"The Kid (1921)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Making their way through the muddy streets, trying to pass the pockets of police, the little tramp desperately tries to survive in this cruel world, trying to earn something on a piece of bread in order to maintain their meager belongings and protect their crumbling apartment. In this cruel world tramp only remains that roam in search of work. What kind of a relationship and friendship is high time to forget, he does not hold hope for it, because only need only continue to be in this beggarly area where teeming with crime after crime, and the people and strive to grab a spare piece, not looking around to humanity.
Once during a regular morning walk, avoiding dangerous places, without causing anyone any inconvenience tramp took out his calf cigarette, intending to smoke, and then he saw a small bundle on the ground, resembling a parcel or package kakim- then spend th, it was a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket. Cried wee, that is urine, unable to understand why his mother abandoned him at birth, baby's body still did not know that in this life, it will wait for a lot of unpleasant surprises. Trying to someone, not knowing, in fact, someone to return the child, Charlie Chaplin's character, realizing that all else fails, takes the poor man himself, began to show towards him really strong feelings.
So the weeks passed, months, years, baby, named John, played by Jackie small Kugen watching in black and white and silent shot just brilliant, so young masterfully wielding his facial expressions, feelings, this is a real find from Chaplin. John grew up, will receive the necessary care and, most importantly endless and only increases the love from Charlie. For 5-year-old boy could not imagine a life that would leak out of the shabby apartment, this area of ​​the town, and the main thing without a father, which made for the younger child everything that was in his power.
Charlie Chaplin he felt that he could besides acting craft engaged also in the director's work, and to do it more than just successfully directed his first feature film in 1921. The filming took place very carefully, Chaplin nurtured the project, as the child, and eventually even the numerous difficulties did not stop coming to light tape called "The Kid".
This work was successfully accepted by the audience and critics, it is in demand in movie theaters. For most of Charles Chaplin, it was like a reward for all the suffering that he brought the company under contract with which the film was shot, and even ex-wife Mildred Harris, trying with the help of legal proceedings to confiscate the footage already. Chaplin, to calmly deal with films, was forced into hiding, so everything turned out exactly the way he wanted.
Charles Chaplin got a picture, which is filled to the brim with tragedy, and sometimes it just reaches its climax and the viewer struggles to keep tears. The director deliberately brought the two lonely souls who find themselves in this world of no use to anyone, but eventually became for each other, like a pillar, assistants, able to add some modicum of good share in this world. And the fate of every moment begins to throw a couple of more and more new tests, wanting to test their strength bonding bridge.
Charlie Chaplin in addition to being supplied their offspring their own high-quality game, young talent and love all the tricks, techniques, he created the dramatic story of life in the center of which there are weak people who can survive only together, together. This film is about how strong at times can be the love of a human, if she tried to prevent, resist. "The Kid" - is imperishable classics of all time.

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