"The Long Walk (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Over the years, it came to me to understand that the best films I've ever seen, I recommend parents. I still remember how once upon a time was a film Big Tour on TV, my mother began to record it on a cassette. And then I was in the 2-3 class and sat down to watch with the family. Although I did not know anything about World War II and why is there all hunt pilots and hate the Nazis, but I laugh and have fun. And after 10-12 years, reviewing this wonderful French comedy, I also had fun and laughed even more
-!? Where is Big Mustache
- I do not know, I do not know .. .
- I do not understand
-! Are you come to pick up Peter
-? No, you come here to pick MacIntosh
-! And if you do not ... The Devil, how to say it ...
- That is the devil? So you Frenchman
-? And you do not Englishman
-? No ...
1942. The height of the Second World War. Performing a combat mission, the British Air Force bomber returns home. However, due to faults on the map, the plane flies over ... German-occupied Paris! Plane shot down and the crew is forced to jump into the captured city with parachutes, agreed to meet in the Turkish baths. Three pilots land in different locations: at the zoo, in the French opera, as well as over the fascist parade ... save their help the painter Augustin Bouvet and conductor Stanislas Lefort. They need as soon as possible to leave the occupied country, while before them did not get hard Wehrmacht officer Ashbah ...
Movies about World War II or removed with great drama, which shows the heroism and sacrifice of soldiers, either cheerful comical. I almost do not remember our heroic Soviet movies, but can not forget the heroic individual scenes of our men. A comedy on the same theme of war with Nazi Germany look a lot easier. There it is shown how with humor, laughter and great success to fight the Nazis. Here everything is funny at any age and no matter how old you are and whether or not you know the story of WWII - will always be incredibly fun
(while under fire)
- I think we're better get the hell out of here
-! you think this is easy
-? See you at the funeral
Bourvil -! Augustin Bouvet, the most common malaria, which in the first stage like a painter paints the bars, and then accidentally drops a jar of white paint directly on the perfect costume Obergruppenfuhrer! All ironic, sarcastic with kindness and who does not panic in critical situations and come up with original and funny situations. For example, I'm sure it was his idea to hide the pilot, play scandal with his his wife . Although sometimes panics and he does not like to take risks: but for the sake of friends and charming Juliette Augustin is ready to participate in dangerous undertakings
(heard singing)
- Who would dare
(actor.? dressed as Mephistopheles) -. I, maestro
- Where are
-? in the opera, maestro
-. witty. Mephistopheles, Marguerite, Faust - get out of here! When I work, nobody in the audience should not be! In addition Berlioz and I
Louis de Funes -! Stanislas Lefort. Among the actors of certain genres of France in the first place is famous for its comedians and Funes is considered the best of them. So far, walk - this is the only picture where I saw him (I hope soon to fix it). Grouchy conductor Lefort - chief humorist film. I can not enumerate all the great comic scenes - every time I laugh and smile that cheek muscles ached. And how he played in a pair with Burvilem! I think it was a favorite comic duo and French, and Soviet viewers! All the time fall into funny situations, but help out each other. I am very happy to know that this is not the only film with this fantastic duo and I think in the near future to see Razin
-! Good guys, these Frogs
-! Only the one that smaller, very restless .. .
British pilots played excellent english and American actors - Claudio Brook (Peter), Mike Marshall (Mac) and Terry-Thomas (Sir Reginald) with perhaps the most memorable mustache in the film. They are funny and are landing in Paris and the subsequent escape as the next adventure! This is especially true when they are briskly marching along the road and whistling Rule, Britannia You still want to note the excellent dubbing - very interesting, right, and at the same time, very funny they spoke with an accent! This is a great plus
A lot of actors whose characters play an important role in the development of the plot: a harsh and straightforward officer Wehrmacht Ashbah ( Benno Shtertsenbah ), which was very nice to see circled around her finger! This beautiful Juliette ( Marie Dubois ), who risks his life to save Peter, and which immediately becomes the object of sighs Augustin - their scenes together was incredibly nice! And also I want to say all the French actors who played those pilots who helped to hide from the Germans. And their courage I admire and none were thought and give them to the enemy: for then the Nazis were the common enemy of the whole of Europe ...
(threatening Stanislas)
- Do not move - i do not understand
-? Do not move
-! Yes ...
Humor in French comedies - a separate issue. He is unique and is clear to everyone. And everyone will laugh from the first scene, where the British fly home, not knowing what lies ahead, and whistling Tea for two! And when Stanislas takes off the wig and when it has, it hurts for some reason the head ... And it They are sick of bin and Das EC intermission ! A separate scenes - just incredibly funny: as ear training lesson in a Turkish bath at the opera with a quick change in the German officers, then - the hotel with two identical numbers and characters confused them. as a result of sleeping in the same bed with the Germans! Separately ridiculed among other things - the look of the Germans, their restlessness and stupidity of most of them. And finally, the individual scenes with Burvilem and Funes, where they change shoes, or Stanislas riding on the neck ... Augustin
necessary to mention the wonderful soundtrack, which includes an easy and pleasant to the ear composition Pense a nous deux, which the variations of sound in almost every scene. Especially cool moment - is the collection of clothes in the dark, dark quarter ... How can sounds «Rakoczy March» Franz Liszt
annual output thousands of different films of different genres, from different countries!. But only a few get into the list of the best, Samhita legendary films ever shot in the history of cinema. Large walk in my opinion, will occupy the leading position in the list. Such legendary films will not be forgotten, as well as will not be forgotten and the actors who play them, and how great directors that they were taken! The next film Gérard Oury - Razin, which also play Funes and Bourvil - watch as soon as possible
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Enjoy watching !!

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