"The Last Samurai" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

... 1876. American Nathan Elgren (Tom Cruise), a veteran of the Civil War, gets an offer to teach military affairs Japanese troops to quell the rebellion rebellious samurai led by Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe). Nathan did not hesitate to agree to go to Japan because he was terribly lonely and had absolutely nothing to lose in their home country for the offer ...
reward Nathan ready to go to great lengths, including murder of the samurai. Samurai seemed to him wild barbarians, inspiring mystical horror of local people
But destiny in their own way to dispose of -. Captain Elgren gets captured by Katsumoto. And, oddly enough, it was here, in a samurai village located in the mountains, he will gain peace of mind. Amazing unique nature away from civilization helps heal wounds Nathan. Being among those who previously considered barbarians, Nathan was surprised will discover a completely different world, based on honor, generosity, service, courage, self-sacrifice and a highly developed culture. This world will be his friends and relatives. And instead of helping the Emperor of Japan to fight the Samurai, he will be on their side.
«The Last Samurai» imbued respect for Japanese culture, which is not typical of American films that glorify their culture. Moreover, the filmmakers are not afraid to show that Americans should learn a lot from the Eastern people - patience, generosity, diligence, discipline, and the ability to appreciate every moment of life lived ...
filmmakers sing romantic and at the same time show the illusory nature of the world view of the samurai. During these noble warriors has sunk into oblivion. They can not resist the rapid development of civilization and the emperor no longer need soldiers, fluent in martial arts. Their world is utopian, and the samurai rebellion led by Katsumoto - nothing like the agony ... The final battle scene, in which a handful of samurai Katsumoto with rapidly hurtling towards death - proof. But this picture is full of tragedy - the era of the samurai had passed, and with it was lost centuries-old tradition, the experience of martial arts, began to depreciate such important values ​​like honor and nobility
equally important storyline -. The relationship between Katsumoto and captain Elgrenom. Initially Katsumoto leaves Nathan alive to "explore his enemy." But there is something else. Seeing how desperately resisted Nathan, being alone, wounded, surrounded by many of the samurai as he fought to the end, Katsumoto is permeated by respect for his opponent. He sees in it myself. After the fight Katsumoto and his few companions, having armed with only a bow and sword, with the Emperor's army, armed with firearms, much superior samurai in number as desperate ... And Captain Elgren and Katsumoto - fearless warriors for which to save the honor and dignity is more important the preservation of life. Katsumoto understands that "the way of the samurai does not need anyone else." But he can not deviate from the intended path, this is his destiny, and his duty - to take it. He understands this and Nathan, but he is willing to be together with Katsumoto before the end.
Very touching reflected love line picture. No eroticism, and especially vulgarity. The only kiss in which Nathan and Taco barely touch lips accidentally bared shoulder Taco, embarrassed, looks that they throw at each other - that is all that can be seen in "The Last Samurai" from the love scenes. But how fascinating these scenes - between Neytonom and Taco clearly emerges a strong sense, and so want to see these two accidents lonely hearts have found each other
If we talk about the actor's game, it is in "The Last Samurai" is perfect! . Tom Cruise is not one of my favorite actors, but I can not accept that the role of Nathan played them brilliantly. More than convincingly shows his emotions, it is impossible to remain indifferent to his experiences. Cruz was able to show exactly those metamorphoses that occur with his hero: first captain Elgren - lonely lost man regrets his past; at the end of the same - a man born again, living in harmony with oneself and the world, to overestimate the values, to learn to love and to sacrifice themselves. Deserve respect the skills of martial arts, and fluency in the Japanese language, demonstrated Cruise in "The Last Samurai." No wonder he was 2 years worked on a role.
not less clearly the role played by Ken Watanabe Katsumoto. Katsumoto was as strong personality, courageous warrior noble, masterful possession of the body and the sword, and at the same time a sensitive. Watanabe did not outplayed, that is so important to find a response in the viewer, rather than resentment. It is worth noting that he looks textured actor, handsome, interesting. It is a pity that the nomination for the "Oscar" for his role as Katsumoto Watanabe did not bring victory - he deserves this award
Koyuki is organic in the image of Taco -. Feminine, delicate, fragile, and at the same time, a strong spirit of Japanese women. Her gaze, gestures, facial expressions, gait - it actually looks like a Japanese woman of those times, and disclosed the personal qualities of the heroine
Qualitatively executed camera work.. Picturesque scenery pleasing to the eye - the mountains, meadows, cherry blossoms, of unearthly beauty reminiscent of the Garden of Eden ... Even a drop of water flowing from the icicles, filmed as if this drop - the most perfect thing in nature ... After watching "The Last Samurai" there is an overwhelming the desire to visit the land of the rising sun to enjoy this outlandish beauty.
With grand scale battle scenes set. Very successfully used time-lapse photography of some moments. A scene in which Nathan alone is fighting again - with the samurai, and then unarmed - against opponents Katsumoto, it is impossible to watch, not holding my breath ...
sad soulful music with oriental motifs, written by Hans Zimmer, emphasizes the dramatic, romantic atmosphere and samurai themed paintings. All beautiful soundtrack compositions, but especially impressive lyrical «A Way Of Life», a powerful heroic «The Way Of The Sword» and majestic «A Small Measure Of Peace». Music is ideal for the film, but it can be listened to separately, as an independent work. The soundtrack to "The Last Samurai", though he was not awarded the highest film awards, is one of the best in the composer.
have this minus. So, any historical film in a degree combines realism with fiction, which is quite acceptable. But when you create a movie it is very important that this fiction is not a fairy tale look. Overall, "The Last Samurai," a realistic, but the final scenes seem implausible. However, whether to consider it a serious disadvantage? The ending looks fantastic, but I want to believe what they see ...
Summary: incredibly beautiful, powerful historical drama with deep meaning and great acting game.

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