"The Last Samurai" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'It is said that many years ago the gods dipped a coral in the ocean big sword. And when they pulled him out, four crimson drops fell into the water and flowed over it. These droplets and became islands, which Japan is
And I say that Japan has created a handful of brave men, ready to give their lives for something that has long been forgotten word -. Honor ... '
K Unfortunately, today, the word "honor" for many is really a blank spot. At the forefront wealth, and if you ask the person to explain what he means by the word "honor", not everyone will be able to answer. On this issue, however, and there is no right answer - everyone has an understanding of honor. But be that as it may, the honor must necessarily be based on respect for the history and traditions of their homeland ...
Captain Nathan Olgred - for me definitely the best part Tom Cruise in the movie. He was preparing for it for two years, studying the tradition of Japanese culture, and Japanese swordsmanship. I am confident that Cruise is very dear to this role, and I do not doubt that they were made for each other. "Tom knows that the only way how you can bring the message of the film, and that is enough - says the director of" The Last Samurai » Edward Zwick. - It's all about discipline, in full immersion in the work and knowledge of all the details. We can say, Tom has been a samurai even before the film started shooting
. "Nathan has a painful past that constantly tormented him in the memories and nightmares. Then, in a past life, he made a lot of evil and now can not find peace. Captain Olgred and Japan's coming only for two reasons: because of the money because he can only one thing - to kill
Initially it all seems strange there.. People go to the strange medieval clothes; barely getting out of bed, they immediately begin to practice his skill; teach young children to wield a sword. And yet Nathan lives in the house of a woman whose husband he killed in battle, and the hostess treats him with kindness and respect ...
Only with time, he begins to realize the true beauty and charm of the local way of life, where everything is based on love and respect for their ancestors, to the history of his family, his country, to his Emperor. "When I come to this garden, created by my ancestors, I remember how these flowers, we all die, - he says Katsumoto. - To feel life in every breath in every cup of tea, every life we ​​take away - this is the way of the Warrior »
This is probably the only place on Earth where Captain Oldgrena restless soul could find peace.. And the fate helped him find a place. "I do not know if I could ever comprehend this, but I feel that in these places there is something divine. And I know that for the first time in a long time I was able to sleep peacefully. »
Now his life finds long-lost sense. And Nathan realizes that these places for their new family, for my new homeland, the spirit of which he really imbued with, he is ready to fight to the death ...
game Ken Watanabe has become for me a huge discovery. His Katsumoto is an example of a true samurai, for whom honor and tribute to the national traditions are the foundation of all life. And no matter how blind at the moment of its emperor, all the acts of Katsumoto devoted to his service. He is completely devoted to his ancient family, and therefore how Katsumoto lives, far more important than how he will die, because death is such a noble man is sure to be decent. Watanabe was able to brilliantly convey the indomitable fighting spirit, which is the driving force of his character.
I also really liked the Taka by actress Koyuki. The share of this fragile girl fell out ordeal. In combat, she lost her husband and now has to honor him as the murderer of an important guest. But Taka respects the customs of his country faithfully and to observe them. Humility - is a very important component of spiritual power ...
While watching "The Last Samurai" I could not sit still, constantly jumping up and ran to the TV - to be closer to the action and how we can vividly experience the events. And at the end of the film I could not refrain from tears - so soulful and sensual story turned
In the picture a lot of bright and touching scenes.. Delicious Japanese landscapes perfectly convey to us the unique beauty of this ancient country. I remember the scene when Nathan talked on the porch in the evening with my son Taki. "For a child is complicated way of the samurai," - he says Taka and Nathan realizes how much she's right. From an early age the Japanese brought up their children in the spirit of the Warrior. This education continues throughout life, but until the children have grown up, they are often very difficult to perceive certain things.
The film is striking contrast between the two opposing sides. Katsumoto and his colleagues are endeavoring to preserve the heritage and traditions of their ancestors, while the approximate Emperor cares only signing of 'modernization' of the country. They do not care what, at what price these papers will be signed. I do not care what they own hands destroy the history and identity of the country. They are even ready to invite mercenaries to kill his countrymen
Omura and his approximate forgotten that they themselves - such as the Japanese, like samurai. And without a national culture of the past, they will not be able to build the future.
very well seen how important goal for each side. The leaders of the samurai Katsumoto and Oldgren personally lead the battle and his brothers are in the thick of battle. And Omura and Bagley are only able to ensure that cowardly huddle in the rear and shouting: "Fire!»
By the way, I caught myself thinking that, in spite of the mighty men of valor glory and superior fighting skills, samurai - not a hostile people. . They do not erect any protective fortifications, do not resort to some kind of sophisticated weapons. Yes, look at least, of a brittle material, they make their homes! Samurai fully trust the world around them and believe that they are surrounded by friends ...
No matter what happens and no matter how rapidly moving progress, Japan will always be a feature of the country. After watching "The Last Samurai", I believe it with all my heart. Though the era of the samurai had long come to an end, this amazing nation will always be strong in spirit warriors, able to protect and pass to the next generation the sacred traditions of their ancestors.
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