"The Last Samurai" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Perhaps the best film maestro Edward Zwick. Apogee creativity eminent director, which makes an even greater honor to this picture, as in the filmography of professionals is always difficult to select a single best tape.
retired captain of cavalry Nathan northerners Olgren by fate falls on the Japanese archipelago, where there is a civil war. The reason it is commonplace as the light, if you will, is the rivalry between the Slavophiles and Westerners, well, for those who do not understand half of the country that wants to be a modern secular state is at war with the other half, which wants to preserve the national character and to live as ancestors bequeathed. Hero Tom Cruise, of course, invited by Westerners, as the traditionalists ought not to ask for advice how to fight from the gaijin, besides the samurai class is still considered the best in the history of the military class. In general, long I enjoyed Olgren drink as soon is captured by those whom he, a resident of 'civilized' West, considered savages. Imagine his surprise when, among savages, he was the most dirty, disgusting and rude boor, all the myths about the advancement of east and west backwardness collapsed instantly. Benefit Nathan stupid man, and realizing that this is in fact what he was looking for all my life, something that is able to heal his soul in pain, he decides to stay and become part of a rich glorious culture, where the guest is sacred, even if it is on the battlefield killing husband a woman with whom he is now staying.
brilliant Tom Cruise once again confirmed its status as 'the best' stunning game in a complex dramatic film. And as always (for me this single respect) he performed stunts himself: he studied jujutsu, kendo, riding. In a word, Cruz spent some serious work in order to try to understand its role, not just to play, and become the person he plays. Zwick is a truly epic withdrew art, based on real events. His painting - the essence of life, this drama in the semantic meaning of the word. And as life itself, it is bright, sometimes funny, sometimes romantic, and sometimes sad, and only a combination of all of the above makes a good movie masterpiece. It so happens that the director, filming the drama or the tragedy of military action, emphasize all the attention on the inner experiences of the characters, forgetting about the entourage of the picture, because there are also important action, battle scenes, which make war epic is that the 'war'. Zwick masterfully managed to cope with the task of setting vivid battle scenes, because it concerns the field of battle, or melee fights - all done with professional accuracy and aesthetically pleases the eye of fans of martial arts. From the artistic side of 'The Last Samurai' is not satisfactory. In this picture, nothing to complain about, and the only reason why the assessment of her is not the maximum - this is just personal taste preferences among people, well, a bit of snobbery from experts in the history, who could not forgive Edward Carta in the transfer of real action in the movie
samurai theme is not new, it is particularly speculated militants 90th, also has a very high quality tape of the best warriors in the history and in the country of the rising sun, but they are difficult to understand western people. Personally, my interest in bushido came after domestic series 'Fighter', where Leonid Azov honored samurai code of honor, I was touched, and I delved into the topic. The search led me to a little-known author Gleb Muzrukov film - 'The genius of Judo', which, in spite of the simplicity and innocence, was filled with the spirit of Budo. In it, I heard about 'Hagakure' by studying I realized that the samurai code - a code of true courage, it is an ideal to which every man should strive. I have chosen for myself this way, because there is no limit to perfection, and man learns as much as he lives, all life - continuous training: training the body, mind and spirit. Let the film by Edward Zwick and is not intended to in-depth study of Budo, but only because he knew - it would not go west, demagoguery discourage the interest of the viewer, the idea is not understood, and the film itself does not pay off. As the expert in his field, he went further: he showed the simple domestic laws of life preferred the Japanese, with the expectation that the sown grain vzrastet in favorable soil, and those whom it is not hooked up, just enjoy the film itself, without feeling that they are trying to learn something. It is a Solomonic solution worked. A person familiar with the culture of the bushi, uglyadite in every action in the village of Katsumoto-san consistency and composure, which instilled in their society since childhood, uglyadite honor and dignity in the look and manner of ordinary residents of the village. Man is not just a familiar look with interest, without asking himself too many questions and not trying to make sense of anything. Natural and unobtrusive -. Keys to success in the film 'The Last Samurai'
Given what I have said many warm words about the samurai class, I think it should be clear that the representatives of this layer of society as people are very noble. So I want to focus on the love story between Nathan and Taka. I marveled at her exposure, it will, because it is honoring the tradition of actually caring for those who killed her husband and orphaned children. By the way, Olgren was also a man of honor, so he felt a kinship with these noble people. This love story is not so much a story about 'man and woman', as the story of honor and responsibility. Get real, mutual admiration and love of course took place between them to be, but they are only components of something larger. Tom Cruise hero took responsibility for those he robbed defender, became for them a real support, and something for which I truly fell in love with this film - he returned to his family, after all the tragedy, after all the deaths and broken lives, he returned to those who are waiting for him, to those to defend, protect and love which he gave a silent vow. But for this, I sincerely say Zwick 'Bravo!'.
films such as 'The Last Samurai' is extremely small, but the above and their cultural value. They will never get lost in the crowd, they will always be at a premium because they have a logical grain, grain of humanity, grains morality, because it is not just a facade, and it is a real, a relaxing Zen garden.

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