"The Little Mermaid" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In our time, the absolute champions and giants in the field of animation and animated films are the magicians of the studio Pixar and DreamWorks Animations . But there was a time when these studios was not in sight. There was only Walt Disney Pictures, which is not just revolutionizing the film industry. But most of all, it is a revolution in the field of animated films. It is in the 80th and 90th years, they have created the maximum number of films that are still classics and masterpieces. "Cinderella," "Aladdin," "Sleeping Beauty", and more, are just a small drop in the ocean of all the works. Cartoons from the Walt Disney Studios, always impresses with its lightness, excellent dose of humor, romance and everything else. What I personally love their cartoons the most. I and many like me are people who grew up on these films, and even years later, I'm happy to watch this film. What is already talking about the high quality.
new generation has grown up to a more modern cartoons and they are totally different characters. Therefore, such projects are ideal for children who were born and grew up in the 80th and 90th year. I remember how I almost every day, took out the cassette shelves with this film and watched it with great pleasure. This cassette even save me today. What I mean? Notorious Ron Clements and John Musker, which later created at least shedevrialnogo "Hercules" and "Aladdin", created an absolute hit. This is certainly timeless film, which is very high for the quality. I have always preferred over hand-drawn cartoons than animation. After all, this is where all the talent and appreciated creators. In this case, the picture is really gorgeous. The abundance of bright colors and incredibly vivid characters create such a strong impression that you really perceive everything seen in this.
You literally plunge head-to-toe in a fairy tale. Where you really feel all the magic and magic-screen world. The film is very emotional, easy and simple. That, along with the atmospheric qualities paintings makes you sing along with the characters, laugh at their jokes, let the tears of their suffering and stung even their minor experiences. the film itself, a perfect mix of all the best that can be in such a project. Elements of melodrama, musical, comedy, and other genres. But first and foremost, to create a perfect image of the perfect movie that can be viewed alone, with friends, family, relatives, and even the second half. But the pleasure you experience at the same time high. Special thanks for the scene in which the cook hunting for Sebastian and tries to cook a dish from it under the cancan. Stunning scene that always makes me laugh and roll on the floor laughing.
creation of numerous literary geniuses, always popular in Hollywood. They have been and always will be. Not only when the changes do not affect the perception of the project. But of course, I never had no one could get along so perfectly with the magnificent work of genius classics Hans Christian Anderson . Director and screenwriter of the project Ron Clements and John Musker change the original source of many Anderson . But it went only for the benefit of history. History is developing very nicely, naturally and easily. You literally feel all the magic of stories to themselves and because of this, you will not find a reason for the boredom and distraction from the project. Even a couple of moments. Because the film captivates the essence of its fabulous and completely immerses you in there. All we were kids and loved fairy tales. So this film takes us back to a time when we were kids. That allows us to enjoy this fairy tale like small children. At the same time, enjoy absolutely everything. The magnificent beauty of the love story of the main characters, abundant enough funny moments and an important content of the picture, as the analysis of the problem of "fathers and children". I'm just thrilled. After all, this is true love. From history and breathes romance, kindness, warmth and positive. Yes, and it is easy to give a reason to have a good laugh. Including in the magnificent scene with the chef and Sebastian, which I described above.
was a time when the creators of the cartoon is not chasing a huge number of stars in the project. They just invited the talented people who were behind the frequent little known actors. But only because of the fact that their voice is perfectly suited for a role. And their vocals could envy. Not that now. That creates an image of the reverse. This picture is not involved any superstar. But do not highlight the magnificent voices that perfectly approached the main characters, is simply impossible. And the vocal actors can only envy. It is thanks to their great vocals, listen to songs by Alan Menken is a pleasure. If we talk about the characters, the protagonists are just adorable. But as always is the case, the secondary characters always draw attention to yourself anymore. In this case, we see a great trio in the face Sebastian the crab, Flounder the fish and seagulls Skattla . Especially great Sebastian, with their regular tantrums over and without.
Alan Menken a true legend. That his songs contain almost all the masterpieces of animation studio Disney and his praise is not just a little. For this tape, he has created a truly magnificent, beautiful and very soulful music that is a pleasure to listen to the sound and beauty, acts a such a balm to the soul. It is thanks to great music Alan Menken and stunning lyrics Howard Eshmena, we are able to enjoy a marvelous songs. But at least take the great music of the Romantic protagonists. Anyway, the music is so dear, that you did not notice how unwittingly begins to sing along with the main characters of the tape. After all, the characters thanks to songs, share with all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions with the audience.
My assessment
picture 10 of 10
incredibly colorful, kind, warm, funny and beautiful cartoon. The Little Mermaid - a true masterpiece, a classic of the genre, and more than a perpetual film that looked look and will look at all times. For such tapes come very rarely and this is the perfect definition of their dignity. And after such doubt watch a movie or not?

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