"The Lives of Others" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

After watching I left a mixed impression. I darted between the choice of evaluation: one that would determine if I want to look like a movie in the future, or the one that matched the quality of the film, its integrity, according to the characters and the atmosphere of the film, the integrity of the images, the depth of the problem
. The plot: I do not like movies about broken destinies, the Gulag, the horrors of war. It is too pessimistic for me. The biopic about the fighters for someone's rights are no intrigues and dynamics of action. The same film - a fusion of both genres. The fear comes from the system, it acts as an absolute evil, there is a secret group of fighters with it, there is a victim of this system and opportunists
Dialogues:. The background we listen to the discussion of the semi-official plays, friendly rant writers about their difficult life that can safely dissipate. But to do the same with the dialogue of the playwright and the actress can not - they tied the story, and it is depressing, that there is a pure melodrama
Entourage: Most of the filming - indoors, in the scenery... apartment 70s. Gray and brings sadness. Outside the window, cloudy. The absence of something bright, sunny, positive, humor throughout almost the whole picture. Same story, shown in the entourage of other centuries, with colorful costumes and scenery, would not leave so much angst after watching
Emotions: Nearly all the vivid emotions - only between the playwright and actress.. Both professions I'm not interested neither in life nor, especially, on the screen. Characters are more suitable for the genre of art-house. And then there's bohemian provided fighters with the nomenclature for a bright future. For me too pompous and pretentious
Realism:. In general, the movie looks realistic behavior logic explained, the era of reliably transmitted, in my opinion. Unrealistic: the installation of wiretapping for 20 minutes, to the extent that is shown at the end of the film; no assumptions about its installation of the heroes; hiding behind the front door; simple, deliberate images of the secondary characters.
Despite the fact that many such moments of exaggerated, in general I have no complaints about the technical side of the issue of wiretapping organization, I'm not special. This simplification is necessary to maintain the dynamics of the film, with a limited budget
Cast:. Nearly all the characters seem rather one-sided attitude towards them does not change the course of the film. Antipathy to the heroine, which is what I thought at first was caused by my personal taste, found support in the plot. Direct special chief agent shows a bright due scene with a joke, and in general, its replica without 'water'; probably the most believable character of the film image
playwright apparently was written entirely for fans of melodrama, but its type: a naive romantic and at the same time a successful writer;. He likes the attention of women (Casanova), but at the same time Monogamous; loyal to his circle, protecting it from threats from the system; bold in a private conversation, but still agreeable even with enemies. I loved - pay attention to the film 'Crew "(2016 g.) to Danila Kozlovsky, role and appearance is very similar to the role of the playwright ( Sebastian Koch < . / b>)
But the image of the agent - only because of what it takes to watch a movie. Agent appearance and the role similar to the Make Raylensa, Shion who plays in the film "Bridge of Spies', but here it is disclosed an image wider. His actions are moving to follow a clear charter and to maintain order. He has principles which it should be: the desire to maintain the morale of society, respect for elders in the hierarchy, commitment, rigor and discipline. This is what we see at the beginning. Without losing these qualities, the agent opens a new movie on the go.
important that rethinking is going on inside him, it does not impose or otherwise served the hero. At the same time the hero and he almost did not share his ideas, does not seek someone 'educate', does not require anything in return for his assistance, ie it shows an open mind. And the most striking moments of the film -. Dialogues, where many allegorical, and the viewer himself think out what's going on in the mind of the characters
Very revealing a pair of episodes that have no importance to the story, but speaking about the value system and the hero of the film against the authors to this character. In the scene in the elevator instead of the hero improvised interrogation of a child (who says what he thinks, without worrying about the consequences), on the other hand, plays up to him, not by any means trying to break into private space, in the circle of trust of others. Figuratively, he presents himself vulnerable for criticism in the face of a naive and not bound in human obligations.
In this scene we see how the hero came to the line in its principles, for that did not want to cross, and he did it for internal reasons, apparently did . is not changing and staying the same laconic
second scene - Active agent prostitutes. Apart from the obvious desire to show the prosaic character in the absence of the plot other female roles, it seems to me the authors pursued another goal. To show that the world order and follow the instructions sex 'on schedule' with moths, though vulgar, but devoid of hypocrisy, idealism, it everybody knows that he will get and respects their rights. That is opposed to the relationship of the playwright and actress, in which everything is different
addition, other memorable scenes -. It is a dialogue in the cafe and the questioning of the actress. In both shows all the same features of film style: restraint, allegorical, respect, infighting
Films in this vein is removed brothers Coen .. The closest will probably be 'the man who was not there' (2001), shot in a narrative manner. Of the more dramatic, devoted to 'sobering' Ch. Hero offer 'Better Call Saul' (2015 -...), another director, but there is the protagonist of a very different temperament, but the story more vivid and romantic.
In general, the film devoid of cruelty, there is no beating, blood, violence, and murder. No quarrels, swearing, shouting, humiliation and baseness in the prosaic sense (except for the time in the car, which is unpleasant to me, as in the Coen film), and the agent performs its work without savoring. All the worst features got only to the main villain. So that viewing is not squeamishness sediment (as after Tarantino's films).
According to promise the film is between the 'The Maze Runner' and 'Bridge of Spies', just over depressive and melodramatic
Alas, all this is not enough, the film got in my system estimates more than 4 points.
4 of 10

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