"The Little Mermaid" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Guided by this principle, I have seen all that belongs to this category. As for the works of the studio «Walt Disney», I clearly remember every episode "Chip and Dale" or "Miracles on bends," can think about some cartoons like "Bambi" animals and "The Lion King." But here's a cartoon with people I have completely fallen out of memory. Viewing them as an adult, I was not surprised at this fact.
To begin with, the pros of this painting.
I do not believe that the reworking of the plot there is a drawback. A work of Hans Christian Andersen is not intended for children, and for adults morality quite questionable. I advise you to read it in a normal modern translation, and not utterly distorted Soviet publications, where half of the text thrown anti-religious censorship. And that still walk the internet, mislead the reader. Mermaid in the original do not care, and the prince and love. She uzkoegoisticheskaya, selfish goal - to get the immortal soul to bliss in paradise. That is, pure marriage of convenience. She did not kill the Prince just because miserable 300 years, it still did not need (she wanted to be none other than the immortal). By the way, who read "The Little Mermaid" only ottsenzurennom Soviet version is probably not aware that there is a happy ending, not tragic. She realized her dream home (won per capita) in another way. And a prince she has not become necessary, judging by the fact that there was no disappointment about parting with the "favorite", she did not feel. On the contrary, its there right bursting with joy that soon will go to heaven. Saying "even in paradise sick to live alone." - it is obviously not about the heroine of GH Andersen
So cartoon story (or rather his idea) much better. Love representatives of different worlds that overcomes all obstacles, this is just what you need in a cartoon for children. Most importantly, there is no selfish motive, whether obtaining wealth or just any soul (which is not fundamentally different).
However, the idea is one thing, and quite another realization. You can ignore the strange relationship of father and daughter, or the fact that the forces of evil overcome receptions cheap militants. But here's the template and the primitiveness of the relationship of the main characters just creeps into his eyes.
one (!) Day fall in love with a complete stranger (which is also impossible to know closer because of problems with the voice) --- it is already too much, even for cartoon. It turns out, children are pushed idea of ​​love at the American cowboy blunt: "handsome face is, what else do you want?". Why Prince ohmurenie given her three days, and not, say, three months? Not necessarily the same cram them all in screen time. Probably to the viewer had no illusions such as "they already know as much as 90 days," or "They know each other, communicating the written language." And once it is clear that the prince Ariel interested only as a doll to meet known needs, since he is already on the first day of our acquaintance climbs kissing and ready to marry, not knowing anything about her as a person. It is, sorry, the level of animals, and even the most primitive, many animals need to pair at least a month. But then why do people live? For such a "high regard" would be enough for a mechanical robot, the main thing that was a beautiful appearance.
It is not surprising that some of the girls after this occurred there are different systems and psychiatric disorders on the ugly appearance. If you like cartoons inspired one and the same thought - "the most important thing in life is the exterior." At least one western cartoons had occasion to come to love the ugly girl? I do not remember this. The only remotely similar case is "Beauty and the Beast," but there was not a woman and a man. And we fell in love with him, not for moral qualities, but for a fat wallet (which is to say in the corresponding review). Apparently, the main sponsors of these cartoons are companies producing cosmetics, plastic surgery clinics, and other giants of the multibillion-dollar beauty industry.
By the way, in the tales often present the idea of ​​"love to win any magic." The local primitive "love" on the basis of appearance nobody won (witch easily ohmurit Prince), a banal massacre obviously does not apply to high feelings.
Oh yes, there is still present a voice! Fall in love with the voice - it is better than the exterior. Again, remember the animals to hunt where there are sound bait. Hearing that, the primitive animal brain loses control, goes straight into the trap. Surpass such can only search by the bride shoes.
No, I certainly appreciated that the characters are quite traditional relations, the prince and princess look according to their sex, as it should be in a normal fairy tale. In these times it is a rarity. In today's cartoon, extremely aggressive and muzhikovataya Ariel herself would win the forces of evil, using karate techniques. Yes, and to beat them both to be her prince (showing who's boss) to the delight of some flawed spectator. And can and does have all the princes sent away, and would have fallen in love with the princess. Recall the "Braveheart", where the heroine is in conflict with the mother at all for the right to be with her beloved. And for the right not to marry (probably so you live with a girl). In 1989, such filth could not be, it is, of course, a big plus. Though not the merit of the authors, just at that time had not yet been made to stoop and bend before the blacks / gay / feminist, making cartoons for their tastes.
By the way, in this respect interesting "Mermaid 2", which has only 2000 year, but the men have no serious play no role. About to brave prince fought to save the woman, there can no longer be considered. We can only guess what brain fog found on the residents of foreign countries, making them so clearly to crawl on his knees in front of feminists and other perverts, which until recently were the dregs of society (rightly).
As a result, looking at all these classics ( " The Little Mermaid, "" snow white, "Cinderella," "Beauty and the beast" and so on.), I came to the conclusion that it is intended for girls up to ten years. In later life it is unlikely to get taken seriously by "love" on the basis of appearance / voices arose for one day (in "Cinderella" in general for one hour). Boys here and does nothing to catch, because the princes often play the role of furniture and object ohmureniya (although the prince in "The Little Mermaid" looks much better than the rest). And characters like Aladdin can teach even criminal inclinations, subsequently leading to the places not so remote.
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