"The King's Speech" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Train and you will do it, do not pull from the first seconds, and immediately renewed if pulling out of himself greeting that from you all waiting for, but again, they want to hear, slowly moving his lips, pretend you did not say something, and another to pronounce the word - 'This is the king of ... king George VI's message to the British people, to people who. .. looking forward to his support. .. who believe in the power of his powers that. .. as they were, shoulder to shoulder, fighting together for the benefit of the country ... and in such a difficult time, in such a difficult period. .. we must resist. .. keep sake. .. sake ... 'does not stray, pulling, as freely as possible' for the sake of their common goals - winning and leadership, cohesion and combat ... and, for their own sake. .. themselves as yourself ... "Preamble finished, move on to the main body, speaks slowly, there is more text, but breaks will be less' we have to win this fight, we need to prove that. .. we can do it. .. for the sake of their children, friends, comrades. ... .. I want to inspire you. .. this hope, to support you. .. and this is most important. .. At the moment!' You devote his speech to everyone, you have to understand it, as all the participants will understand you, because it is you their king, it is your task to speak to people exercising their diction!
I started with this little dialogue between the main characters in the movie, because I was very pleased and interested in the training process, which is practiced Australian pathologist with the British monarch, I got interested in this, at first cold, but soon the friendship and friendly relations, as demonstrated in this film against the backdrop of a low-key manner centuries of aristocratic and noble vanity played remarkable lessons of correct speech and tactful superiority over all officers of ranks and officials, family satisfaction and military history, this is probably the best movie I've seen in 2010 and the global recognition that I was sure at once as well as the fact that it will receive a significant amount of an Academy award, a BAFTA British film awards, the Golden globes, and I was not mistaken, is the creation for the first time introduced me to the director Tom Hooper earned such high prizes, and I consider it one of the best works of the last decade, which came out in theaters. I really enjoyed in the formulation of the fact that all was achieved by an unrivaled master of artistry characters and combined scenes with several of these groups, especially the lessons in the spacious office, more like a guest room, where he held the very training, where were they talking about the inevitable, about titles and honors, the wealth and envy, love and marriage. This talent is still possible to be called, launched a wave of his wand of conductor and extends the rally stylistic tools, performing melodies of childhood and desires change years of endless years of time. Conductor was Mr. Hooper, and the Honorable tools the whole crew, I'm talking about a single 'thank you!'.
In particular, the owner of the award 'Oscar' actor Colin Fortu want to say thank you very much for his main role, which can be called one of the best for that period, basically, it's consistent with his image that he played just fine in its beauty and greatness as a man who loves his homeland, and as the person responsible for its safety laws royal word. But, frankly, the laurel wreath of the championship I would like to hand over to Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), who managed to put everything on the shelves, to which he himself had hoped, and proudly declared it for his game more compelling and worthy of respect, for it is a great spectator thanks! It would be worth noting and actress Helena Bonham Carter, supporting actor, one of the royal personages that George loved most, one of her best dramatic roles. Ministerial employment Timothy Spall has created from it worthy of Winston Churchill, in whose image he got used fully, the old guard orders and secular science Michael Gambon knitted for him an elegant robe elderly George the V, which he played a suitably romantic mores Guy Pearce patched him Duke stigma Edward VIII, which he also played appropriately. It is the members of staff, who was enrolled immediately in the change of the palace orchestra, which could be heard on the radio, just the way and listened to what the king says, about this time, he wants them to say and how to say it.
After all, this movie even more than will power and desire to make an awkward load, which should disappear, it is the prayer of Grace and understanding, enthusiastic and tears - all human feelings, all is not described in the books, or anywhere else, are not taken from other overseas legends, is the premiere of the new performance, which is told in the convergence ditsya many and not to disperse and then to look at, and whether to leave acting and whether it will give them a bouquet of flowers. This is not just a question that you want to memorize, so that as much of the tooth bounced, it's not the prompter's habits, you need to know as well, this movie is not filmed for the count of the preamble and model prisoner, is not just a document which only need to put a stamp and send all of the central administrative District, this is no ordinary speech to the public, it is a celebration of the era, epoch, which they say many times, that changed everything.
Now repeat. .. Say, I have a voice, try! 'I m-I have. .. his voice! ' Again without hesitation ... 'I have a voice!' Well done! And thou shalt take tomorrow afternoon in front of the area where you will all be waiting for? Try 'I said-su. .. p-it! ' What is it that thou shalt, dear? 'Appeal to the people', and they will listen? 'Will!' Why should they listen to you? 'Because. .. it says the king 'That's right, you're the king! The king, who is engaged in his own voice, his diction!
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