"The Life of David Gale" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A talented journalist Bitsy Bloom goes into one of the Texas prison to interview a condemned criminal of David Gale. She will spend three conversations with the already doomed man, who decided to tell her before his death his life story. Within the walls of the prison, which include suicide, Bitsy clearly uncomfortable. She goes through the back streets of the prison, anxiously waiting for the meeting to the fact that the guilt did not doubt ...
The protagonist looks before us is not a monster with mad gleam in his eye, and it is, at first glance, an ordinary, balanced and calm person . Even, perhaps too calm for someone in the next few days should be deprived of the most precious human gift - life. He does not insist on his innocence and does not ask a journalist to save him from death. Gayle just wants to tell her about his past and give his version of what happened, to be rehabilitated, albeit posthumously, at least in the eyes of his son.
And together with the heroine Kate Winslet, we learn that a recognized maniac and murderer David Gale previously He was a famous professor of philosophy and a brilliant scientist. He enjoyed success with the students, he was respected by colleagues and knew the local authorities. Gail had a wife and son, whom he loved very much. And it was a matter of life - David Gale fighting for the abolition of the death penalty
But one 'perfect' day, being drunk, David made a fatal mistake and thus derailed his entire life.. One after another dumped him in serious trouble, and in the end, he, in fact, deprived of all that he had. Society puts on the cross of David Gale. All turn away from him. And only one person, in spite of everything, still believes in him. It is his friend, colleague and ally of social work Constance. But, as it turns out, and this man for one compelling reason David soon will have to lose. Is there enough of it to despair and commit brutal murder? ..
Whatever it was, David Gale, struggles fought for the abolition of the death penalty, ironically finds himself on death row. The crime is obvious. Evidence enough. Everything points to the guilt of the hero. The sentence handed down and must be executed. But there is something not quite clear throughout this terrible story ... And Bitsy Bloom will have to find out. Three days. Three meetings. Three consecutive story of David Gale about his life ... a woman will have time to get to the truth? ..
The plot Alan Parker quite confusing to you possibly not know what the outcome of all until the very end this story. In the course of the events unfolding on the screen a lot of questions to the audience. Even after the shocking finale, when, finally, will reveal all the cards, some questions will probably be a long time to torment you
'The Life of David Gale' -. In my opinion, very strong film. From some of its episodes running on the back spine. Shocking details of a terrible crime, sincere tears of David Gale, running through Bitsy dotted with white crosses cemetery, which may soon be added a cross over the grave of the hero, and finally, the final chord pictures ... - all this leaves a lasting impression
way, one. of curious scenes in the film was improvised and shot "for good luck" when well-oiled hero walking down the street, talking to himself on philosophical subjects, - at this point the majority of passers-by caught in the frame, it was on the street at random ( amers used discreetly as possible).
film makes think again about such an important issue as the preservation of the judicial system in many countries of the modern world of the death penalty. Characteristically, this picture has been removed it is in the US - a state which fully recognizes the death penalty is a necessary form of punishment for especially grave crimes. This film does not give a clear answer to the question - whether to save in the criminal law of America and other countries, the death penalty or not. You can make conclusions and formulate for themselves the answer, if you still have not. If the answer you already have, then 'The Life of David Gale' is unlikely to affect his change. However, this picture is worth a look. If only for the sake of her wonderful script and stunning games Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet . Personally, I was very pleased to see the favorite actor and favorite actress in the same film.
One of the advantages of this film just lies in the fact that its creators did not impose on us their opinions on this issue. And they do not judge the protagonist. David Gale is not shown either good or bad. He stands before us an ordinary man with all its weaknesses people. However, a person who has an extraordinary faith in their life principles and beliefs. After viewing pictures of some viewers imbued him admiration, others - lack of understanding, and some, perhaps, hatred ...
In any case, here's an interesting fact. Shortly before the release of the picture (on the eve of its release whether or not - is unknown), the governor of one of the American states overturned death sentence for 167 offenders already sentenced to it by existing laws. After that he left his post. And soon, as a result of carefully conducted repeated investigations into all these cases, it was found out that 13 persons from those convicted ... were innocent of the crimes imputed to them.
9 out of 10

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