"The King's Speech" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For a long time I was going to write a review for this movie.
What is its incredible charm?
I saw a picture of the first time eight years ago, when for a long time did not watch any movies and programs, almost giving up on the TV. Accidentally discovered that someone from the home TV is turned on and forgotten as unnecessary. On the screen a man was trying to light a cigarette, nervously clicking his lighter, and the other looked after him. I can not explain, I stopped to turn off 'box' and led, forgetting about their own affairs, to stay and watch ... I do not know any actor, and then the name found in the program of the local newspaper.
looked completely 'King He says! ' this year alone. The name immediately revive the memory of those early feelings. To which, already when meeting from the beginning, adding new.
reconsidered film today several times, in Vol. H. The original in English. Not a bit disappointed with the Russian-language dubbed version. Tried as precious drops, do not miss a single frame and words. My admiration for the director's work Tom Hooper unlimited. All the advantages, from the cast to the music, he was able to so perfectly, so brilliantly put together that do not pick up any other words to the creation of it, but to 'perfection'.
multifaceted picture. It raised so much so that you find all the new grounds for deep reflection.
film led me to learn about the identity and fate of the king George VI . Experienced interest, empathy and respect for the person, who previously would have seemed a faceless puppet on the throne. The film has dispelled the impression of generations heir fighting for power: here, on the contrary, two princes are poured tears of despair at the thought of the royal crown ...
I was shocked how much power we have over the fate of our children as our mistakes affect their future as a lack of love and attention can cripple a person, which by nature has so much beauty. From quite healthy, kind, quite beautiful and intelligent child can grow complexed, insecure adult, which gives very hard that requires almost no effort from any other person. And he was forced at the same time to take on such a burden that not everyone can afford healthy.
theme of friendship, mutual understanding, trust, support, spiritual equality revealed through the relationship between Prince Albert and Lionel Logue. Disclosed shrill and strong. Through this friendship has become possible not only to overcome the disease, but also healing from fear, lack of confidence, awareness of their capabilities.
More is a film about love. From the first frame, looking at her husband the Duke of York, I was not thinking about how difficult it is given the painful moments of public speaking husband, and about what it is lucky that loves him. My heart melted at the sight of her tenderness and femininity, wisdom and sensitivity - all that a woman needs, which depends not only peace and harmony in her family, but also well-being, personal formation of her husband. In this way for me embodied a lot of the best feminine qualities, to whom I adore with all the heart. Indeed, a woman's love is able to make a man king. In this case - literally. I was fascinated by the role of Elizabeth actress Helena Bonham Carter .
Geoffrey Rush from the first minute is unspeakable sympathy, trust, thanks to his hero. Colin Firth, which I, unlike the rest of the actors (except Jennifer Ehle ), was fortunate enough to watch the other films, appearing in a team of the highest level professionals capable of performing miracles. What he does in his best works. The repertoire of this actor enough roles that do not require anything from him the supernatural: The natural beauty, naturalness and charm, in addition to the dramatic talent and skill, making all his characters alive, expressive and memorable. But how does a terrific game it when in front of him raised challenges with which he copes admirably.
His hero is deeply empathize, but I is not associated with any pity or any other sense, able to humiliate. The apparent superiority of others, their annoyance with heavy defect much stammering Prince, who may have to take the throne in lieu of his elder brother, overlap their inner confidence in him. They can be as much as necessary to hide her eyes, and some of them press, sometimes fun because of the awkward situation in which he finds himself, but all eyes are turning to it when necessary responsibility, toughness, reliability and durability. In it sure his father and brother, the ministers, each of whom is an opportunity for myself to go the distance in a difficult time for the state. Father dies, brother given to personal happiness, members of the government resigned. All see the Duke what he can not see a child behind a veil of fear and trauma
I had a curious association:. Remembered the children's story R. Panteleyev 'Honest' about a boy abandoned at night Friends All he could not leave his post, as given his word, even though it was only a game, and he was very tired, scared and wanted to go home. I came to a head this boy, when I was watching Bertie. In these people a sense of the ability to exploit, even if life does not present them to its fulfillment (and happiness, if the feat is not required!). It fascinates and touches. How touching and lack of malice on those from whom he had to suffer as a child (of which he speaks with the pain, but without hatred), and respect for the parents, who never cared about his well-being, and, of course, tender love to his children and his wife.
Raised national cinema on an understanding of the feat as a manifestation of the greatest heroism in the most cruel trials, an example of which can be war, I would not supposed to, it seemed to discern heroism in the film 'The King's Speech' But that's the impression left in me.
The film takes place on the eve of the Second World War. But this is not a film about war. And not even a film about the individual in history. This is a film about a man on the strength of spirit, of love, of the beauty of the relationship, the victory over his own weaknesses and fears, of overcoming, of courage and a lot more. That is why he does not let go for so long, and calls to him again and again
More I would call the movie magic:. Leisurely, devoid of rapid twists, quiet, he grabs the first frame, with the first sounds of amazing music and does not let go, wrapping incomparable its atmosphere is dense cool morning mist, to the very end. And I want to bring back those feelings again as re-read a favorite book pages or listen to the umpteenth time favorite tune.
thank director Tom Hooper, screenwriter David Seidler, the composer Alexandre Desplat and the entire creative team for a great movie for a real masterpiece, worthy of the highest praise and awards.
10 of 10

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