The king of cars Essay

the ae86 or more lovingly referred to as

just the eight-six is one of the most

legendary Japanese cars of all time it's

right there on the podium with such cars

as the GTR Supra and rx-7 but serves a

different purpose its shape is

unmistakable a glance and its engine

note can be identified as easily as any

su B or 2j

it's platform is unique it fills a niche

market of drifting with ease many people

will see the eight-six as just a normal

eighties parole but true enthusiasts

know it isn't much much more than that

today's video we will take an in-depth

look at what makes an eight-six of what

it is before we move any further we're

going to discuss the technical aspects

of the aid since it began production in

1983 and continued help until 1987 the

eight-six came with two different front

ends in three different trim limits the

front ends are known as the Levin which

was a fixed headlight version and a

sprinter trueno

which had pop-up headlights the trim

levels are the GT GT apex and GTV fun

fact 11 and middle English means

lightning and Trueno in Spanish means

thunder both versions either came as a

hatchback or a coupe

firts power plan it has a 4h engine

making a 130 horsepower and 110

foot-pounds of torque

sent through a five-speed manual t-50

transmission to the rear wheels the 4 AG

e in the egg 6 also featured key is a

form of variable intake system created

by Toyota that increases airflow at the

top of the rev range and increases power

if you'd like to learn more about that I

recommend you take a look at regular car

reviews video about the eight-six in

terms of handling the eight-six had

ventilated disc brakes on all four

wheels Mac version style independent

front suspension and four link live axle

miss coil springs in the rear it also

featured both rear and front sway bars

this cut the corner in tight and

controllable even when drifting


now some purists will say that the u.s.

never truly got the ae86 they will say

that the usdm corolla isn't really in 86

and will ramble on about pin numbers and

staring position now there are a few

differences between the two countries

cars the VIN on the USD M will have the

code a e88 along with the ae86 code many

are convinced that this means the u.s.

DM car isn't an eight-six

rather it is an 88 okay enough with

semantics how do the two cars actually

compare well the JDM eight-six comes

with the four a GE with a map sensor

making 118 brake horsepower the USDM

eight-six comes with a four a GE C with

a MAF sensor making 112 brake horsepower

so little difference is there but not

enough to change the entire car other

than that and the fact that one's

right-hand drive and once left-hand

Drive they're basically identical so if

you're in the US and one and eight-six

the don't bat an eye about getting one

from the home soil the US models you'll

want to look for are the sr5 in the GTS


the ae86 was the car of choice for many

rally and circuit racing drivers its

layout and design for its low price

Maiden dominate in lower classes in

which it could compete and even stay

competitive when punching up and way

class against tuned ray civics and even

later model parolees in the late 80s Khe

sukiya otherwise known as the drift king

or Dorian team began to use the

eight-six on mountain passes to show off

the new sport of drifting he culminated

these skills into a video known as the

drift + v video which after its release

ended up getting his racing license

suspended supposedly after plus he

exploded in popularity it inspired many

copycats in street racers across Japan

to use the eight-six in to try out this

new drifting on local mountain passes

what would a video about the eight-six

be without mentioning initially it's

arguably the reason that the ae86 is so

popular even with people who aren't into

cars it reflects a classic store of the

underdog punching above his weight class

and showing them you don't need an

expensive and powerful car to win a race

just pure driving skill talk--i me

our main character and initial team

really knows how to use his dad's

eight-six GTA apex and is able to feed

every opponent that comes his way with

pure driving skill and the precision of

the ae86 itself believe it or not

initial D isn't just some glorified

fantasy show about Japanese street

racers it is based on real Japanese

tailgate racers known locally as

hysteria who actually raced on the real

Akina known as mount Haruna these racers

would actually raise each other to

defend their territory and protect their

car clubs from losing respect



the eight-six is a legend and will

continue to be one even with the

introduction of the new gt86

the ae86 will never be topped it is a

living legend in the car world

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