"The Life of David Gale" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

- there is no truth, there is only the point of view
-. If you say that there is no truth, it is also true. Paradox.
«The Life of David Gale." The film is about a man that fought completely rotten justice system. The film, which was in the top 250 and who is loved by many. And this is the film that ... did not cause the author these lines no emotion. Perhaps you, dear audience, it will seem strange, perhaps wild, maybe someone will be pulled over the stale fruit in order to use them as projectile, but it's true. The film that was supposed to cause the feelings and emotions of their causes. Why? Good question. But let's order
About David Gale can hear everyone, but also friends and enemies agree that he -. A wonderful man. In the morning he works as a teacher, and instead lead a boring lesson, it involves students in a dialogue, thereby causing the recent interest in the subject. By day he is involved in pickets for the abolition of the death penalty, nerviruya the most senior officials. And in the evening he entertained at parties. In general, here is a man who lives life to the fullest, and about which we can say with confidence - he is happy. But happiness can not last forever, and one fateful evening when David Gale drank too much alcohol, it captures or conveys a student, or rather a former student and offered to make love with a toilet stall. Hmm, let's call a spade a spade - fuck. Naturally brain hero Kevin Spacey was clouded by alcohol, and animal instincts literally soared, so that she has achieved its goal, and the next morning, accused of raping a former teacher. Since the life of the hero rolled head over heels. First, he lost his job. Then his wife left him, taking their son. And then did it turn out the organization of the fight against the death penalty. David Gale naturally breaks down and begins to fill in the collar. And as you know alcohol only increases the feeling in which a person arrives and soon police find David next to the body brutally murdered a girl who was a friend and colleague of the protagonist. Well, considering the fact that the action pattern is not somewhere, and in Texas, it threatens the hero Kevin Spacey lethal injection if no one can prove that he is innocent. But that's just who is going to do if a lawyer with knowledge of the matter said - a losing police with a sly squint show evidence, of which there are more than enough, and the people who are sympathetic to Gale also sure that he is guilty. Perhaps the young journalist who find fame as an extremely controversial and quarrelsome person, and with her and her partner, who "had the honor" to take the last interview with David Gale? Why not.
Oh, yes, indeed, such a description is intriguing, especially in light of the fact that there is no confidence in the innocence of the hero of Kevin Spacey. However, as always with this actor, he painfully ambiguous role plays. So what's the problem? And the problem is that the film presses on the fact that the main character opposes the death penalty, as well as his girlfriend pochivshaya that we see in flashbacks. And all would do, but the film was never asked a question, and why his hero against the execution? They do not emphasize its position in addition to the phrase: The death penalty - it's bad. And yes, of course it's bad, because in this way law enforcement services have put themselves on a par with murderers, rapists, and other anti-social elements. After all, they too, like the criminals steal a person the most precious thing they have - life, without giving a second chance, or at least a life sentence. And ... well, I can cite many reasons why the death penalty is bad, but because now we are not talking about me, right? Now we are talking about the hero of Kevin Spacey, who defends his position, but argues why of it sticks. And given the fact that the Honor entire film consists of flashbacks, we could somehow let illuminate the subject.
Basically, if it was limited to only this, it would be possible to close your eyes and say, well, mistakes happen at all, but alas, the disadvantages enough without this. And the next one is the heroine Kate Winslet - the same journalist. And you see a thing, she does not believe from the outset in the innocence of David Gale, although her partner always says the opposite. Well, yes, character-skeptic, which is a must in this kind of films, flashbacks otherwise would not exist. And usually, the viewer / reader is supplied smoothly to the way your character having overcome skepticism begins to feel sympathy for the man, which only recently regarded negatively. For example, I'm not going to go away and I will bring the most famous - Clarice Starling from the trilogy about Dr. lecturer, at least a book source. In the same film, the hero tells how revelers at a party as perepihnulis with a student and as a result lost all skeptical and heroine Kate Winslet already on his side and catch every word. And you know, I can understand - impressionable girl all the cases. But it is - a professional journalist, which currently gives perfect report that deals with a person possessing a brilliant mind. That is why this story could be slightly or even not slightly embellished for the sake of the hero of Kevin Spacey. This fucking thing is elementary. And because I do not believe the girl-journalist from the word at all. However, Kate Uinsler she does not believe that the plays, as towards the end of the picture is noticeably labored how she is trying to portray at least some emotions, and it is not possible. Oh, sorry that Nicole Kidman gave up this role. Here it is might "ignite».
Yes, definitely in the film have an idea, and besides, the main character is a man of ideas, ready to go to the end no matter what. But the fact is that, apart from this very idea and pretty actors, both on the main and secondary roles in the film must be present feelings and emotions, but they are not. There is only an imitation thereof. And for a film in the genre of drama - it is disappointing diagnosis. However, with all this, the film looks surprisingly easy and the idea looks interesting to picture, but the top 250? No really, thank you.
5 of 10

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