The life of an artist and businessman-reji joseph Essay

Reji Joseph embraced his creativity which had led him to a passion in arts. He describes his work as emotional and romantic.He is ever inspired by the magic of nature, love, and simplicity. Hence, some of his works endeavors to tell a story without relying on realistic depictions. To him, the perception of the subject matters rather than the subject matter itself and meaningful subjects intrigue him.

Reji chooses ideas that resonate with him and is drawn to vibrant and bold hues, which has become his signature. He works with themes that provide room for creativity, imagination, and interpretation. This allows him to constantly engage the audience in creative dialogue, while also injecting his own sense of interpretation.

Growing up in Chennai he studied in Don Bosco School Egmore. He graduated in Economics at Loyola College and went on to become a qualified Chartered Accountancy. He is perhaps the only Chartered Accountant artist that he noted for his art work. He was the CEO of a prominent private equity company and worked with several MNCs around the world. He has now relocated to Chennai. He is the now Treasurer of Prathyasha - a home for 21 Children with HIV at Chennai, India (

He says, “I am intrigued by meaningful subjects. Excited to change things, not for mere experimentation but to explore and convey a greater meaning. Each work of art I produce is a long and very deliberate process; it is not driven by an artificial deadline or by randomness. It is controlled but free. I believe it is all about taking your inner consciousness and letting it speak. While I work with paint the process is very sculptural. My work goes through several stages and I give it long breaks so that I can prepare for the next stage often taking photographs and altering the images to achieve the outcomes. There is abundant intervention and layering and it is not dependent on chance.”

He always seeks a spectacular representation and is of the firm belief that composition is critical. His elaborate and detailed use of light and brushwork conveys the very essence of a subject, be it a portrait or a landscape. Each of Reji’s works is different and the value it offers the viewer is completely different just by the way the colors are placed.

Reji endeavors to develop a visual language and rhythm that is both original and representative of our times. His works are an explosion and a riot of bold, vibrant tones and hues. Most of his work portrays a general symmetry/pattern when it comes to the colors. The hues he chooses bring so much of positive energy to his work, motivates him to keep the pace, and constantly innovate.

A charming quality about Reji’s paintings lies in the attention given to the minute details that might otherwise escape notice. The painstaking process of rendering every form is truly admirable and can be attributed to the fact the he spends a lot of time planning his work through documentation, rough sketches, and outlines.

Traditional with a modern bent, Reji’s works span a broad spectrum of varied themes and subjects. From portraits to landscapes to abstracts, he has attempted it all. His work is globally influenced, culturally diverse, and challenges traditional boundaries.

Embracing creativity with both hands (he is ambidextrous), his passion for fine art drives him to delve in to the unknown, visualize, and create.Reji describes his choice to work on landscapes as wanting to replicate or represent their apparent beauty, create these depictions to explore, and study various aesthetic elements, such as light, color, and texture, and use the beauty of nature as way to conceptualize a metaphor, or simply illustrate an idea.

He says, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thus, nature is ubiquitous, and it inevitably becomes Reji’s classroom. Constantly endeavoring to push the artistic boundaries, he has immersed himself in this immense, vast inspirational space and is tirelessly and continuously absorbing, learning, and projecting ideas on canvas. Enamored by the splendor of nature, even his abstracts often represent nature in all its glory.

He has not been formally trained in arts by considers himself to be a student of most of the masters. He has been influenced by the renowned artists like Van Gogh, Matisse, Cezanne, Modigliani, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Hussain, and Yuri Yamashita, apart from the tutors in school and many of his artist friends. He is a big fan of several of South Indian artists and is amazed by such a repository of talent. He has diligently observed their techniques and styles, which have inspired and drawn him to the way they expressed their creative genius.

He believes it is important to be open minded in the any creative processes and remove any boundaries and often break the rules, not deliberately but allow it to happen as though there cannot be any repercussions with only adventure and excitement.

Though the result may be seemingly simple, it sometimes takes a complex and most complicated process to achieve this simplification. Reji uses the process of elimination, distraction, segregation, and isolation to achieve the outcomes for his work, which he calls “at times shifting or stripping of reality to represent an idea”.

Of his working style Reji says, “Sometimes when I am struck by a concept or idea I get consumed by the creative process and constantly work with whatever came to my head till the idea is clear enough to be manifested into an art work. The idea keeps me preoccupied till the concept finally emerges. I am guilty of drawing far too many sketches, taking far too many pictures, and printouts to work on my ideas till the concept take a final shape. I have to plunge deep into my sub consciousness to provoke my creativity.”

Reji Joseph has been invited by DakshinaChitra, Chennai to have a solo art exhibition and it has been titled “INFINITY”.It was inaugurated by Mr. Sivakumar on Sunday 4th March 2018 at 4.30 pm. Mr. Sivakumar is a very reputed actor, author, orator and artist. Somdev Devvarman, (former professional Indian tennis player. Arjun and Padma Shri awardee) and Rajeev Balakrishnan (author) are special invitees for the program. The exhibition is month long and ends on March 31st 2018.

In his spare time, he also enjoys golf, cycling, scuba diving, martial arts and photography.

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