"The King's Speech" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film-victor in his piggy bank all the major "Oscar" in 2011 - Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay. All awards are deserved.
Cinema with a double bottom, not just a movie, more ... art, if you want to transfer the art of real life.
What could be worse than stuttering a person in public. Speech impediment - yes, nothing, no one will pay attention to, but only if you are not a possible heir to the throne, the hope of the nation, and so on. Albert Frederick Arthur George - the future King George VI suffers from his illness, even a fairy tale favorite daughters tell he does not stutter, can not, and this abnormality straining his highness
No titled doctors and scientists minds are not able to teach him. Highness clearly, correctly and beautifully to speak, so when the cause is taken upstart-Australian actor-loser, but talented in the business self-taught speech therapist Lionel Logue, the case finally moves off the ground. treatment methods are very unconventional: which is only teach future king swear, rolling on the floor, sing, look like a complete idiot. We must pay tribute to His Highness, let a little hesitation at the beginning, he throws himself into the maelstrom with his head
Lionel Logue -. Not just a speech therapist, he is a subtle psychologist, man, confident in their own abilities, which is familiarly called royals Bertie. This has a special meaning - it refers to His Highness, as a person in the first place, and it was his eyes on the King looks viewer
as narrative tension increases, and Bertie is forced to take on the duties of the king, surviving the death of his father and. shame brother when on the nose war with Nazi Germany, and he - king-stutterer how he bitterly calls, to talk to the nation, "enter into every home" and appeal to everyone filed to become speaker. Mission impossible, but not for the man, the courage and strength of will which gives him every right to wear the title of the monarch, because his heart of a lion, and the number of people who believe in him -. From the shores of Albion to the coast of Australia
< b> what is art
«The King's Speech" - a movie with a double bottom, the story of a man deeply zakomleksovannogo over which mocked in childhood nanny, a southpaw from birth, which transitioned to a stuttering, lonely, introverted, vulnerable Jonah. For the first time allow the viewer as close to the person of royal blood, because in theory the king of the British Empire can not have drawbacks. Too much responsibility, too great fear "? And what will not work", too much influence of his father and older brother - and all this leads to the "defectiveness" King
Film-evolution: with Berti we go through all the trials through. all "can not", we witness its transformation into a confident, strong and courageous monarch George VI of, in the voice of British resistance during the second World war, and the oratory - can be acquired
Amazing relationships built first on a sharp confrontation. then bezgra ary trust, turning into a real man's friendship - a couple of Bertie-Log wonderful decoration of the film, they are interesting in themselves, as both drop out of the "normal" category. In the conventional view, and the king, and his speech therapist - both the "greetings" and his eccentricities, they manage to amuse the viewer pretty
These heroes -. Another colorful character in the film. Despite the bad dubbing, watching a movie better than the original with subtitles. Why are only the sharp dialogues, soaked in irony, sarcasm, sympathetic, intelligent humor? Bravo screenwriter for "ostroslovstvo": are you waiting for, what else will give a couple of Bertie Log-in another war of words, a nifty insert favorite little wife of King
ensemble cast of the film is phenomenal.. Most of all I was struck by the ability to transform the actors.
Colin Firth has shown masterly reincarnation, the depth of the person, the dignity of the king and the fear of man, in whom all things are written on the face, but who must save this person. How this confident Briton, adored by generations of women, Mr. Darcy, and just a talented actor, who work out the role of eccentrics, embodied the image of the king - is worthy of loud applause. In the arsenal of Colin Firth were not only facial expressions and gestures, but also speech, speech defects, which are incredibly difficult to pass.
Geoffrey Rush once again pleased with the skill to enter the image, however, the Australian accent it does not work prishlos- Geoffrey Rush was born with green continent. But the credibility of his speech therapy is better than any advertising, I would have gone to see him.
I must say, the role of Lionel Logue interesting no less famous Captain Barbossa from all your favorite pirate saga. It is more complex, serious, adult or something, and opens up more opportunities for creativity
Helena Bonham Carter -. Actress, best known for its extraordinary role in the movie, legendary muse of Tim Burton, the film is a little He departed from its role. But he has managed to keep its spark. Her queen - living woman, faithful, courageous, resourceful, ready to do anything for his family. Even if you need to go undercover to a speech therapist somewhere on the outskirts of London, without informing the husband, and successfully write it in patients.
Timothy Spall has caused a stir in the role of Churchill, surly, something resembling a bulldog, but very serious and wise. His phrase that is necessary to turn disadvantages into advantages, I was impressed. . The role of a small but memorable
Guy Pearce has proved once again that the extraordinary role - decoration career, especially when they played brilliantly. His selfish king Edward is a pitiful sight as a man, but emotional performance gives his hero plaque romantic principle. Cowardice and lack of confidence, not wanting to be responsible for the Empire, an incorrigible romantic roles, playing semitones.
Michael Gambon has appeared the twin brother of Nicholas II. The historical similarities between the two monarchs, if anyone is interested, it is justified - they were cousins. Michael Gambon, of course, remember not only that: hard and confidently interact with Colin Firth, he was able to show the complex relationship of father and son
Talent director manifested primarily in. trust in the actors that they can perform the job well. The truth is that they have done their job perfectly
Tom Hooper -. An artist, a man who feels the movie. It is surprising that with simple plot, he was able to make a movie interesting. The narrative, which is gaining momentum in the final, made an unusual film, it would be desirable to look through, living every moment along with the characters. "Double Bottom" opens suddenly, when it seems that there can not be more difficult, but the fate of heroes throws new surprises and tests.
Someone scolds the movie "The King's Speech", calling him a pacifier. I can not agree, though, that the film can be watched, about anything without thinking, he carries a philosophy of accessible and understandable to everyone - to fight, no matter what happens, do not give up, go to the end and win, to become king of his life .
10 of 10

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