"The King's Speech" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The history of the film "The King's Speech" started long before the writing of the script, with the memories of the author David Seidler, who suffered 16 years of stuttering. Little David used to listen to recordings of King George VI during the war, encouraged by her parents, who never tired of repeating to him: 'David, the king stuttered a lot stronger than you, and listen to how he says now. He may not be the best speaker in the world, but he says the inspired speech, and they unite people. " His speeches inspired the King of England in malchika hope for a cure and become a hero.
When matured David Seidler became a writer, he was determined to write about George VI. For various reasons, it took it about 30 years. The final version of the script, completed in 2005, has turned deeply personal and heartfelt, because David Seidler put it experienced his own sense of the child's helplessness from the inability to speak freely, desperate for a teenager to be heard, 'because I have a voice!', And attack anger, which unexpectedly helped him recover from an illness. Making George VI main scenario hero, David Seidler was able to express his admiration for the king, understanding of the problems bedeviling him, and sympathy perseverance in overcoming them. The script was expertly translated into the language of cinema by Tom Hooper whose deceptively understated direction authentically recreated the era of 1930s England, and made 'talkative' exciting film interesting.
extremely successful acting work, and, above all, the performance of the role of Colin Firth Printsa Alberta 'Bertie 'The Duke of York, the younger brother of heir to the throne. Bertie Bsya life changed dramatically when he suddenly had to become king after his brother, Edward VIII (Guy Pearce) abdicated the throne for the woman, whose reputation, two divorces and simpatizirovanie Hitler was summoned to England sharp rejection. Bertie, and later - King George VI of, played so human, his struggle with himself, with inner demons of doubt and uncertainty as to whether he is worthy of the dropped out on its share of destination, captures so much that we do not notice how start genuinely worry about him and wish him overcome his nervous stammer during public speaking, to deprive him of the opportunity to be heard and understood by millions of his subjects.
Fortunately, his wife, Bertie, Elizabeth, who was faithful to emy, all understanding friend and confidant, insisted on shaking Th King, who lost hope of cure, with an unorthodox speech therapist who could help him. Elizabeth played by Helena Bonham Carter - a lovely woman with a charming manner in circulation, fragile in appearance, o on -nadozhnaya support her husband in moments of soul-searching, always ready to support and share the burdens. Looking at her, it is easy to understand why Albert fell in love with her at first sight, he decided once and for all that it is - the only girl he marries and made her an offer three times before she agreed to become his wife
film is based. on the true story of the meeting of the Duke of York, later King George VI of, an eccentric speech therapist, Lionel Logue Aussie (Geoffrey Rush), in the past, not a success actor. Log had no formal medical oobrazovaniya, but having a long experience with contused veterans of the First World War, insight and sincere sympathy for his patients, he knew how to find the root of the problem, to help them, using innovative methods of treatment, unusual for the time.
scenes treatment sessions, and, in general, all the scenes between king and Logue, in which the main thing - it's on-screen interaction Firth and Rush, written, filmed and played with such skill and penetration into the inner world of characters that eveloping their relationship into a real friendship between the crowned heads and 'commoner', it becomes not only possible but absolutely reliable. These scenes bring to the psychological drama movie, allowing a glimpse of the facade of impeccable manners and elegant restraint, cultivated in those who are born close to the throne, to see the suffering, a feeling of great responsibility and to doubt their ability to man. They also contain elements of true comedy in the tradition of Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle, to which the audience responds with a sincere smile.
relationship between the king and a speech therapist dostigayut climax in the final scene, which gave the film its original name, 'The King's Speech'. In the days preceding the ordeal for the country, people want to hear the words of confidence and understanding from the head of the state, so the king's treatment stage to the people with the message of the UK's accession to the World War II, carrying a huge burden. In fact, the entire film - a growing crescendo leading to the 9-minute grand finale. Knowing full well what was going on in the soul of the king before the historic speech, Lionel softly and earnestly said to him: 'Please contact me. Tell us I like your friend everything you want to say. ' Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush played the scene brilliantly. Lionel Logue did not say a word, but it 'conducting', facial expressions, eye - his whole being expressed support and empathy, to convey to the king. With each phrase, we became confident King. Contumacious so long stubborn words flowed freely and easily, reaching across the airwaves to millions of hearts, inspiring and uniting people in the face of imminent future trials. Finale 'King's Speech' - a triumph of the human will, spirit and determination of the illness and weakness. It is the triumph of friendship, for which there is no social obstacles, and the triumph of the actors did not play their characters, but transform into them. It is the triumph of cinema as an art form that can capture such unforgettable moments with true artistry and inspiration.
After the last words died away 'King's Speech', it becomes very clear why a low-budget independent film triumphantly passed by theater world, brought his the creators of prestigious prizes and awards, beating vibrant and innovative pictures, released in theaters in the same year. Quiet film about the stuttering English prince, who lived more than 70 years ago, not the batter in the eye dazzling splendor of the scenery or the dizzying effects was close and understandable millionam. 'The King's Speech' talking to the audience, as a friend, freely and sincerely, that a close and clear to everyone, and monarchs and mere mortals. On a difficult choice for the Suppression of dragons personal fears, uncertainties and regrets that each has its own. On the real, true love and friendship, always standing next to your side, fighting dragons. But fight them and look them straight in the eye to have you.
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