotions and human joy! I can advise the tape absolutely all the spectators, who are fond of comedies and appreciate these classic paintings, in addition to carrying the meaning of a lot of joy and sincerity. Well, nice view, dear friends, you obviously will not regret the seen! ..

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