"The Last Samurai" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

After watching this movie, I think we can say without exaggeration that this is the best role of Tom Cruise (despite the presence of several other very successful roles); and this, in my opinion, the best film by Edward Zwick (also despite the existence of a pair of very successful projects); and also is one of the best samurai and Japan about movies. The film is very impressive, unique to her energy, mood and mental
Very briefly about not twisted, but that does not lose out in terms of an interesting story : The film's protagonist - seasoned in battle captain. lost all sense of existence in his unjust country, coveted cash reward sent to another country to train local soldiers only profession that he (the captain) has an almost perfectly. Everything is going according to plan and he is captured. And suddenly, it turned out, he thought, among the enemy, the protagonist seems reborn. All what he regarded as a matter of course, everything on that he did not even pay any attention - all this he begins to see from a different angle. He begins to attempt to feel everything around him to pass through itself, and through this, to find spiritual harmony. He begins to comprehend the incomprehensible for his culture and traditions of this amazing, unique, different from all the other people. This was quite interesting to watch
A little bit about the cast :. As I said, the game Tom Cruise is one of the components of such a positive impression after viewing. It is very well accustomed to the role (no wonder he spent so much time to prepare) and could very clearly and plausibly convey the whole range of emotions his character; person, radically changed his worldview. Cruise on a par with, I watched the whole movie a great game Ken Watanabe (Katsumoto). His play seemed very convincing, and it is a very sincere look and the charisma of the leader was able to show, a good home, a cruel and strong in battle, and everywhere and always fair and just. The other actors also looked very convincing. I think the Japanese work a little bit easier than with other countries, especially in crowd scenes. They are very disciplined, responsible, laid out in full, it does not matter, the actor or extras starring
About the musical component :. The music in the film is one that is necessary to create the right mood in the minds of the audience at perception of narrative events. It is appropriate to mention the name of one master - Hans Zimmer, and everything falls into place. I come to the conclusion that the composer does not create bad (low quality) 'product' With each new film. As for the soundtrack, in general, it is usually when watching the movie, the music in it proceeds as something for granted; t. e is not very distinguished. Most often, the spectators begin to hear (listen) to music by the end of the film, the dramatic moments of the movie and the credits. All the rest of the time it (music) have just as one of the components
The atmosphere in the film :. Here, everything is also done at a high level. Excellent costumes heroes, great shows and everyday life of a samurai village, good crowd scenes. Separately need to allocate a great fight scenes with swords. They are not limited to two, three strikes, but represent a whole range of complex, lengthy, interesting and realistic movements. Everything looks very spectacular
The most interesting and memorable moments : firstly, it was interesting to observe how the victim's family protagonist of the Samurai takes with respect and reverence of the killer at home;. secondly, a very interesting final fight in the movie, especially the last doomed but courageous attack the remaining samurai on horseback, as well as Katsumoto's death with the last word on his lips: ' Perfect '; Third, remember the behavior of the soldiers after the battle, to show tribute to the fallen soldiers in the universal reverence and tears on the face and other
A little bit of minor cons in the movie :. In the first fight against a samurai protagonist after ejected the empty gun so easily and so skillfully wielding a sword, easily killing most of these samurai who, in turn, is a lifetime learning to wield a sword, and there can not cope with a cheerleader. And in the future, in their village, he can not simply confront them with wooden swords (although this may be an evil samurai was one of the most powerful, but still). I understand that the filmmakers wanted to show character strong and courageous fighter, but it's overkill. And so they showed it highly resistant when he (the hero) until recently did not give up and continued to fight on his knees, and even lying on the back
A modest attempt to thinking about people 'four islands' .: Japan, its history is very different from the rest of the world. Maybe this is due to the geographical location of the country (apart from all the islands), is a by the people, their mentality, culture, traditions, poured from a particular worldview. But most likely, both. Asia has always differed from the rest of the world to their specific understanding and interpretation of everything that surrounds us (nature, things, people, etc.). With regard to their attitude to life, it always seemed to me that the representatives of the people is always too easy to accept death, do it for yourself organizing. It is clear that in the days of the samurai concepts of 'honor, valor and nobility' contributed to such actions; but in modern times are the cause of very different things. It is very common now they have become the reason of having debts. That is, the Japanese did not even greet the new year with debts, committed this act, instead of using a sword - trains. But do not judge me. Probably no one but they do not understand these people before the end of themselves. It's only a modest reflection
I liked the words with which the film ends:. ' Tell me how he died. I'll tell you how he lived '
Result:. Film certainly deserves the attention of viewers. The collection of all the components of the film is after viewing a very bright and intense emotions.
course this is all my personal opinion.
P.S .: ' Do not be afraid to retreat, it is terrible not to continue the fight. It makes no sense to die unwise if you can retreat to gather strength and win !!! '(the wisdom of the Japanese samurai)
9,5 out of 10

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