"The King's Speech" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In fact, the fact that English is a movie about the King-stutterer has been recognized by the American version kinoakademikov best film of 2010, it is not surprising. Firstly, the British film industry is very close to the Americans and regularly, though at long intervals, is the recognition of the ocean. So it was in 1963 ( "Lawrence of Arabia"), 1966 ( "Man for All Seasons"), 1968 ( "Oliver!»).
then in 1982 became the best "Chariots of Fire" Hugh Hudson, and in 1983, "Gandhi" Richard Attenborough. Formally, the penultimate British triumph including "Slumdog Millionaire" Danny Boyle, whose baton intercepted Tom Hooper and his drama "The King's Speech!».
Second, Americans love to give out awards for stories, the protagonists of which are the people in that more or less limited. Remember the film "Rain Man," "Forrest Gump," "A Beautiful Mind." Thirdly, the film turned out really zdorovski. Polubiograficheskaya George VI of history, from childhood suffering from a speech impediment, filed politely, slowly and with great dignity. This is not surprising, because the daughter is described in the picture of the character, she is Elizabeth II, is still ruled by Britain.
... The last years of the reign of George V became his country's time of troubles. While King quietly faded from a serious illness, Europe froze in anticipation of one of the largest military disasters of the last century. The royal family too damn things are going badly.
His son John Windsor, epileptic, died at age 13. Senior Edward after his father died rather unequal marriage with a twice-divorced American, and a quick abdicated in favor of his own well-being and tranquility. Its successor was the brother of Albert Frederick Arthur George (for friends - simply Bertie), a strong-willed naval officer suffering from catastrophic for the monarch defect -. Stuttering
Long before his coronation future King George VI in many ways trying to cope with his illness. Alas, the traditional art of Demosthenes, "medical" smoking (which, in turn, greatly shorten his life) and other methods of the best graduates of England Duke of York did not help. And if your family and relatives to his "omissions" have become accustomed to, any public speech for Bertie became anathema, as, indeed, for his loyal subjects, forced Heed convulsive replicas Prince.
Thanks to his faithful wife Elizabeth, he still managed to find someone who was able to find an individual approach to his problem. Such was the Australian Lionel Logue, who managed not only to become a close friend of the future king, but finally help to cope with stuttering. An important factor for the state, the nominal ruler which in those days clearly bore the heavy cross of the unity of the nation in the days of troubles and strife ...
I sometimes not only the writing reviews, but also view other people. In particular, the negative feedback pochityvaya kinopoisk users of the movie "The King's Speech" was amusing to almost every paragraph to catch the word "boring", "unprincipled", "tedious", "too seriously." One gets the feeling that all of these people went to Carbon comedy Mr. Bean, and got on the melodramatic historical biopic with political overtones. Sea frustration and tomato color of reviews as a result.
Of course, this story of the "recovery" of King George VI and his friendship with a nice, but rough Lionel deliberately taken out of context and melodramatizirovana to please genre. It is unlikely that someone would satisfy a simple way to chronicle the events of presentation, the more that we must pay tribute to the authors of the film, they filmed a tiny portion of the history of the English state as close as possible to the text. But, of course, they were interested in only those events and facts that were directly related to the main character
Not being a member of a jury, I can honestly say without offending anyone:. I liked it. Perfectly staged and beautifully played drama, describing the formation of character against a background of real historical events. God forbid you, it's not entertaining film and claims to this effect are ridiculous. But the picture of Tom Hooper - a rare example of the proper use of pathos. Excellent poke in the side of Hollywood, where fiery speeches about the revival and rallying the nation larded all the action, which causes the audience awkward laughter, and even just irritation.
Much of its success to the film is required to brilliant acting. Of course, not all performers shone equally. Same Guy Pearce (Edward) against the background of her colleagues looked pale and unconvincing. He had to order more screen time than Michael Gambon (King George V), but, alas, the actor took it badly and clumsily, as a whole, his character, in spite of the story needed to get an extra. Helena Bonham Carter, who played the wife of the protagonist, also did not try harder to impress the viewer. However, the role doting wife to her from the outset ill-suited.
highlight of the program began Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, each of which is embodied on the screen of his countrymen. To me personally it was hard to give someone preference, though many were the jury in his view is clear, praising Firth. In any case, without either of them, "The King's Speech" could be another tyagomotnoe historical sketches in the beautiful interiors and carefully chosen costume.
whether labor Deserved Hooper and his team to the title of the "best"? Yes, despite the fact that competitors have "kings" were decent. It played a role and a masterful recreation of the era, and the slowness of the narrative, and accurately selected music. Bright images, perfectly drawn characters, graceful dialogue. Someone whole movie seemed far-fetched, sucked from the finger. Like, how could the monarch's personal tragedy to eclipse impending World War? On the other hand, one can not deny the fact that history is made by people like George VI. Therefore, such a refined nod to the man who took over the reins of the country in the most difficult moment, is quite appropriate.
10 of 10

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