"The Little Mermaid" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Want to hear one of the most wondrous melodies ever created nature? It can be heard under water. Go out into the sea and immersed in the wonderful, unknown scientists completely underwater. Silence. But it is at first sight and hearing, you are surrounded by the noise of silence. And do not rush rastryahivat marvelous harmony of artificial intervention. Where you can just listen. Do not stir the world to let you in. Play by the rules ...
And soon you will begin to hear not only the sound of lapping waves on the rocks in the distance. For example, where the distance, a forest underwater rocks barely audible start to vibrate on rhythmic beats wall shells. Alternatively, just barely audible will buzz, filling vaults underwater caverns air bubbles, coral pipes and flutes. And a lot of different sounds can be heard under water, if you do not listen, and to hear it. Hear your consciousness, and fully trust the feelings. And unintelligible background noise that accompanies you on this journey will be the most wonderful melody ever heard. A normal fish, scurrying here and there, which are caught cruel anglers in search of profit, will not just soulless animals, and very real personalities. And it is impossible to fully understand whether it's your imagination or courage and naivety of the underwater world, so just took you in his arms?
But let the truth it a second thought, and discard any thoughts about reality, so as not to spoil the impression . In this tune something is missing ... Ah, yes! That's something floated to meet us. Meet Ariel. Yes, yes, a woman - a fish. But what's that, and Ariel silent certainly will not. That it will hold us in the world of underwater treasures, complementing the already excellent symphonic music, his charming voice, and enlightening thoughts sullen thinkers her young, fun is naive and cheerful face. Be sure it is nothing more than an adventure you will not get bored, especially accompanied by a sweet and stubborn Little Mermaid.
And the adventure will be very dynamic and diverse. Along with it, we sing a lot of spiritual songs and have fun from the heart. We will tremble and be afraid of a lot of things together with her friend, Flounder, naive and cowardly fish, but faithful and brave at the right moment, another. Let's worry about Ariel actions, together with Sebastian, the crab, the approximate to the King of the underwater kingdom. And, of course, will be parentally worry about all the same little mermaid Ariel, along with King Triton, ruler of the kingdom of the sea and, concurrently, the father of the pure and good heart in this fantastic world.
in the world, not only fairy its history, but also by the landscape. Yes, the very kingdom, peeping from behind a hill, and Pestryaev marvelous, just wild for a normal human eye, the paint is worth it to relax for a minute, take the nearest stone and fascinated looking at the wonderful and strange world of man, slowly stretch: 'Beauty ! .. 'And after will return from the delightful state of hypnotic dreams, continue your hiking ... or rather, swam. After all, there are so many more neisledovannyh species and landscapes, the thought of whose heart jumps with joy! By the way, the kind of ship, sailing over their heads, like a dirigible in the sky, it looks so unnatural and scary that you can even mix it with a celestial battleship. And if you begin to swim up to it from below, it is possible to compare with the feeling of a real flight through the air! What is very interesting to live in a house in which you can fly on the ceiling. Wonderful, carefree underwater life ...
And you've heard the song of our red-haired mermaid Ariel? Oh, this girl has a truly angelic voice! But the trouble is it that she does not try to develop your talent. Although, even without training her songs trigger listeners flight of fancy in such a deep and wonderful space that echoes the echo sound like your own thoughts and memories of the songs. No, but really, you only feel it, so everyone who was close to her, too, will experience her singing. She sings mostly about dreams. About love, about the world. And this can not blame her, she's so young! Her sin - not even dream
who she is.? Well ... Ariel - is as old as the world, a fairy tale about a girl who fell in love with a man of very different circles. In this case, a little bit of a different race. Very sad story. She was willing to sacrifice everything, even his own fin and a wonderful voice, in order to be in the same world with handsome brunette with blue eyes. A desire to meet this handsome, was the last stick, thrown into the fire solutions Ariel to see a new world. It is enough to listen to her song 'Part of your world', to want to get back on solid ground. But we live in a world which dreams of Ariel, but even the objective arguments will not convince her. Naturally, the neighbor's grass is greener and the trees above.
Only now, I'm worried about her. She's still very young and naive. Any villain could use her desires and stubborn for selfish purposes. And that's too bad. After all, it is not only strategically important character of the kingdom, but pure and good soul, ruining that can put bold cross on the importance of kindness. Therefore, it is necessary to watch for all eyes. And while we, the audience, next, it will be just what needs to happen. And the tale will be played nice and fun, with only minor distractions on greed and evil.
And by the way, if someone tells you that fairy tales for children and so on, then spit on those people in this matter, not with them speak on the subject of fabulous beauty and imagination. No more stale person than the person who said. 'I am already grown' And do not hammer head is too gray and dull thoughts about the unreality of a fairy tale
To say exactly what something to eat, it is necessary at least once to see. To say exactly what something is not, you have to fly around the galaxy and personally verify this. (C)
And, most importantly, do not choke ...

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