"The Little Mermaid" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I have not watched 'Little Mermaid' almost 10 years, if not more so, in fact ever since disappeared VCRs, which have replaced the DVD-players. But these, too, I think live once. Like many, I had a cassette with translation odnogolosy A. Mikhalev, which was then the second favorite after 'Aladdin'.
After so many years, I suddenly thought that it would reconsider the classic cartoons Disney great, yet they not only for the children:) I started unexpectedly with 'Beauty and the Beast', then decided to see 'The Little Mermaid' and I suddenly everything has changed forever, as in the song Ariel
as children we anything but funny moments and and. small particles that carries the cartoon did not understand. The main thing is that the fun:) Later, watching the cartoon, for example, 18 or 20 years, we are aware of his whole philosophy, originality and genius in all the parameters of the paint beginning to the end credits
"Disney Renaissance" - so. We called the very decade magnificent paintings, which were created by the studio from 1989 to 1999. Started this decade Roy Clements and John Musker is a cartoon on the fairy tale D. H. Anderson (which at the time he wanted to film a Walt Disney ), for which they thank you very much
classic Disney animation -. It's just a fantastic creation that can not be compared with modern computer animation, because anything and everything to draw by hand, even small air bubbles. What to say about the characters themselves, which look dazzling and gorgeous thanks to animator Glenn Keane, Nick Ranieri et al.
About the characters and their character to me a little too lazy to say it, but some of the (obtained almost all the major) say.
witch Ursula has really turned out great villainous character, which is interesting, but at the same time, and repulsive. Octopus half of her body is very suitable to such evil and conjures a resident of the underwater world. Always been impressed by the scene, where it becomes a giant sea monster, nasylaya sea storms and hurricanes.
King Triton's just very much in love with his daughter, not knowing sometimes that kind of love seems Ariel sense unlawfulness of that, what she likes. But he proves his victim witch, Ariel for him - that's all. Once again, it proves her his fatherly love by giving the little mermaid to stay human forever.
Prince Eric became, figuratively speaking, a hostage of his dreams that would have to find a girl with a beautiful voice that had saved him from a shipwreck. There is that girl - beautiful, but dumb Ariel, but Eric remembers only her voice and can not decide which is better: to look for a stranger with a wonderful voice, or stay with Ariel, which became for him a man. I had not before understood why he throws his tune in the sea, but then I realized his action
crab Sebastian -. it is not you think the hero who can do anything, if you need help. Of course such a character longer laugh and laugh quite cool, trying to reach Ariel, but in the end he realizes that it's hopeless - to try to reach out to the girl, who is only 16-something, but throws his duties even when Ariel becomes a man. Just great, and he sings the song in the movie, which incendiary, and touching.
Skattl Funny Flounder and also play an important role in the cartoon, cheerful spectators and helping Ariel, wherever it was.
itself became Ariel for my heroine, from which to take the commitment and courage, because of this people sometimes lack. Although she is a typical inquisitive, slightly naive teenager who wants freedom from all that it holds in the marine world, and also from the litter with his father, who does not share her beliefs to others. As a result, the little mermaid falls madly in love like a normal girl, but in person, besides a handsome prince Eric. It would seem that this is the end. It is impossible, that would different worlds to be together ... But impossible is possible, in fact love knows no boundaries . Even having lost the vote for the sake of human legs, it is not deprived of its objectives and goes to her, in spite of the obstacles in the form of vile machinations of witches. The whole movie she empathize, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying ...
Jodi Benson has performed well scoring Ariel. If awarded the Oscar for Best Actress, and more voicing, then Jody would be a good candidate, as well as the Samuel Wright for Best Actor for scoring Sebastian. (Well ... my opinion)
cartoon dubbing into Russian was very good, Svetlana Svetikova and the notorious singer Anastasia have coped with their roles.
say about that the music in the movie is good - it means nothing to say. From 'The Little Mermaid' has begun hour of 8 mikatnogo winner of the 'Oscar' Alan Menken, which together with the Howard Eschmann showed to the world the incredible hits like Part of you World, Under the Sea, KIss the Girl . 'Oscar' was worthy of all the songs in the movie, but better thought 'Under the Sea'. After watching, I could not help download the album with Alan Menken soundtrack to the 'Little Mermaid', because the music and the songs carry no less sense than the cartoon, even the tracks can give pause, smile and a bit sad.
thought that everything but suddenly remembered.
for me was the discovery last month that the cartoon to be released in 3D in theaters after a success in film was' The Lion King 'and were later re-released in 3D' Beauty and the Beast ',' Corporation monsters' and 'Finding Nemo', which in the movie failed at world Levies. Because of this, we decided to cancel a rental 'The Little Mermaid', fearing the same fate. Me it's just incredibly frustrating, I would say at some point, I wept about it. Surely most people would say, 'Why 3D? It is not necessary, it is tired! No idea that, if there is no more, except the classics converted into a three-dimensional format? ' The principle of consent, 3D has become a not so impressive as 5 years ago. And yet, in my opinion, 'The Little Mermaid' in theaters would justify a 3D release, because it is one of the most renowned brands in the history of the studio and a favorite among those who practically grew up on these cartoons, and which already are themselves parents of children many of whom surely would want to visit in the three-dimensional "world sea 'that parents remember from a tape.
Maybe someone who reads my review may seem a little strange and incoherent in places, but it's just because she the first and write with some hesitation and a view valuable cartoon me. Thank you, if appreciated.

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