"The Life of David Gale" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Wonderful film and multi-tasking. What he did? About the price of a miscarriage of justice? On the imperfection of justice? About betrayal
It does have these topics and much more, but for me it is a film-question - what still is an act of the protagonist - a manifestation of the highest power of man, in whom the power to consciously step over all the instincts of self-preservation for the sake of the ultimate goal he set for ourselves, or maybe just an expression of the weakness of being misunderstood suffering, that being no more able to fight injustice around the world decided to use to prove his innocence to the single most flax argument
But I know that will never find an answer to this question ... Who are you
- David Gale? Principled and unbending fighter for an idea, or a weakling, unable to withstand the onslaught of the indifference of the world, showed him for the first time in his life his grin?
I can not answer that question, and it seemed to me that the creators of the film and the actor also could not clearly determine and decide for themselves how they would like to portray David Gale. But perhaps it is a sizeable swings and helps to ensure that the film is incredibly catchy, just like browsing a not invented and played by actor comedy and peeking behind the reverse side of the measured humdrum life and know what it can be - a cruel, uncomprehending, injuring ...
Hero, successful and recognized philosophy professor David Gale - a man in his prime, apparently for the first time in his life gets into trouble - by contacting their student who in his youth, to acute sensations, accusing t him of rape. However, to reach young fools that drive drive, and life is life and history is blown away. But ... a reputation, to the value of which we are not particularly attentive in our country in the United States is obviously worth little more than dofiga and now David - an undesirable employee, whose name is not associated with excellent lectures and successes of his students, but with the scandal, in fact that no one wants to understand not.
Failures for a job one after another, his wife, has long been twisting affair seems only too happy tucked about to leave her husband, which makes immediately, taking the beloved son of David.
only chelov someone who cares about David is his girlfriend Constance. She tries to return David to life with alternate success. Constance - nature is whole and strong, and it is a matter of life. She is one of the organizers of the movement against the death penalty. One day it is found murdered in his own house, and suspicion falls on David. Almost before the execution of the sentence, David refers to Bitsy -. A successful journalist, interviewing people sentenced to death sentence
Until four days ...
Going on a first date with a stranger, whose guilt was completely proved, and that is already in the chamber for several years, waiting for the execution of sentences, it is expected Bitsy experiencing a feeling of disgust and disbelief, not knowing how this meeting will change her life and view of the world that it will be the worst nightmare and most desirable deliverance ...
Ka Covo is, to know that only in your hands - salvation is not the innocent person and did not have time ... I do not save, because the car broke down because you did not think before, because then you could not reach in time, reach, reach those who have been reluctant killers, according to the law ... and thereby also become complicit in the murder ... and then, when life is upside down and the poles changed places, and you seem to never be able to become the same, you suddenly get deliverance and forgiveness hands, in whose murder you become an unwitting accomplice.
A Thu concerns about the hero, whether still someone to answer who he can? Martyr? Weakling?
What is a tour de force? Struggle for life or a conscious rejection of it? If the fight, it is evident from David the hero turns into overage Infante that can only exist when all the beauty around him - his love, praise and appreciate. It is the wise man can be so dependent on the opinion of the world, which really does not matter which you and he forgets about you at the same moment, as soon as your heart stops beating. Not yet born into the world no creature, without which the world could not exist - he will do without any one of us, whoever it was, and live - this person is your choice between what you more - enjoyment of life or childish by following the adage ' spite grandmother frostbitten ears'.
If the refusal, then the power of the protagonist strikes. But here in person, I was faced with a palpable contradiction - if you are so strong, why not try to put the squeeze on the world, scrape against the flow, try to get back what is priceless
On the sim, hovering in its contradiction Odysseus between Scylla and Charybdis, I otklanivayus. The film is a lovely Kate Uislet umnichka as Kevin Spacey - the game is almost flawless
pleased to put
9 out of 10.

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