"The Last Samurai" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

What can we learn historical film? The fact that the movie is really high art. After a period film is like a good literary work with the big developing story, with its rich, detailed world, with deep prescribed characters and, of course, with his extraordinary inner philosophy. "The Last Samurai" - a vivid personification of cinema as an art
Japan.. The end of the XIX century. The time when the land of the rising sun has undergone fundamental changes associated with all sorts of upgrades Western-style and conduct of the so-called "open door" policy as well as time in connection with these same trends from Europe and America, the class of warriors, have existed for many centuries and is commonly known as the samurai class, deprived of their privileges and inevitably coming to its decline.
The plot revolves around the last major uprising of the samurai, which took place in 1877 under the leadership of one of the sa Japan's prominent political figures and supporter of traditionalism Saigo Takamori. Under this name it is known stories, the film also bears the name of Takamori Katsumoto. If I may say so, the story goes from the face of the protagonist - a retired Captain US Army Olgrena Nathan, a member of the Civil War between North and South America, and now invited to Japan to train the imperial army in modern methods of warfare
«The Last Samurai." - this film delivered with great respect, if you will, with a fanatical love of the history of Japan, its culture, traditions and values, and with the deepest respect for its heroes. I think my words will sound so loud if I say that the creators and all those involved have invested soul in this project, in its every tiny detail. It is impossible not to feel, you feel it in every frame, every character in every moment, in every breath. This is the true path of a filmmaker - to enable the viewer to visit other worlds, other countries may be in a different historical period, to go in the heat of battle, a chance to become a full participant in the past. Also, I do not think it will be too pretentious a word about the fact that in addition to the embedded film directors in the soul, there lies the soul of Japan. Is it possible to look this painting to grasp the essence of this country, its culture, philosophy, know all the details of her life? My answer: completely. All that seemed incomprehensible to you earlier in the Japanese way of life, everything seemed strange to you in the outlook of the local population, it receives in the film more than a visual explanation.
we fully learned through the adaptation of historical events, that such a large-scale production, which covers entire civilizations, whole stretches of history. Staging of the historical cinema is always a very thorough process volumetric reconstruction of the time period. On how truly will be recreated the life of past years, how thin the atmosphere will be transferred to the adapted time in many ways, and can be at the root of the success of all the planned film. Directed by Edward Zwick fully coped with the selected for the film adaptation of historical paintings. Under his leadership, the talented director decorators, costume designers, props, costume designers, and many others who are involved, and I may have forgotten to name, created an incredibly believable, incredibly atmospheric, incredible living world of XIX century Japan. A talented photography John Toll gave an opportunity to plunge into the world with a head, a chance to feel like a time traveler, genuinely surprised by what he saw around.
As for the scenario taken concrete historical event that took place in a specific historical period, that is, in a unique period of time, therefore, a priori, and the script is unique. Also, if you compare the official description of the mood of the era with the interpretation in the film, we can conclude that the authors are not so far removed from reality. In addition, it is justified by the fact - to the viewer more restrained and knowingly accepted a movie based on a true story, this movie you need some spice, so to speak, zaromantizirovat, most importantly do not have enough imagination over the edge. The creators of "The Last Samurai" managed not only to rein in your imagination, but rather to apply the wise and not too far-fetched reception. They introduced into the narrative of man - the main character Nathan Olgrena, which hypothetically could really exist in that era, but it is not so important, the main thing is that Olgren par with the audience is in the Unseen mysterious world, who like him at first seem like the viewer incomprehensible. But then the captain gradually imbued with the philosophy of life of local people, as it should be in the viewer to the author, and more than that, in the end, Nathan realizes that in this quite a strange place, he found his true homeland, which all seek, but find very few. However, the director and screenwriter as professional psychologists subtly play on our emotional strings, creating moments of the epic, which stops the heart and breathing is interrupted, then from the deep drama of which the soul is shaking and tears welling. But the role of "managers" is not only an exceptional, important, and perhaps the first priority in the implementation of these emotional reactions participation "artists" that is, the actors and the composer.
Nathan Olgren truly amazing and truly an amazing performance of Tom Cruise, one of the the best of his career. Olgren, as I mentioned above, has a rich military history and war, how do know irreversibly changes a person, making him or killing machine or emotional corpse desperately wish a speedy deliverance. The horrors of war obsession sit in the brain, returning to him again and again in the terrible memories, because these horrors creates the man himself. Nathan belongs to the category of people who are sincerely sorry for what he had done in the past and to the military, which do not justify their actions only strict execution of the order. Already these facts biography and character traits should be sufficient to cause the viewer a sense of compassion for this hero. But Nathan Olgren also has all the qualities inherent to any other person a strong spirit. Call them makes no sense, they are well-known standards and, most importantly, that this is another motive to feel the hero of the deepest sympathy.
Ken Watanabe. Perhaps these words will sound too subjective, but the best performer as the leader of the uprising, fighting for the centuries-old traditions of his people, I can not imagine. . "A worthy foe-turned-worthy friend" of Tom Cruise's character
I wrote would be even more - of the other great actors, about the incredibly beautiful music, Hans Zimmer and many more worthy of the most flattering praise, but because of the size limitations reviews can not do .
main thing to understand that the "Last samurai" - an exclusive product of the film, wherein an excellent script, a talented staging, sensitive camera work, beautiful cast, beautiful music and incredible and tmosferoy - all twirl your emotions into a steep dive and give unprecedented impression, forget that you just can not.

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