"The Life of David Gale" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Alan Parker refers to the disappearing directors mind that each movie is a very real event. Discover the world of big cinema with a mischievous parody musical "Bugsy Malone," Parker then decided to concentrate on more serious, thoughtful works that have a strong social commentary. Intrigued by the sudden tragic history of American Billy Hayes in exchange for a minor offense incredibly long sentence in a Turkish prison, Parker put her motives conquered the world community "Midnight Man", who collected a whole heap of prestigious awards and finally approved the talented British masters as one of the most skilled directors of our time. No less excitement among the intellectual circles of the audience also called "Ptah," a dramatic anti-war film, not afraid to offend one of the most painful for the American community of topics related to the consequences of a failure of the Vietnam War. And although the US Feed Parker was received without enthusiasm, this in no way affected his subsequent career, which also met and such notorious work as a mystical thriller "Angel Heart" and piercing performance "Mississippi Burning." Proving the public and critics absolutely everything that could, over the years, Parker refused to frequent occurrence on the set, focusing on the teaching of art and organizational moments in the bowels of the British Film Institute, but when they are in fact an intriguing script in his hands, he always returned in director chair, in order to make another problematic topic that deserves a large-scale discussion. So when Parker caught the eye of the synopsis of "The Life of David Gale", describing the complexity of the modern perception of the death penalty, the director without much thought, I got to work, with special ryanostyu picking up the leading actor, on which depended at least half the success of future performances. As you know, their desire to once again withdraw from Parker Nicolas Cage expressed previously shone in "Ptah," but dramatic actor type did not fit the image of Mr. Gale, and the director had to continue the search, eventually culminating in listening to the incomparable Kevin Spacey. But despite the fact that Cage failed to appear in the frame, to pass such a remarkable statement he could not and was credited as producer, which allowed Alan Parker to make a film as he sees it and nothing else.
Thus, the plot of the film introduces we have a former university teacher David Gale (Spacey), whose life is rapidly rolls on inclined and very soon will be interrupted after the execution, cancel that is not possible. Becoming a victim of false testimony allegedly raped them students, Gail could not live up to its name and was forced to leave the post, which has long brought him true satisfaction. Goodbye to work, the hero could not keep near his wife, refused to believe in its truth, and then Gale decline was unstoppable. Alcohol-related teacher has spent the last decent love, become the de facto social outcast and as the apogee of suffering was on death row. The charges against Gale was so strong that even the best lawyer could not protect him from the inevitable. Moreover, the tragic death of a fellow member of the hero of the movement, opposes the death penalty, has caused serious public resonance, and could not leave indifferent prudent journalist Betsy Bloom (Kate Winslet), expects to take a recent interview with the killer, whose innocence is simply impossible to believe. But the more time Betsy spends with Gale, the clearer is beginning to understand that it really is too early to finish. Learning about the personal philosophy of suicide, its strong position in life and beliefs, Betsy was filled to the Gale special interest and was even able to find a loophole that allows it to stay alive. But in order to obtain a review of the sentence, and finally to rehabilitate the name of a former teacher, is necessary not only sure proof, but also luck, whose time is inexorably running out. And the closer becomes the hour of execution, the heavier the load falls on the shoulders of Betsy, for which the investigation of David Gale became hardly probable not the most important task for the entire journalistic career.
Having a tough attitude to American life since the same "Ptakha" Alan Parker once again opposed the ambiguous motives of the United States permeate society and causing a serious debate in the Senate, and on city streets. We are told by historical practice, the judiciary has sent to the other world is far more than a dozen of any innocent civilians who have been the victim of a tragic error. At the same time an extensive portion of the US population believes that the murder should be punished accordingly by. In particular, such a practice followed in the southern states, in which there was zavsegda his special attitude to crime and punishment. As for the main character, "The Life of David Gale", its position is extremely clear and nothing can shake it. Refusing to recognize the omnipotence of the law of human life, Gail blatant favored a life sentence as the maximum punishment for the sake of the truth was ready for anything. And when he had yet to face the inexorable system crushes under her freedoms, Gale finally managed to cause a powerful resonance, once again divided the community into two camps. On the one hand, the investigation found sufficient evidence of guilt of the hero, and his tarnished reputation speaks for itself. But on the other hand, in the past, Gail did not give even a single reason to doubt it. And the further advances the action of the plot, the more ambiguous facts appears on the screen, from which the viewer will have to consider a lot of things, to perceive that only one side is not possible.
After securing the role of David Gale Kevin Spacey has played phenomenal Alan Parker Does not hardly the best role of his career. Of course, in his career were the films for which he was twice awarded the "Oscar", but in "The Life of David Gale" actor reached the pinnacle of their craft, causing the enchanted audience truly unforgettable experience. Spacey has at its disposal an amazing material, and on its basis to recreate the image, from which it is impossible to break away. His David Gale is extremely ambiguous, but it is frankly a positive feeling. The decisions of the hero visible notes, awareness of which can lead us too far philosophical distance, but none of us would call into question the fact that it is the people inviolable beliefs make revolution and are able to change the social and public law as no pustoslovnye policy can not ever. And in these difficult intricacies of duty and morality, sweeping Gale from head to toe, his only real support acts Laura Linney, whose deceased heroine to limit sharpened spear, which is included as an over Gale, and over all the ship's American system, which is not so debugged as I would have liked people.
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