"The Life of David Gale" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Life D. Gale - a film about the difficult problem of the validity of the death penalty. The film is about a detective investigating and saving human life. The film is about the tragic fate of the professor-intellectual who suffered from the slander and prejudice. The fact that I did not understand what was on the list claim to films. If Alan Parker and Charles Randolph have not agreed with each other, which gathered and what is removed. Because of the above attempt to combine together it turned out, to put it mildly, ridiculous. None of the other genres are not complementary, and if you treat it as an independent - the script for him ridiculously clumsy, you get tired of it
will be consistent.. The first minutes suggest the development of an interesting story, a laconic combination of detective drama set to a captivating 2:00. The plot of the story is intriguing.
But then we plunged into the abyss of a nightmare. It all starts with the biographies of the tragedy of David Gale - intellectual, teacher, very clever and generally a good person. Very hard emphasis on intellectuals. But you just do not see it. Rather the behavior of everyday human discharge mass, self-development is clearly not baluyuschegosya at leisure. But the facts of the movie trying hard to convince us otherwise. Further, the development of its gradual fall to the bottom: even my character (although its availability is questionable), this person is disgusting, and I was far from the moralists. This man - a former supporter of mental work, Professor? No, I will not believe, unbelievable. The culmination of the plot, around which revolves an investigation, claiming the creation of intrigue near mnogohodovok and shuffles, but it is just an annoyance.
By the way, about the investigation. If the creators thought that so vpletut amazing detective line, they miscalculated. The detective is important consistency and harmony of the construction of the plot and action heroes. Do not expect it in this picture. Because the writers will keep you idiots, presenting the very first minute the person involved in this murky affair. And only a couple of journalists would-be detectives can not add up 2 and 2. But after a couple of days of casually thrown the towel magically resolve "nepostizhiiimuyu" puzzle. Their chaotic action you want to cry. So, the feeling that you are being led by the nose, continues.
may even save the film root deep arguments about the death penalty, the value of human life? Sorry but no. The philosophical problem in order to be understood and to bear the meaning and cause active part should organically fit into the story, it must pass through all of the phrases and actions of the characters, it should make you empathize, to think, to wonder. But in this picture only want something to smash his head, so it is what the authors of all included if taken out of context the phrase about the problem of assassinations and executions. Because they are based only on words.
As a rule, even the most tedious and terrifying movie content may pull out of the pit of his actors wonderful game. Especially because the main characters in the twice Oscar-winning Kevin Spacey, has not yet been the winner of Kate Winslet and no less talented Laura Linney . However, in this respect, a feeling that you just threw, despite the claimed composition. Hero Kevin Spacey, as already mentioned, does not cause anything but disgust, he was clearly far from what was supposed to be scripted. In each scene, and betrays its artificiality, pretense, is tortured, and do not feel the game. Kate Unslet also brings fatigue, a little ashamed of the absurd realization of the journalist in the style of "I work alone ', which can be seen only very Kate Winslet and her again tortuous efforts to understand the character or at least make it clear to the audience that it is imbued with it; but to no avail. Do not get me wrong, I'm a connoisseur of art of the actors, they are amazing in their key images, but this is clearly not the case.
Who really is stupid confusion and doubt, this Laura Linney. It nice to look at, for it is really seen her character - Constance, with its logic, perception of the world and pain. And Gabriel Mann with a clear role, but small, making it only wins.
framed paintings includes succulent, delicate classical music, who are struggling to envelop you thinking mood, and at the However monstrous (no exaggeration) support the strange music from the 90s, which is completely out of the picture face. The same tortured as heroes. In particular, these included, in my opinion, buzvkusneyshih scene change duration. They also cause only bewilderment and frustration.
So the desire to show a well-priced detective tragedy turned into 2 hours of the tragedy and suffering for me. 127 place in the top? And funny and sad.
Not advise, if you costly time and nerves. Analogs of the genre is better to spend time with the characters in the film 'Seven' or the trilogy 'Bloody District'.

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